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  1. 9 hours ago, tamthebam said:

    In the interests of fairness it has to be pointed out that Edinburgh University has better home baking on sale than at Ochilview...

    Stirling Uni use Forthbank. Whether the Binos' pies are better than Stenny's is not a matter I want to get into... 

    I heard it dosn’t open for the Uni games.

  2. 9 hours ago, PELE said:

    Yeah. It will be interesting to see how these type of teams fare in say League 2. I was surprised at how small Darvel and Auchinleck are. I always assumed they had a bigger population, especially Auchinleck. They do really well for such a small place, although Darvel is down to the sugar daddy. Then look at Ross County. They have a population which is about 1/5th of what Elgin has.

    Like you and others have said, when the entrance cost doubles and they aren't winning most weeks, we will see how many paying fans keep turning up. I thought the same about Kelty before they came up. Some of their fans insisted that they could still do well without the sugar daddy, but I can't see it. Without his money I think they would head back to the Lowland League

    Dingwall’s population is a red herring re Ross County they have fans coming from a large area out with the town.

  3. 12 hours ago, PELE said:

    To be fair, if the bigot brothers were not in the league (and I wouldn't have them there), the averages would be lower. Based on the cup attendance, it looks like Darvel are not that well supported (not that we can talk). The population is less than 4000 and I doubt they will attract fans from further afield. That's why they get the Gretna comparison. Far better set up than comparable clubs. The guy who owns them is the owner of Browning's the bakers (the Killie pie company) who sponsor Kilmarnock (if only Charlie Gronbach was still with us).

    Cowdenbeath mentioned earlier, the away support coming to Central Park will be poor. There were plenty of games in the Lowland League with crowds under 100. Bonnyrigg were the best supported if you ignore the bigot brothers.

    Aye I reckon we would get no bad numbers from Berwick, Bo’ness and the B sides depending on when we played them.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Cowdenleith said:

    It’s a massive task for the club to sort out quickly, but essential they do, hopefully there will be some sort of decent budget to mount a serious challenge.

    I guess there will be a parachute payment, and the club must have taken a decent amount from the gate in the play offs.

    Next season though, less league sponsorship money (none?), lower gate money.

    I don’t envy the directors’ task one bit over the next month or so, as pre-season will be along before we know it.


    There is a parachute payment.

    As you say you don’t get any sponsorship money in this league as far as I know.

    Hopefully we get a decent draw in the Premier Sports Cup draw.

    This could well boost funds,

    Also in the Trust Trophy which won’t be so lucrative.

    Imagine traveling supports will be low, imagine Berwick would bring the most.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Cowden316 said:

    Whoever is in charge we will have to move at pace so a competitive squad can be assembled for next season or we may have slim pickings and behind in preparation for next season like what has happened in the past when assembling a new team or manager.

    Hopefully find out asap if current manager Maurice is staying on or not

    A prime example being Berwick have signed ex Cowdenbeath player Jamie Stevenson from EK would have been good to see him back playing for Cowdenbeath at Lowland league level. Great set piece player, long range shots

    Jamie’s getting on a bit 37 now he won’t be the same player you remember.

  6. 9 minutes ago, cowdenbeath said:

    Couldn’t they just give non members league fixtures on dates set for those cup games (when possible)?

    Thinking about it we would be overloaded with cup fixtures if we played in the Qualifying Cup.

    Already have Premier Sports Cup group, Trust Trophy, Scottish Cup, South Challenge Cup and LL League Cup.

  7. 1 minute ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    It's not an immediate concern by any means. Would Cowdenbeath think about joining the EoSFA to get an extra cup competition?

    East Stirlingshire haven't and Berwick Rangers were already existing members. With about half the current LL in the EoSFA it tends to lose at least the one Saturday to the EoS Qualifying Cup with the potential knock-on effects from cup runs.


    Couldn’t they just give non members league fixtures on dates set for those cup games (when possible)?

  8. 3 hours ago, LoonsYouthTeam said:

    Yeah, that's true. The old Forfar Station was just by the ground hence the name but it closed as part of the Beeching cuts in the 60s, pretty much every remnant of it is gone too, I think the old railway bridge you'd walk under to get to Station Park came down around the start of this century.

    No longer living in Forfar the lack of a station makes it a bit of a pain to get to if you don't want to drive

    When I first went in 83 the station buildings were still there.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Robert Forbes said:

    I watched Kelty a fair bit last season and I must admit playing teams 4 times did become boring after a point. I've always watched leagues whereby the teams play each other only twice, and it does make a big difference. 

    Most of my time watching us has seen us either see clubs play each other 3 or 4 times.

    It does get boring at times.

  10. 1 minute ago, Robert Forbes said:

    It is a good league, and having a Fife team in it next season means that I can see more matches than I could in recent seasons, although Cowden fans may not agree with me!

    We just have to get on with it!

    Some away days will be better than others.

    Berwick will be the most popular.

    I suppose the main thing is you only play once home and away so things are less repetitive.

  11. 1 hour ago, Cowden316 said:

    Well the high emotions of yesterday have settled and some reflection done.

    It has been a very poor couples of years at Cowdenbeath but now is not the time to blame anyone as we are a family club so we should all share some of the responsibilities to our underachievements.

    We now need to regroup and have probably an emergency meeting to have meaningful open and honest conversations around the future of our club. Personally following us in the Lowland league is not something I have much appetite for looking at the standard of football based on yesterday but our number one priority right now is to keep Cowdenbeath FC at the heart of the community and it to continue to exist.

    Then we must develop say a 3 year plan of where we want the club to be and that is how we measure and compare our progress against and review it together

    Also we should develop a club philosophy for example it could be players playing 100 percent playing for the club jersey, players engaging with the community and community activities.

    There is no doubt massive changes are required but it is key we all stick together as a club who all deeply care about the club whether board members, fans and well-wishers. 

    We can bounce back to the SPFL stronger and better when that will be nobody knows but we need to aim high, be ambitious whilst ensuring as the main priority the club survives.





    You mentioned the standard of the Lowland League judging the standard of Bonnyrigg, it says it all about the standard of the team we have assembled that we got beat 4-0 over two games, as well as losing 4-2 to the Strollers!

    At the end of the day no point feeling sorry for ourselves it’s our own fault for finishing bottom.

    Now we have the chance to rebuild without the fear of being club 42 hanging over our heads.

    No doubt there will be a lot of changes on and off the park but in reality it’s needed.

    The rot set in the season Jimmy Nicholl got us relegated and it’s not got any better since.

    No point on dwelling on the past both good and bad, it’s the present day and future which matters.

    Your point about the community well on Friday I was speaking to a member of the High Street community and they pointed out when do you ever see anyone from the club on the High Street and wouldn’t recognise Maurice Ross.

    The Cowden in the Community has made in roads but we can do more.

  12. 2 hours ago, UsedToGoToCentralPark said:

    Even Keltys ground is poor in parts, if you are in the covered terracing at the high Street end you can't see a fair bit of the pitch due to the dugouts, thick steel beams and covered sides with window cutouts. The other 3 sides are fine though.

    In the new stand at our ground if you are near the back towards the high st you have an unobstructed view.

    The main issue at the back of the terracing is stupid flags blocking the view, the floodlights don't really affect it much.

    Let's face it, a lot of grounds have their features.

    New Central Park has its faults the worst being the design of the standing enclosures.

    I quite like the seated stand, hopefully someday they will extend it all the way along that side.

  13. 2 hours ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Let's not forget in all of this the many decades of access to pools money and ground related grants that part time SFL/SPFL clubs had access to but junior clubs of comparable support level did not.

    To be fair Rovers opened their stand in 1919 no grants then😀

    I hope they do get it sorted out and wish them well, I was just shocked they hadn’t done more with ambitions of being in the SPFL.

  14. 22 minutes ago, Vodka Vic said:

    Commiserations to the Cowdenbeath fans - a very sad day. Many knock Central park but I have some good memories with games against the Rovers over the years. Hopefully the club can reset now (whatever that means) whether it new Directors or Chairman. As for the manager probably best that he goes unless Cowden fans can see something that others don’t.

    Congratulations to Bonnyrigg on a brilliant achievement . Fans from Cove and Kelty have appeared at Cliftonhill turning up their noses at the place in good old Billy Big Baws fashion. I’m hoping the Rose fans will  appreciate it for what it is. 

    Rose fans will probably be amazed with the new fangle things Rovers have like a seated stand and proper turnstiles 😀

  15. 6 minutes ago, GordonD said:

    I have no grudge against Cowdenbeath, even though that was the place I had my one and only personal encounter with football violence. Walking through the car park after a game, some local yob ran up behind me, punched me on the jaw and legged it. Those who know me will know that I'm not the biggest of people so it was obvious he didn't want to pick on somebody his own size. When we got out onto the street he was standing with a crowd of his mates waiting to see if we were going to respond. We just ignored them, got back on the bus as quickly as we could and got the f**k out of Dodge,

    But one arsehole doesn't represent a whole club, so I wish Cowdenbeath all the best and hope they buck the trend and come straight back up.

    When was that. Away games were a dodgy business in the late 70s, remember being on a bus at Alloa which got a window put in.

  16. 4 minutes ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    That's the problem Club 42 have. You are expecting players who have been losing lots of games all season and know they are about to be on a free transfer to play as if their lives depended on it.

    The LL is significantly stronger now than it was when Edinburgh City were promoted. Never say never because the margins on this are relatively fine but it would be surprising if Bonnyrigg Rose struggled to the extent Edinburgh City did for the first half of their first SPFL season.

    Their a workman like side but I would say the EK and Cove sides we played in the past were better.

    I would imagine they would have new players coming in so maybe it won’t be the same side which kicks off in the SPFL come July.

    As for us a fair point some guys maybe weren’t busting a gut knowing they would be away anyway, however that wasn’t the case against EK and Cove in the past.


  17. 29 minutes ago, Kelheart said:

    As said last season it’s fine lines between top LL sides and league 2 sides , I still can’t believe Cowden are down after seeing them match us in the 4 games we played  this season just lacking something up top , sort that out and keep most of the squad and you will be at the top end of LL I’m sure 

    All the best lads 

    Goal scoring has been a problem the last few seasons which was never properly addressed.

    I would imagine most of the side would be away.

  18. 47 minutes ago, big al said:

    Excellent post.

    I think from talking to a few that the support had all week to get used to the idea of relegation as there was no way realistically a comeback from 3 down was possible. Maybe that explains the quiet ending?
    Bonnyrigg are steady and competent, and I agree there are a few who look a little larger than your average semi pro. 
    Sure they will do ok in League 2, but definitely won’t tear it up as previously seen.

    If they keep the same squad I can see them at the bottom end.

    Its an aging side and was probably their last chance of going up.

    Edinburgh City kept the same side (which I think was better than Bonnyrigg) and they struggled in the most part.

  19. 45 minutes ago, Mon_The_Fife said:

    What’s with the animosity between Livi and Cowden? Mocking Livingston’s support is a bit ironic. It’s not their fault that their town don’t back them. I’m well aware that Levenmouth has the same problem. We all support diddy teams together, and sadly every town and city in Scotland has too many knuckle draggers who don’t care for their local club.

    The Livingston fans came on here trying to be smart,

    Personally couldn’t bother either way about them.

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