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  1. Winning more games would very much depend on who was in charge.
  2. The team we have would make your eyes bleed so in away can’t blame folk for giving it a miss.
  3. I used to have one back in the day Even further back in the day I went to the Friday youth club, think everyone did.
  4. Gary Bollan done similar with Jordyn Sheerin worked a lot of times.
  5. He shouldn’t have been here last season never mind this one, done years ago.
  6. It’s sad that a long term fan has been driven to this.
  7. He was at Cambuslang the last few seasons , Declan Byrne also scoring for them yesterday.
  8. Had a look up for you prior to the Strollers cup game we had been on a run of 9 games without a win 3 draws and six defeats. Bollan’s record last season was 4 wins, 3 draws, 10 defeats. The rest of last season , including a defeat with McGurn in interim charge, saw us pan out 5 wins, 5 draws and 18 defeats.
  9. A few folk I know who watch LL and non league in general predicted this to happen.
  10. Saturday’s crowd v Cumbernauld Colts will be a good gauge on what folk really think. A cup tie not on the season ticket, how much ticket holders will turn up.
  11. He was really good last week v Rangers B.
  12. I would say that Sinclair, Love and Slaven are all better than him. Agree today is probably the worst game I’ve seen.
  13. Strange one about the goalie missing. Hope Slaven is back soon as well.
  14. On todays showing it could be a very long corner!
  15. Some horrendous misses how Armstrong never scored with his,
  16. Goes hand in hand in order to survive you have to keep people coming through the gates etc, in order to keep them coming you have to start winning. Talking to a few stock car fans there’s a rumor going around that both the stock car company and stadium are up for sale.
  17. We should be worried 6 games in a 2 points to show for it. we’ve still to play the likes of Kilby, Bo’ness etc.
  18. The SPFL and Scottish football is set up for the benefit of 2 clubs always has been. Do I agree with that? No. One of the things the LL has got right is just playing each other twice.
  19. I know that and you know that but some folk obviously don’t.
  20. Their not great good chance you’ll beat them. Loaned one of their players to Kelty today, also Connor Smith just seems to feature in midweek when there’s no first team game.
  21. He’s probably asking more on why they have a split surely?
  22. Lose tomorrow and we really do have big problems. Dalbeattie have a game in hand on us as well.
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