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  1. Sad to hear about Shaun, shocked really. Knew him for a good few years a really decent and likeable guy. RIP
  2. At the time the manager said a few weeks so going by that you would expect him to be still out this week.
  3. Boys played well today couldn’t fault anyone. Quinn Coulston has really come on leaps and bounds since MR gave him a chance. He could have had a hat trick in the 2nd half. The front 3 none of them a forward done well with 2 good goals from Robbie and Bobby. As for Stenny they were no great shakes and unable to change things. Best performance from them was from who ever made the soup and decided where to buy the pies from both excellent. The wee crew at the end of the stand were funny after they went 2 down they started singing we’re Stenny we get battered every week Drum was annoying though.
  4. He was on loan to us from Hibs 5 years ago wasn’t great.
  5. Not the best for parking. There’s a car park at the community centre or in Bath Street which are the two nearest to the ground.
  6. If I was being cynical I would say that a practice for next years league games. Hopefully it was a team with a good few trialists in it for the manager to look over.
  7. Can understand his frustration he had a great double save. Believe Tomo encroached into the box.
  8. Don’t think we would get beat by 4 Kelty and Forfar haven’t done that and their far better than the Warriors. As you say we need more players in.
  9. Ah well just 11 months to go can’t wait. Hope we have someone in who can score goals by then,
  10. Never noticed his kick up after the spot kick.
  11. Aye Coulston came on after the 3rd goal.
  12. Coulson was on the bench today so maybe still in the plans. He looked the better prospect out of the two.
  13. Thought we got lucky with the goal another day and another ref may have seen a foul on the keeper as the outcome.
  14. They had the effort like all the games since MR took over. Re the penalties the manager in his presser said that it was Barrowman who had got fouled at 1st penalty and that’s how he ended up coming off. Second penalty one of our players encroached the box before kick was taken, great double save by Davie as well. Ref was inconsistent booking our players for things and not Annan’s for the same things but as Al says blaming him won’t solve our issues. A frustrating afternoon!
  15. Aye can’t give away 2 penalties and expect to win. Sending off was silly as well. That fed up I can’t even laugh at the Pars score
  16. As mentioned by the others you would think the rain will have got rid of the frost, unless it got in right deep.
  17. Frost looks heavy here you could very well be right.
  18. That’s Ainslie Park on a sunny day it will be worse than that tonight
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