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  1. Of course the north teams get affected more but my point was more about the SPFL and SFA for cup replays having people traveling long distances during a yellow warning. Peoples safety is more important than if a game gets played. Notice Montrose got 193 fans last night so spectators aren’t interested in standing in a storm watching a game.
  2. He was a good player at Cowden. Went pear shape after he went to St Mirren not sure how his career fizzled out so early.
  3. You only get one chance of a Saturday replay which is now gone.
  4. The Courier said that the Kelty squad had arrived before it was called off. As you say madness on the part of the SPFL not calling it off earlier with the incoming weather having a team making a 450 mile round trip with a yellow weather warning.
  5. It will still probably be finished before the new one at Ainslie Park.
  6. Good luck tomorrow Fife miners getting stuck into the Tories!
  7. Serious arse kissing of Salford by ITV , described as one of the big clubs in the lower leagues of the EFL Chesterfield probably have as much fans in their section as there is in the other three sides.
  8. Good goal for Chesterfield at Salford.
  9. You can say the above about most of the National League this season.
  10. Well summed up as you say the goalie was in the centre of the goal at Tommo's two misses. Bobby Barr was also really good today , you can see the progress the manager has made in his month at the club. Unlucky with Fraser's shot in the first half coming off the underside of the bar but he took his goal well.
  11. Could have and should have been more but at least we were creating chances something we haven't been doing this season. Small steps but you can see the progress the manager has made in the last month.
  12. I like replays myself plus it gives the clubs extra revenue. Hard one to call today you would expect the Mo to win at home but Kelty seem to score more goals on the road than at NCP.
  13. Alick does a good one at City glad it’s back. Also hope they get the planning permission for the other stand.
  14. Good that the City programme is back and also the news about the other stand.
  15. Their decent but I’ve tasted a lot of better ones. Off the top of head - Jeanfield, Newburgh, Vale of Leven, Kirriemuir , Annan and Spartans all have far better. I like a pie made by a local butchers their normally the best. Just really had a Killie one out of Aldi maybe their better buying them locally out of a shop if he has them or at a match.
  16. Errol played a few games in defence for Kelty back in the day.
  17. I imagine when picking Kelty the EOS committee took in two sensible ways of thinking. An artificial pitch for a game at the end of November. Sadly that failed to prevent it being called off but I imagine a grass pitch would have suffered the same fate. Playing the game in Fife with a Fife side involved would probably ensure a half decent crowd. They done similar in 2019 when Musselburgh played Oakley at Nitten knowing they would get a good Midlothian turn out. Leith are not known for big crowds so I doubt the game would have been much of a draw to attract a crowd in Edinburgh.
  18. I had a walk up to your game and couldn’t believe it was off. The Haws were training on it when I looked over the fence.
  19. It was Baltic here today resulting in the Haws game being off. Probably even colder in Kelty it usually is. Hopefully make it up for the game.
  20. You would expect a decent turn out of Fife neutral fans to back Crossgates.
  21. You have built your Fanbase year on year but there will be a limit somewhere. Biggest test for the new fans will be when you reach a level where your don’t more or less win every week like what has been happening. Hopefully most will stick by you.
  22. He was excellent for us as well before some mob from Cumbernauld took him.
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