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  1. Hopefully they would tell them to f**k off.
  2. How were they disrespected most Cowden fans congratulated them on winning. Two soft penalties and Dean being a bit wide in the first game but that was most folks only complaints but hardly disrespectful.
  3. Someone’s been on the drink The other guy not you!
  4. The South Challenge Cup is an interesting competition. Can get some real non league big hitters or some real weird and wonderful away days.
  5. I would agree that he needs regular games which he must have benefited from this season. Couldn’t see him getting much game time ahead of Gaston.
  6. Fixtures come out after the SPFL ones due to the ground shares
  7. To be fair we were just relegated 6 days ago. I suppose we couldn’t sign anyone before we knew what league we were going to be in, the same for players.
  8. We do need a clear out and start again afresh. After the last two seasons and getting relegated out the SPFL a new outlook and squad is needed. Won’t be easy in the Lowland League but a chance to get sorted out.
  9. Dingwall’s population is a red herring re Ross County they have fans coming from a large area out with the town.
  10. Aye I reckon we would get no bad numbers from Berwick, Bo’ness and the B sides depending on when we played them.
  11. There is a parachute payment. As you say you don’t get any sponsorship money in this league as far as I know. Hopefully we get a decent draw in the Premier Sports Cup draw. This could well boost funds, Also in the Trust Trophy which won’t be so lucrative. Imagine traveling supports will be low, imagine Berwick would bring the most.
  12. 23rd July we will be playing catch up from the start as we will be in the Premier Sports Cup.
  13. Jamie’s getting on a bit 37 now he won’t be the same player you remember.
  14. I wouldn’t say any one is safe. One shit manager away from finishing bottom!
  15. Thinking about it we would be overloaded with cup fixtures if we played in the Qualifying Cup. Already have Premier Sports Cup group, Trust Trophy, Scottish Cup, South Challenge Cup and LL League Cup.
  16. Couldn’t they just give non members league fixtures on dates set for those cup games (when possible)?
  17. When I first went in 83 the station buildings were still there.
  18. Most of my time watching us has seen us either see clubs play each other 3 or 4 times. It does get boring at times.
  19. We just have to get on with it! Some away days will be better than others. Berwick will be the most popular. I suppose the main thing is you only play once home and away so things are less repetitive.
  20. You mentioned the standard of the Lowland League judging the standard of Bonnyrigg, it says it all about the standard of the team we have assembled that we got beat 4-0 over two games, as well as losing 4-2 to the Strollers! At the end of the day no point feeling sorry for ourselves it’s our own fault for finishing bottom. Now we have the chance to rebuild without the fear of being club 42 hanging over our heads. No doubt there will be a lot of changes on and off the park but in reality it’s needed. The rot set in the season Jimmy Nicholl got us relegated and it’s not got any better since. No point on dwelling on the past both good and bad, it’s the present day and future which matters. Your point about the community well on Friday I was speaking to a member of the High Street community and they pointed out when do you ever see anyone from the club on the High Street and wouldn’t recognise Maurice Ross. The Cowden in the Community has made in roads but we can do more.
  21. New Central Park has its faults the worst being the design of the standing enclosures. I quite like the seated stand, hopefully someday they will extend it all the way along that side.
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