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  1. This I still think who ever finishes bottom can still win the play off. As you say Rovers have get themselves better organised and now winning games while berwick have shown they are capable of beating the side who will more than likely win L2.
  2. He got the 1st bit of his name right 2nd should have been c**t.
  3. City vs Peterhead

    So you had to use the grass banking down the bottom end. Though they would given the crowd.
  4. Not really I was thinking about the stand being very shallow and small when we played there in the play off it wasn't very comfortable. I know that the have built a shed behind the goal so I guess it will be a bit better now though. Will be a bit of a struggle when the play a massive club like Clyde Hampden has a tar track around it and no one bangs on about that
  5. Cliftonhill isn't the best but must tick the boxes somewhere it may replace by K-Park which isn't much better from a spectators point of view.
  6. Sad day for Berwick fans having to cheer for a Cowden win
  7. Cowden v QP

    In both games McGurn was outstanding.
  8. Berwick's lives could be in our hands. We always seem to struggle there no matter how good or bad either side are going into a game. Never won there since February 2006
  9. Cowden v QP

    Queen's Park today reminded me of them in the 0-0 at Hampden plenty of chances but not able to convert them.
  10. Cowden v QP

    Given both teams positions neither are great shakes
  11. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I would say playing stronger opposition week in week out is an advantage for club 42 when playing in a play off with LL/HL champions that's about it really you mention about home advantage in the 2nd leg but I don't think that's here or there playing wise we had to swap a play off game with Dunfermline but still slapped them on their own patch in the 2nd leg.
  12. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    All the clubs in L2 are semi pro. Of course the LL and HL should come into the transfer window why should they have a possible advantage over club 42. Cove sign Jimmy Scott is it fair if he scores thw winning goal in a play off against Berwick or Albion Rovers who quite possibly may have wanted to sign him but couldn't.
  13. Cowden v QP

    You're trying hard to ruin my day. At least the suns still out go to Wee Jimmies.
  14. Cowden v QP

    The old blame the pitch. Hampden sort of minds me of dear old Central Park these days football pitch with a tar track around it
  15. Cowden v QP

    Be positive; maybe it won't rain. Sun splitting at the moment.