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  1. Would have to go with Forthbank as being the best. As modern grounds go its an ideal size for a lower league club capacity wise for those who like standing its a shame that they don't use any of the terracing but it will be down to costs along with the away stand being closed most of the time. Put down Meadowbank as the worst although its now gone anyway. It was in a decent enough location not too far from the city centre but the stand was just too distant from the action. The stock car fence at Central Park fucks up the viewing it was much better without it. I can remember back to when I was young and the stockies wern't so intrusive with the bottom half of the terrace still there and no fence, the race track also wasn't so wide and the pitch was wider (beware Berwick fans with the speedway track getting widened). Next worse view is Albion Rovers. Its a place I like going to but its not the best for viewing. The stand which is uncomfortable for anyone over 6 feet with the leg room seems to have an endless clutter of pillars to get in your way, and it got worse when more were added with the front cover getting built. The terrace in front is also a bit shallow with a pillar problem to a lesser degree. I used to be a fan of standing on the far side at Cliftonhill back in the day best view in the ground. Never tried the new terracing at the Coatdyke end but in general not a fan of standing behind a goal. Others Annan - decent enough stand and the covered home end looks ok, they have done a lot since the non league days. Brechin - Good old school ground with decent views although the big stand behind the goal looks out of place with the rest of the ground. Cove - Never managed to get to our 2 games there due to various things. Looks like a work in progress and I imagine as they move up the leagues they will add to the main stand and put something behind the goals. Probably a sensible way of doing it. Edinburgh City - Not as good a location as Meadowbank. It would be better if Spartans ever put proper terrace on the grass bankings. Its probably better going to a Spartans game there as you can stand on the banking and get into the upstairs bar. Elgin - Another classic old school ground with a decent enclosure down the terrace, stands a bit wee but that's about it. QP - No doubt about the facilities being in the South Stand which imo was the only decent bit about the rebuilt hampden. Views distance with a tar track between the stand and the pitch (If the SFA need the cash the could run stock cars there😀). Lesser could end up better for watching QP games in the future depending on how it turns out. Stenhousemuir - Another decent seated stand with good views and plenty of leg room. The enclosure behind the goal looks good but the terrace suffers from being too shallow.
  2. Both Ainslie Park and Cliftonhill have two sets of turnstiles and exits. There are a block of turnstiles and exit at the bottom end of Ainslie Park. Seen them used when Spartans played Linfield and Liverpool youth side. There is also a turnstile and exit at the Coatdyke end of Cliftonhill probably not been used for years but they are there.
  3. Agree with the above. Never seen Jim McArthur in his prime for us but seen him play his last game for us when he guested as a trialist at Stenhousmuir in 1983 when Raymie was injured. Ernie was probably my first Cowden hero who had some rate of saving penalties sure @Cowden Cowboy done an article on who had the best penalty save percentage a few years ago. Before Ernie were Ted McFeat and Willie Wilson, remember Wilson knocking himself out when he hit his head off the post making a save. After Ernie and before Raymie was Davie Cooper, who had got done for housebreaking can remember him getting some stick at EEP when we played the Pars.
  4. Happy to stand corrected. Hopefully the community appreciates it and supports them in turn . Spartans are probably the best community club in Scotland some of the things they do for their area are amazing however their crowds at run of the mill league games arn't all that great although they can attract a decent crowd for Scottish Cup games.
  5. If Berwick ever played in any of the Northumberland Cups it must have been a lot of years ago although I can remember them playing a Northumberland Select in a game to open the NFA's new facilities about a decade ago Gazza played for them as a guest player. @HibeeJibee would be the man to ask.
  6. Quite sure they will send us a bill for a replacement if not be ok as long as they don't buy one off Peterheid for a big fee.
  7. I think if he had actually head butted a fan it would have been all over the papers today.
  8. It will never be a derby. Both Stenny and Stirling are closer to us an no one calls these games derby Postal United are no different
  9. Its reality though if your getting £2m from the SFA for Hampden I would imagine a fair chunk of it will get gobbled up with the redevelopment of Lesser. I suppose in time they could extend the stands and even put something behind the goals.
  10. I was up at this yesterday after the Cowden game got put off. Wasn't too bad the 1st half but even by Kelty weather standards it was baltic the 2nd half thank f**k you were comfortable winners I wouldn't have been able to cope with any extra time It was -3 when we got back to the car. Never been so cold at a game for a long time.
  11. Don't know Brechin's situation but I imagine they will be looking to pull something off in January. You just need to look at the state Berwick are in to know that they have to I would imagine where they are located it would be hard for them to build a decent side in the HL much the same as Berwick in the LL. Don't know if there is a knack to doing it Jimmy both times we got rid of managers at the right to so the new one had time to sort things out for a possible play off, indeed 1st time around Gary Locke almost got us off bottom he just ran out of games if he had come in a few weeks later he may have done it. Despite taking over earlier than Locke did Gary Bollan had too much to claw back points wise but managed like Locke to get a settled side going into the play off which is important, Berwick went on long run of defeats going into last seasons games and left it too late to get rid of a shite manager and duly got humped by Cove.
  12. Far too early to write Brechin off their only 4 points off the pace. A big January transfer window for them and the other clubs. Get the right players and they can survive worked for the Rovers last season when they were getting written off at this time.
  13. Not that much maybe about 30 odd plenty of them in the directors box on top of that. On the park they are a decent side.
  14. Went along to Bayview today great comeback from BSC well done.
  15. Whats the point in that if you can't score our 44% obviously proved to be more productive. Only stat that matters is how many goals you score/concede. When was the last time QP scored against Cowden inopen play. The ref was well out of his depth. As much control of the game as someones bowel after a strong curry.
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