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  1. Never knew Stranraer were doing a monthly magazine. You should be able to at least break even with a programme we do. Simple rules don’t give away lots of free copies and keep your print run to what you think you will sell.
  2. Well if things were that bad at your work you would either chuck the job and leave or look for another one. I was more making the point it’s a bleak enough season as it is without players downing tools.
  3. That’s not the best of ideas suggesting that players don’t play their best!
  4. Berwick were his last club as manager after that he was Calderwood’s number 3 before hooking up with Johnston.
  5. My mate Dave the photographer he does pics for the Central Fife Times and Dunfermline Press as well as the Cowden programme. I was in the enclosure just along from the Haws dug out.
  6. My mate went along no doubt get a blow by blow account from him. I stayed local and went to the Haws v Elgin.
  7. Remember Galloway a few years back when he was at Shippy former Pars youth.
  8. Quite fancied Stirling to get something today.
  9. Former Cowden player Ryan Connelly impressed up front Jake Mitchell at the back was also good.
  10. I never read much into results in bounce games, their as mentioned played in private with no one knowing about them. As mentioned it was far from our normal starting line up fringe players getting game. time the same with trialists.
  11. He seems to be well out of the picture firstly on loan at Livi United and now Rosyth. Livi are the same level as Sinkys old side. In the summer we needed to sign a lot of players quickly for the Premier Sports cup. When you sign a job lot some are going to be good, some bad and some inbetween. Telling that we signed a forward on loan from East Fife and had another two out on trial last night.
  12. Don’t get this love in with Chris, he was a poor signing who came from a poor side in the weakest league in the pyramid. He can run but I suppose a load of other headless turkeys will be doing much the same this month.
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