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  1. Me and my mate were wondering about McManus and if his subbie appearance would be a farewell cameo for Cove, must be getting on a bit. It was only 3 as Cove never got out of 1st gear if they stepped up they would have got more.
  2. Cove Rangers Champions

    I was down and in the main stand. The stewards allowed the Cove fans onto the pitch to celebrate with the team and most of them done just that although the wee group in the picture went over and taunted the Berwick fans which wasn't really needed. Think there were a few Aberdeen day trippers who done the double header along with their game today at Hibs we were sat next to a couple of them on the train who were decent guys even offered me a bottle of Blue Wkd
  3. What happens now at Berwick Rangers?

    Its a bit of a myth to say there's much less travelling in this seasons L2 only Peterhead and Elgin were outwith the LL area. In fact they will visit some of the same grounds just playing a different team ie Annan (if they haven't moved to Strathclyde Park), Stirling , Cumbernauld and Ainslie Park. The blow will be softened by entry to the Betfred and Irn Bru Cups as "normal" but their SPFL payment will be down from this season £5k and imagine the gates will also fall. The other cups are just a sidline distraction imo.
  4. The Programme

    There was a rumor of them doing a reprint apparently.
  5. Cove Thread

    Nothing to be rattled. Our play off with Cove was 53 weeks ago time has moved on. Well done to Cove never needed to get out of reverse gear today.
  6. The Programme

  7. Aye I was down today apart from See your squad is really poor. Too much bang average former junior players a clear out is needed if your to do anything next season.
  8. I would think the squad you have wouldn't be too hot in the EOSL with See being the only decent player it must have been frustrating for the guy playing with a lot of dross beside him. Quite amusing the crowd was 1314
  9. Annan v Clyde/ Clyde v Annan

    A c**t whose not a football fan or one who is but is under the thumb and does what he's telt.
  10. Bit harsh calling Cove plastic newbes they have been around since 1922 playing amateur, juniour and HL. They have went through their own sort of pyramid to get to where they are.
  11. Guess the ground

    Kingsmill Inverness. Should add Thistle
  12. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Thought it was only Rangers who were obsessed with statements I can understand Stenny putting one out after a relegation but there's not much to say after a mid table finish and DF has already spoken the shareholders the AGM and the supporters in general at the POY event.
  13. Guess the ground

    Played at Watling Street Dartford
  14. Two good goals from Lex Shields. His 2 sons Dene and Jay later played for Cowden with wee Jay who looked like his dads double also having a loan spell at Berwick.