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  1. Was rumored to be joining Pollok but nothing official.
  2. Always going to be hard to start from scratch. Some will be good others will not be. Same thing happened last season with Stenny last summer signing 24 new players. A season of rebuilding not going to be easy but at the same time refreshing having players who want to be there bursting a gut.
  3. I know he has went elsewhere just pointing out I doubt we would have been able to offer him a big wage. I do however agree that we need some experienced players - keeper, centre half and a forward to put a spine in the team.
  4. I doubt we would be able to afford Mango.
  5. Aye with it being an official public game the ref was correct. If it had happened in an unofficial game like the Inverkeithing one you would have been able to make the change.
  6. First time the starting line up has played together to be fair. Thought we were doing alright until the two quick fire goals from East Fife. The second half was a non event having to play the last 25 minutes with 10 men after the boy went off with a head knock and we didn’t have any subs left to replace him.
  7. Shame Sinclair isn’t playing would have liked to have seen him. Be interesting to see ifs trialists who featured last week or new ones.
  8. Have to admit I didn’t realise it was than much!
  9. 15 players have been announced so far all of them are listed on the website.
  10. If they had a cheaper admission they may have got a decent away support going up.
  11. We only seen glimpses of him last season be interesting to see how he does in the LL.
  12. We let people in free v Inverkeithing last week. So far I’ve been at Cumbernauld Colts v Stranraer £6, Alloa v Partick £6 and Spartans v East Fife £8. sensible pricing seen over 600 at Alloa.
  13. The assistant manager will know him well from his time at city
  14. It is a rip off the played the Strollers who are in the same league as us and took a fiver.
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