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  1. Aye there have been a few young guys doing that
  2. I don’t know the fascination with the flags I imagine if I was a race fan they would piss me off as well as they must get in the way for viewing the stock cars as well.
  3. Never thought we done as well as we could have in attracting youngsters when we were in the Championship. There were a few but could have been more, although you could say that with adults as well. Kelty will be an attraction teams who win most week always are and their ground dosn’t have a race track and fence to block your view. An 8 year old me was attracted to watching Cowden but if I was that age now I’m not so quite sure about it.
  4. Plus Elgin have improved greatly recently.
  5. Looks like a 2 horse race now with Elgin beating Kelty. Rovers we’re always the realistic target. Wouldn’t be surprised it Elgin didn’t go onto sneak a play off place at the other end.
  6. We still have to play both Albion Rovers and Elgin twice. First up is Rovers on Saturday.
  7. Sure the manager mentioned that Barrowman would be back this week.
  8. Think it will just be back to pay on the gate now the restrictions have been lifted. Don't think Rovers were ever on fanbase which is quite handy.
  9. Good that you can laugh though you had a humor bypass this morning. If we do go down so be it we will have deserved it like all clubs who go down.
  10. The one thing about our previous 2 play offs was Gary Locke and Gary Bollan both had settled sides going into their respective games and both had a bit of momentum behind them. This is what we have to replicate.
  11. Aye it was disappointing on Saturday after the performance at Stenny. Suppose Stranraer were a better opponent but I was still hopeful of getting a point as the match went on.
  12. It isn’t the most glamorous for them but at least another possible win playing a lower end Premiership side.
  13. It certainly is a tough ask to get off the bottom spot. 9 points behind Rovers who have played a game less and have a far better goal difference. So really we need 4 wins just to get above them, no mean feat as we have managed only 3 wins in 21 games so a remarkable turn around would be required. We also haven't had back to back league wins since October 19 when a run of 6 wins in a row came to an end. The same would be required to catch Elgin although you don't know what's going to happen to their players at their SFA hearings.
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