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  1. Brief summary. Pretty poor first half losing 2 goals. Renton was brought on just before half time. With him there more of a threat up front although clear cut chances were few. Best one was when Liam headed over from a good position. This however woke Stirling up and they got two late goals. its 6 loses in the last 7 league and cup games. Probably the worst time to play City as they have really hit form.
  2. It would be shit if Wick won after that.
  3. If we could only become such a tin pot club second in the league and giving Kelty a good run for the title as I expected they would. If its not financially viable for them to stream games then what's the point in losing money on it. Their home crowds are more or less back to the level they were pre covid so whose left to watch them, can't even flog streams to fans in England now. Kelty also stopped live steams but i've never heard anyone giving them grief about it. As the saying goes footballs a game not a TV show.
  4. Fraser and Tommo are too similar doing much the same role, made a difference Harvey coming on.
  5. As I said earlier in the week I said we could get something as Forfar can’t hold a lead. We did to Forfar what other sides have done to us. Cracking free kick by Tommo.
  6. See the hill billy stock car c***s have made a right mess of the pitch. Ficking arseholes.
  7. Gave Saturday a miss at my age and with my health life is too short. If we did come to the time when a change had to be made it would have to be done. Yes money’s tight but it would be even tighter in the Lowland League. Hopefully we can turn a corner on Saturday, Forfar are as bad as us trying to hold onto a lead.
  8. So we have only lost 3 but not been beaten in over double that.
  9. Although the goals we lost in both were bad I’m sure a lot of players would have ran out of steam after not being able to train due to isolating.
  10. Its been more normal but our recent bad spell has come when we had players with covid and others self isolating and unable to train so its not really normal. Hopefully with the players back to full training things will improve.
  11. Its a shame that the fee is that low its not worth the clubs bother.
  12. Got a 25 year lease at the Bay I believe.
  13. They were always known locally as Hillfield Swifts never heard the Inverkeithing bit until a few years ago. The Swifts sounds good to me better than Caledonian Braves
  14. Surely the payment for an early round isn’t that bad that there’s more to be made from hospitality.
  15. Hillfield Swifts was their original name It’s the area of Inverkeithing they came from , Inverkeithing was added on when they joined the EOS. since they don’t play in either now The Swifts sounds reasonable.
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