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  1. Harry did OK with us. Wouldn't have said he did anything exceptional but was always neat and tidy. I hope he does well for you however I feel like there is huge expectation on his shoulders because of what he did at Hearts at a very young age. Since then he didn't get much of a game with the Pars (although he did have injury problems) and did OK for us. Out of our loanee signings last year I rated Mochrie of Dundee United and Ballantyne of St.J above Cochrane.
  2. Alloa top with Ferguson at the helm? Are you high?!
  3. Did OK but not a stand out performer for me. Can't imagine we will be after him. Hope he does well and gets his career back on track.
  4. Montrose Goalkeepers Allan Fleming Aaron Lennox Defenders Andrew Steeves Cammy Ballantyne Sean Dillon Matty Allan Kerr Waddell Aidan Quinn Midfielders Liam Callaghan Lewis Milne Paul Watson Terry Masson Craig Brown Mark Whatley Graham Webster Chris Antoniazzi Strikers Martin Rennie Craig Johnston Blair Lyons Contract has been offered to Russel McLean.
  5. Disgrace...bit harsh on the lad no? Decent service he has given to East Fife.. Fancied a change and is probably going to get more of a wage.
  6. That would be a good move for his development right enough.
  7. Are the rumours that Whately is coming to the Mo genuine or....? [emoji848]
  8. Cheers pal. I'll send this onto the club for the changing room wall.
  9. Could agree more. Get him to f**k! Also agree that he has cost us top half position nevermind play offs
  10. Big game for the Mo. Again I expect a few changes from the team that beat Fraserburgh. Hope Kerr Waddell's injury isn't too bad and he will back tonight however I have no worries about Quinn coming in to replace him as he impresses every time I see him. I reckon we may see appearances from the two new loannee wingers.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the team again. It feels like the start of a new season! In answer to a question above, no we haven't lost any players. We have retained the three loannes (Cochrane - Hearts, Ballantyne - St J and Mochrie - Dundee U). Have full confidence that the players will be fit as a fiddle for the game. Arguably the toughest game of the season to get started back with but that could be a really good thing if we can get a positive result. Mon the Mo!
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