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  1. Fantastic business again by our management team and board. Contract extentions until 2023 for: - Andrew Steeves - Kerr Waddell - Matty Allan - Craig Johnston - Graham Webster - Lewis Milne - Aidan Quinn already extended his contract to 2023 earlier in the season. - Martin Rennie signed until summer 2023 - Paul Watson and Liam Callaghan signed up until summer 2022 Also just to remind all Mo fans Ross Campbell and Stewart Petrie are signed up until summer 2023.
  2. Where do you think he would go? Big risk in him moving to a full time club. He has a good job out of football and probably have one of most secure part time jobs in the country.
  3. Feel for you guys in a way but from another perspective I am chuffed. I thought Hamilton was by far your best player and looked beyond league 1 level from the get go. You surely are not too surprised..?
  4. 3 goals and 2 assists for the season so far is it.....just saying, that isn't that impressive.
  5. All this transfer talk about Robert amuses me. I thought he was shite against us...
  6. Interesting view. I disagree as I thought it was Cammy F's poorest game of the season. He was very quiet whilst I thought Kerr played well once again. One conceded in four games I think down to his commanding presence alongside Dillo.
  7. He's done pretty well in my opinion although I still feel there is more to come from him. He has been overshadowed by our other loan Cammy Ballantyne in the midfield who has been outstanding. I thought he would be more of a goal threat than he has been but he has got stuck in and you can see he always looks to play forward.
  8. Those stats are due to the fact that for the first few games in every defensive position we had our regulars injured. I was actually really pleased we managed to still get positive results with the defence we were fielding. Now that our normal back four is back we look very solid and hence we are not letting in goals like we were. We should be high in confidence after two very impressive away wins. Fair play to Dumbarton this season they are doing well and another good win yesterday. Should be a good test for us.
  9. Thought Malcolm was a poor appointment at the time, very much a heart over head decision by the board because of his playing days with Forfar. Correct me if you think I am wrong Forfar fans but I would suggest that to avoid relegation you have to make the change of manager now.
  10. Very professional performance by the Mo. What a difference now that we have our settled defence back. Dillo and in particular Waddell have been outstanding the last two games. Great goal again by Rusty and we I was really pleased to see how we managed the game after the goal. 3 points, on to the next one.
  11. Can't quite believe we didn't take anything from the game. Sorry Clyde fans but I would say we were much the better team throughout the whole 90 mins. You are very lucky you have a top quality striker who is very clinical. Montrose deserved a draw at least from that performance. We created lots of chances and should have scored quite a few more than we did. We desperately need our normal defence back and when we do I would be confident we would win most games.
  12. Feeling quietly confident about the game tomorrow without any disrespect to Clyde. I think we should have Dillon and Cammy back tomorrow and although I am not sure about Kerr or Matty I think our defence will look pretty solid again. The make shift defence has done well the last couple of games but individual errors have been close to costing us points. Broadwood has been a tricky place to get results for the Mo the last few seasons but hopefully that won't be the case this season. I'll predict a tight 0-1.
  13. Hi folks, how is your stream working out so far? Do you think tonight's game is worth the watch? Bit of a nothing game for us but will be a good opportunity to play some of the fringe players.
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