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  1. Agree, still need to get another centre half in. A fit Matty at the start of next season is like a new signing. Couple of trialists would be good to see. Will be good to see Lyons and Skelly hopefully.
  2. Hell yeah we did! A defence of Steeves, Dillon, Allan and Ballantyne is very strong. Hopefully they can all stay fit for the whole season.
  3. Could this not have been in the Clyde thread.
  4. Very tough month of August but to be perfectly honest every month is going to be tough month this season. I am still very confident that with SP as our manager we will survive in league one for another year. I think we have the basis of a strong squad but I think with two of three quality signings to come we will be in great shape.
  5. Quite young and not got a lot of experience. I reckon SP will be after someone a bit older. He will want to do as well as Arbroath and Forfar did last year. They had the best keepers in the league in McCallum and Jamieson.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. Couldn't agree more and thank you for reminding other fans of our rise!
  7. Got pumped 5-0 by Queens but that's not the point....we were there.
  8. Will give you that one, you gave us a good hiding that day but remind me how you got on in the playoffs? [emoji6]
  9. Not during the four games I saw him play last season [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji122]
  10. Ah fair enough, cheers for that! I reckon SP will have worked with him before. I'm sure he played for Arbroath under Sheerin when SP was his assistant. He has a lot of experience.
  11. Heard this was a rumour. You think its confirmed?
  12. Expected Jammer to head to Cove. Reckon he will do a great job for them. Natural born leader who will give everything for the team. Had a great couple of seasons but maybe a good thing so that SP can bring a bit of youth to our ageing midfield. Big boots to fill for the new midfielder I assume we will bring in.
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