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  1. FIFA 19

    What's everyone getting from their guaranteed PL TOTS pack tonight then. I for one am absolutely buzzing for the shiny new James Maddison that I shall be welcoming to the club.
  2. Keep/punt/undecided

    Yep, would probably argue that may have been the most embarrassing/humiliating/joke of a season in the club's history. Just happy we won the league the following year though, which is more than can be said for Rovers. I'll shut up though cause we got our arsed handed to us by them in January, so they can't be THAT bad. Think they've had sufficient suffering now so would like to see them back up. Falkirk on the other hand, well, it's only just the beginning [emoji846] Was absolutely gash for us, was surprised to see him doing so well at EF. Was part of the 14/15 squad for us I believe, so tells you all you need to know.
  3. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Don't know much about Docherty but Kirkpatrick should bring a bit of energy to the side. The merry-go-round of players at this level is sometimes absolutely staggering.
  4. James Craigen not re-signing with the Pars at the end of his current contract, to end on 31st May.
  5. Craigen to leave at end of contract. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Player_Update_20/05/2019&ID=11241
  6. Went along to this tonight and sat in the away end. Poor choice. Thought Inverness played superbly in the first half, particularly from corners they looked a real threat. Walsh and White looked very dangerous. When the penalty came, players were blocking my view but originally thought it was a penalty, hadn’t realised the deflection. Cue meltdown from Caley in second half, as the game went on they seemed to be more wasteful with possession and their attempts on goal were poor (perhaps something to do with the scheduling). United controlled the game from there on in and had multiple glaring opportunities to score. Personal highlight though was seeing Nicky miss an absolute sitter by hitting the right post, before missing an even worse opportunity by hitting the left. A good game for the neutral but left wishing I’d just watched it on the telly.
  7. Williamson gone to Thistle. Strange one.
  8. Forfar have announced a friendly against us, Saturday 29th June 2pm, Station Park. No word of it yet on any of our socials though.
  9. Ryan Dow signs for Pars on a 1 year contract
  10. C**** on a Train

    C**ts who can't find their seat. Often take the form of groups of 8-10 well-rounded, cackling, Sarah Millican-esque women drinking Lambrini or the like, clearly Newcastle-bound for one of the group's hen party. This weekend saw my third interaction with this type. Was on a train going south from Dundee to Inverkeithing on Friday, and the group joined he train at the same time as me. But by the time we'd crossed the Tay Bridge, these bints still couldn't fucking find their seat, too busy screeching away about their impending mid-life crises. This type will also often: - Have massive a fuckoff suitcase each, and will often somehow be surprised to see the luggage racks full. This will only prolong the 'sitting down' process. - Make sure EVERYONE can hear them. (yep, not even headphones can save you here). - Adopt a horrendously painful accent/dialect. (This was Dundonian but it's been Geordie before).
  11. Anyone know whether PATG will be available for away fans on Friday night? In Dundee and desperate to see some football, but couldn't bring myself to sit in the home end, and will be supporting the Caley Jags. Enjoy your final United.
  12. The 2019 Play-Off Thread

    Not sure about that red card for Sunderland. Be an interesting 20 mins now. Pompey just hit bar.
  13. For students in Dundee compared to places like Edinburgh and Glasgow, the rent tends to be incredibly cheaper. However, there is obviously less properties, so you need to get sorted well in advance. Or you risk resorting to somewhere like Perth or Arbroath *shudder*
  14. Ooft, shows how much I know. Didn't see their assists anywhere. You should be thanking me for including three of your players before a big play-off though, you were stick on to go through from there.
  15. Fook, didn’t realise Muirhead was with Falkirk at the start of the season, my bad.