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  1. Played the HT quiz on Ladbrokes for a few weeks now but they've seemingly upgraded the prizes for the World Cup. Fairly chuffed with this.
  2. Some serious #crowdwanking going on from both sets of fans here. And I'm all for it.
  3. Wighton has certainly looked a lot sharper in the past few games and has seemingly shedded some weight. Looks twice the player for it too.
  4. Couple unpopular opinions coming up. My eyesight is admittedly poor and I definitely need to see the highlights, however I feel (on the big decisions at least) the ref wasn't horrendous. The Comrie penalty incident, I thought the EC player took some of the ball, and there was definitely a EC player covering for the McCann foul that would prevent it from being a red (whether he would have got back in time is a different story), despite it being so cynical. It was the wee niggly decisions where he was so frustrating, but felt the fans were possibly a bit reactionary today. Whatever was thrown onto the pitch obvs a step too far. Also thought Chalmers had a very strong first half, kept it simple, progressed the game without any mistakes. Second half he was slightly poorer and put in a mixture of crosses to varying levels of success. Certainly not enough to merit a MOTM award but a definite improvement on last season, however that could be put down to the type of game this was. Bene didn't put a foot wrong and would have been my pick for MOTM. Its been a while since we've had a captain that can lead by example in the quality he possesses in games.
  5. Notice James Craigen has left Arbroath on a free. Not expecting him to drop down a division but his versatility would be exactly what we need imo.
  6. You can skip some of them, even if the ad does not appear to be skippable. I'll try to explain here. Works for all devices but this is done on the Android app. 1. Click the 'i' button 2. Click 'Stop seeing this ad'. (If it does not have this option then it won't work. I've found around 80% of videos I watch do have it however) 3. Click 'Yes' 4. Click 'Close' That should close the ad from there and you can continue to watch the video without forking out a tenner a month.
  7. First of very few wins this season.
  8. Dunfermline Athletic 1-1 Alloa Athletic Falkirk 2-2 Montrose Kelty Hearts 2-0 FC Edinburgh Peterhead 2-1 Airdrieonians Queen of the South 3-0 Clyde
  9. If we had won the pens and Aberdeen avoided defeat to Raith tomorrow, then we would have been through. Hey ho.
  10. I thought the delivery on set pieces was fairly strong today, certainly much better than last season. That being said, the finishing was very poor, with the exception of the first goal of course.
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