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  1. I find that the sorest ones are where your team are (on paper) the underdogs but are still well within a chance of winning the game. Obviously the most recent example being Celtic away, but also remember games in our League One-winning season against United away in the LC and County at home in the SC particularly hurting. Games where the team generally just play pish all game against some part-timers don't hurt, they're just absolutely infuriating and fill me with contempt for the team.
  2. Can't explain why but I've almost got a sense of relief that Nisbet is away to Hibs. I think I had mentally resigned myself to him leaving 7 months ago tbh, and I'm just pleased he's not gone to United or Hearts. Here's hoping he can thrive and maybe even get a shot at the Scotland squad. As for the other signings/rumours, Thomas looks the most promising. Always looked dangerous as soon as he got on the ball. If we can get even somewhat close to a player of Nisbet's quality in O'Hara or McManus I'll be chuffed. But I try not to get too excited about signings ever since the #returnofthebak [emoji4]
  3. Different circumstances and all, but there is of course SOME precedent to follow when it comes to chopping and changing the leagues. I'm of course talking about the demise of oldco in 2012, where it was decided that the runners up of the 2nd tier (Dundee IIRC) would be granted Rangers' place over the bottom team in the SPL (Pars) which - may I add - was a completely fair decision. There may have been a similar occurrence with Gretna but I cba researching that pish. In the unlikely event that a reconstruction movement passes - how much right would Hearts have to stay in the Prem given that (legally) the season has been called, and they have 'finished' bottom? I fully appreciate that I'm clutching at straws, but I'm desperate to see whether Budge is such a massive advocate for 'The Benefit of Scottish Football' when it doesn't benefit her team.
  4. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    Expecting two more guaranteed TOTSSF SBCs tonight. Will people be doing them? Hoping for an 86 with TOTSSF maximum for la liga, but can see it being 87. Super Lig likely an 84.
  5. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    Yep, our league was leaked a couple weeks back alongside these two. Hoping it wasn't a red herring as I had/have stocked up my club with silvers and bronzes. Can't see it but really really hope they go for a couple players outside the OF. That being said, a Jeremie Frimpong would fit into my team nicely...
  6. *sigh* The point is, you and 'the usual folks" might never take your seats again if we go down this 'herd immunity' approach. Also, to say that the positive health benefits of lifting lockdown (going back to work, watching the football) outweigh the negatives (vulnerable people dying) reeks of idiocy, and quite frankly, makes you look like a self-serving cnut.
  7. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    On the 'playing the market' point; the one rule I always stick to is sell on Thursdays (when everyone is buying their WL team) and buy on Mondays (when everyone is selling their WL team). Also, if there's a player you want from a TOTS for example, on most occasions their price will rise once they go out of packs (Monday for Saudi team, Friday for La Liga), so you're better to buy them before then. Some exceptions of course. If you're just starting the game and you've got maybe 10k spare, have a look on futbin at the advanced SBCs. Easily gets you packs at a much reduced rate. ETA: For new starters, also have a look at icon swaps. If you complete all the challenges available in 3/4 weeks, that's 12 tokens, which can be redeemed for a variety of icons.
  8. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    Amrabat and Maicon for my Gold 3 picks. No boards in either of my two 35ks or 50k pack. You've got to ask yourself why you bother sometimes.
  9. Official reveal at 6pm tonight apparently. Hope they keep it simple tbh, a modern take on the 61' kit would be ideal.
  10. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    Aye that's the plan, same with Lacazette. Just reluctant to do it until Thursday as I'll need to change it around again when I get Salah in my red picks.
  11. parxyz

    FIFA 20

    Having packed TOTSSF Henderson untradeable ([emoji4]) this weekend, this is now my untradeable team. I've been pretty lucky with my packs this year, given I've not spent a penny. I got Maldini from the prime icon pack ([emoji4]) and Gattuso with the spare tokens this icon swaps. The best tip I could give anyone is to grind out as many SBCs as you can, a lot less stressful than champs with better rewards. That being said, happily finished 14-11 this weekend which is pretty decent for my standards. Just intrigued to see what my red picks give me on Thursday. *Obviously that gets changed in game with Gattuso and Henderson at DM.
  12. Really enjoying it so far, would defo recommend it. As above, Sophie Rundle is something else [emoji7]
  13. Who said Brexit wouldn't cause an apocalypse?
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