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  1. 1. Airdrie 2. Montrose 3. Dunfermline 4. Queen of the South 5. Falkirk 6. Kelty 7. Edinburgh 8. Alloa 9. Peterhead 10. Clyde
  2. Just checked the Inverness side there - that same part of the Ormond is open to them too?
  3. That is a fucking honking team. Anyone with legs can outrun that midfield 3. Not what you want going into a relegation playoff.
  4. In a similar vein to a thread a few years back, and heavily inspired by the 'squads of horror' page, who wins your club's (and the league's collective) jobber of the season award? As a pars fan, truly spoilt for choice this year. Could go for any one of Ross Graham, Leon Jones, Rhys Breen, Efe Ambrose, Joe Chalmers, Liam Polworth or Reece Cole, however I can't look past Deniz Mehmet for some of the worst goalkeeping performances I have ever seen at EEP before he was thankfully dropped for our goalkeeping coach. To add to the fun, he's signed up alongside some of the aforementioned for next season too. Lucky us.
  5. Already shiteing it for this one. Gonna be a long week.
  6. First time at NDP tomorrow. What pubs are relatively nearby that are decent for away fans?
  7. Doesn't go far enough in my opinion. Null and void the only acceptable option.
  8. Unsurprisingly, this is a f**king stinking watch.
  9. Anyone know the rough capacity of each of the stands?
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