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  1. Aberdeen just need to cite the example of Robbie Neilson getting away with the exact same offence & comment as recently as 6 months ago. Simple. The SFA can GTF. Aberdeen should take them on.
  2. Football really isn’t for you if you think that was a red card.
  3. I’ll keep it simple. Bill Leckie is an old c**t that should be put out to pasture.
  4. I’d play a 4-3-3. Roos Richardson Stewart Milne Coulson McCrorie Ramadani Barron Duk. Miovski. Hayes Assuming Barron is fit to start, try & get 60 minutes out of him. McCrorie in defence would leave us really light in midfield so give Milne his chance. MacKenzie at left centre half is another outside shout.
  5. Scales will be available to play Dundee Utd. 2 yellows = 1 game ban. 1 straight red = 2 game ban
  6. Any h*n who’s upset over a few folk taking the piss over a 96 year old being dead can f**k off until such time as they stop singing about being up to their knees in ****** blood. Every week. Hypocrisy beyond belief. FTHB
  7. Hibs have already played against 10 men FOUR teams in seven matches I think it is. (9 men in one of those games). I don’t rate them, and let’s face it, how often have Hibs finished about Aberdeen in the last 10-12 years? They’ve possibly been relegated as many times in that period. The league will be as wide open below 2nd (& just as shite from what I’ve seen) as last year. Aberdeen could be anywhere from 3rd to about 8th.
  8. And another right back for the same reason. We have wingers coming out of our ears, squad is quite unbalanced. We have 6 players who can play out wide when fit. At least one too many.
  9. He wasn’t a cheat though. He was just a dirty b*****d. Porteous is an embarrassment to his profession.
  10. Partially agree. I’m giving him a bit more time though. The break in November is a good time to have a think, that’s about halfway through the league season. I thought tactically he got a good few things wrong today. - a midfield two. - taking Duk off instead of Besuijen - keep pace on the pitch. - Moving McCrorie back to defence, weakening an already outnumbered midfield & putting an out his depth Polvara on. There are some warning signs but I’ll wait another 10 games or so.
  11. That’s what happens when you let a h*n c**t run the show. McIntyre is a myopic h*n b*****d.
  12. 38 minutes in to the show today, & they’ve spent all of it talking about The Rangers, their recruitment, Ross Wilson, & an “old firm” select FFS, added to a Van Bronckhorst interview. No interviews with any other managers, no team news wtc from any other game. Led by that *** p***k McIntyre. Wouldn’t have happened under Richard Gordon. f**k off. Supposed NATIONAL broadcaster.
  13. What’s the rationale for no open all mics, aside from your suggestion? Too many people fawning over a wooden box?
  14. You have a massive opportunity to completely wind up the h**s in to a frenzy. Don’t waste it. The shitebag SPFL ruined our chance last weekend
  15. Don’t worry. Welldaft will be observing the minutes silence, saluting, with a stiff upper lip.
  16. Given the words of GSTK, absolutely NO Scottish teams should play it. It’s anti-Scottish. So, for that reason, the h**s will be the ONLY “Scottish” team to play it. Most of their fans hate their own country anyway. FTHB
  17. 1/100 the zombie h**s 1,000,000,000/1 the field. Non runner - Celtic
  18. Talksport?! Horrendous listening. Durham, O’Hara, Murphy et al . [email protected] the lot of them.
  19. If we’d played the **** today I’m sure plenty of our fans would’ve disrupted it, to wind up & annoy the h**s.
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