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  1. No. If you think 1 trophy in 9 domestic trophies is anything other than pish for one of the two teams whose budgets dwarf all others, then you’re just wrong. He got a move on the back of his name. Not his managerial capabilities. And his disastrous time at Villa backs that up.
  2. They have a squad of dwindling assets (Morelos & Kent) so little scope to raise funds to change a poor squad. They have injuries but only 3 from their starting X1 maybe? No excuse. They have yet ANOTHER court case looming with Hummel. Daft move for him. No-one in England cares about what you win in Scotland (unless you do a sensational job like Rodgers, and he had a reputation/status beforehand anyway). Backwards step coming back up here & a huge gamble for The Rangers. Also, folk say he was the brains behind Gerrard like that was a good thing…. The Rangers won 1 trophy out of 9 domestically, which is pish for a club whose resources dwarf all bar one club.
  3. My money would be on Hassenhutl. Good managerial record, prior to Southampton, & even there (2 x 9-0’s aside) he did a decent job there.
  4. We’ll never get relegated or go into administration. THAT’S grim & for absolute diddy clubs.
  5. They won’t take in to account transfer fees incoming? We took in about £8.5m post June (& spend just under £2m?) So +£6.5m to come in I’m thinking?
  6. That the one that looks like a council building, aye?
  7. One word. Cost. Don’t quote me on this but I seem to recall reading or hearing that the difference between 16k & 18k was about £10m
  8. That weasel Crawford Allan, head of referees at SFA, won’t come out & explain anything. VAR & its application is only emphasising how utterly shite the standard of our referees is.
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