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  1. I don’t think we’ll spend £300k on a right back to leave him on the bench, IMO.
  2. Even more so if Lewis Ferguson isn’t sold. Gone very quiet on that front. On the right of a back 3 would be his best position IMO, but JG has publicly said we’ll play a back 4 this season, in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. A 4-3-3: if Ferguson is sold Lewis Richardson Stewart Scales new signing. Ramadani. New signing. Barron. Besuijen. Miovski. new signing Who does McCrorie get in ahead of, assuming the new signing in midfield is of a decent quality?
  3. Aye, I’m afraid Jack hasn’t got “it” to be a Dons first pick left back. I can’t comment on Hancock & Ngwenya as I’ve never seen them play I did buy the stream from Buckie on Saturday, but so bad was the stream I switched off at half time. Ideal world, a new left back is brought in, & MacKenzie & Hancock get loaned out.
  4. The tramp said he wanted “two no 10’s” so not necessarily.
  5. I just hope they don’t come back with COVID. A lot of folk I know have come home from flights recently & had COVID a few days later.
  6. MacKenzie is always injured & isn’t good enough. Ngwenya I’ve not seen play so can’t comment. Hayes isn’t a left back. Scales will be left centre back
  7. Quite possibly agree. Partly depends on what happens with Lewis Ferguson & the midfield. If he’s sold we’ll presumably replace him. So would it be Ramadani, Barron & the new signing as a midfield 3? I don’t see him getting in the back four. Richardson Stewart Scales & new signing (hopefully).
  8. You clearly haven’t seen him play in the last 18 months. You’ve just lost a far better defender to Barnsley.
  9. Why wasn’t he captain yesterday then? I have a hunch it might be Anthony Stewart.
  10. First paragraph: Why? Second paragraph: 100% agree. Who knows what Ipswich were up to though in the negotiating though.
  11. No, he roasted his own face whilst microwaving an egg, the stupid c**t
  12. Aye, Joe Lewis 2016-2020, we’re golden. Joe Lewis 2020-2022, we’re in bother.
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