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  1. This time next year, it’ll be the h**s scraping around trying to get enough Lonsdale made strips together for their players.
  2. I think he’ll still end up at St Johnstone personally.
  3. Like you say, £3m is utterly futile. We’ve allegedly turned down £5m from Celtic & £6.5m from Aston Villa. i can’t see £3m becoming £7m or whatever would come close to our accepting. Also, their deadline is Aug 8th. We (hopefully he says) will be preparing for Rijeka at Pittodrie that night. so unless we get an unbelievable offer I think he’ll stay this window, especially as we only have two fit central defenders including Scott McKenna.
  4. mailto:[email protected] give him a shout Let you own clubs Chief Exec know you think he's a c unt
  5. I'm sorry, who or what is the OF? As far as I'm concerned, that term died with Rangers Football club in 2012. They can be called the New Firm if you like
  6. what a complete c*nt he is The clubs need to get rid of this myopic [email protected] What a load of disrespectful p*sh! http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-doncaster-broken-record-spfl-8539076
  7. I suppose it was both really Not strong enough and wrong foot
  8. Nah, I disagree - he dangled the wrong foot in tentatively. It was the wrong foot to go in with and he wasn't strong enough He stuck his right foot in when he should've gone on strongly with his left foot. Won't be the last time he costs us I'm afraid. He needs a Russell Anderson type to cajole him through games. I'll get my tin hat on, but I'd have tried to sign Gordon Greer for 12 months - people slag him off as he shouldn't be playing for Scotland, but he'd be our best central defender if he came (he's on trial at Blackburn so too late)
  9. Did you see the way he cost us the goal against Maribor by being as soft as a baby's first sh!te? He's a liability - we don't have one decent centre half A glaring weakness that hasn't been addresses
  10. The only way we'd possibly sign him is if either McGinn or Hayes move. Hopefully it doesn't but you never know as its now or never for both I'd think.
  11. Isn't he 26? I think he'll think he's "served his apprenticeship" & it's time to cash in. if he signed for a Leeds, he'd get £5k-£6k per week, possibly 6-8 times what he's on at the moment. You couldn't blame him for wanting a move if it comes his way. would hurt you guys massively though as that would be 40 goals & numerous assists taken out your team in last week or so.
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