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  1. The Candy is the original enigma and I say that from personal experience after an incident when Cumnock played them a couple of seasons ago at Cumnock The fans were vocal and noisy and very colourful and , in the main were well behaved and caused no problems . However , based on my experience on that day only, there appears to be one or two people involved with the club who have a massive chip on their shoulder. I can’t remember the name of the full back for St Rochs that day ( think he played for Pollok before the Candy), but, an incident occurred when the full back was taking a throw and doing the usual stealing a few yards thing and I shouted at the ref ,after the guy had walked about 10-15 yards, “haw ref, is this a sponsored walk this guy is on” and he proceeded to shout back “ it definitely no be a f**kin orange walk, ye proddy ba**tard” Lo and behold I was painted on here by some clown who said I shouted sectarian abuse at their player and “ he had evidence and then showed some still from his phone that included me in the picture . He proceeded to say he could hear me saying what he alleged, even though I was standing next to a guy who was videoing it and he offered to provide the full soundtrack to prove the alleged insult was never said Politely declined and the idiot kept up his “ Ive got evidence “ garbage I know I did not say anything sectarian , unlike the St. Rochs player, and with a small minority of idiots following the club, these kind of accusations are going to continually crop up, unfortunately for the majority who are good honest supporters
  2. Better team won today- Ayr looked very pedestrian
  3. Decisions , decisions - a choice of Wolves v Leicester - Harrogate v Hartlepool or Talbot v Ayr Mmmm, I’ll watch the two best teams out of the six C’Mon Harrogate !!!!!!
  4. Now now children, calm down, particularly you Bear, as even T78 is standing back in amazement as you and BR have a very public slanging match To be fair T78 will be gearing himself up for today’s televised extravaganza which, I am reliably informed ,is likely to have a special commentator, the famous David Attenborough . The TV bigwigs thought it was a no brainer to have him so they could televise a game, with loads of cup romance and potential giant killing opportunity , while also gathering loads of footage of a strange land with several examples of the human species seldom seen in among ordinary human beings To our regular contributor , T78 and all my friends out in Talbotia, enjoy your day and hopefully the team in Black and white will prevail C’mon the Honest Men
  5. You forgot “delete the post” !!!!!!
  6. Poor Bawrash - he makes a point in good faith and then he is totally dissed by the two intellectuals of the community , the Bear and 1978. What has that poor man done to deserve that !!!!! However, Bawrash , my old friend you kinda gave them an easy one to pick you up on Paul is a great player and a really good guy, but, you are never going to get Glens and/ or Talbot fans to agree with you, particularly those two intellectual heavyweights !!!
  7. Haw you ye Willie watcher !!!!!
  8. Well that was a nice wee selection box of views there
  9. This is what is wrong on here , somebody puts a post on and everybody and their brother are on having a go at each other I put on a xmas / new year greeting to everybody - 8 likes, but, nobody else weighing in with their good wishes Get a grip folks and this is a good time to be cleaning a sheet to start 2019 with a more open mind But maybe too much to ask for........ ???!!!!
  10. See !!!! If you stayed in Auchinleck , neighbours widnae bat an eyelid at the police pulling up at your door - that’s a daily occurrence in that twenty It’s just a joke mate..... not a dig !!!!
  11. I don’t think I said “stamping” or”studs up”. He went over the ball and caught the man. How many times does somebody need to say it might look different on film than it did seem in real time , right alongside it
  12. Can I just take this opportunity to wish all posters on here ,no matter if myself and some others have not seen eye to eye all the time, a ver Merry Xmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year Awra best !
  13. It might have looked like it mate, but, being right next to it , it was quite a nasty one
  14. I have to agree, it was a bad “tackle” and could easily have been a red in another game You can say it was one of those where a player takes a heavy touch and then lunges in to try and get ball back, but, it didn’t look like that to me standing just beside it
  15. Totally agree, handball was a stonewaller However, the stand side linesman was a waste of space , missing almost everything. He flagged for about 3 offsides against Talbot in first half, but, missed a whole load of offsides and his sum total of “assistance” to the ref was reporting that guy in the yellow top for assaulting the penalty spot
  16. It was meant to be a comment to stop folk labelling everybody at the Lang as thugs, as seems to be happening here Ye cretin
  17. I was right in line with it and it was outside the box , not by much but his leading foot was outside the white line Other than that, I think today,Ally Semple was almost blameless for any of the goals and had a few really good saves to keep Cumnock in the game ,at 3-2 in particular I think it’s a bit rich coming from a Talbot fan to say about people running up to the referee looking to get folk sent off/ booked Every stoppage for a foul , he had the company of 2 , 3 or 4 Talbot players chasing after him, like feckin Meerkats In my opinion, the fitter of the two teams won the game because they kept going right to the end when Cumnock players were noticeably flagging. The two daftest things I have heard on regarding the game : Burns had a brilliant idea to bring himself on at 1-3 , don’t think he had much option as the guy he replaced was out on his feet To question Paul Burns and / or his coaching staff for the lack of fitness in the squad is a bit much considering he and his backroom team have only been in place for 2 weeks Congratulations to Talbot for their never say die attitude but, stop trying to paint certain folk as the big bad wolf because they are Cumnock players because for everything said about one of our players you could say something similar about Talbot players
  18. Fair enough mate, as I said I didn’t see it so I can’t comment. I think the “celebrations” in last seasons game and this were slightly different , in my opinion, as the antics of Samson was on the middle of the pitch during the game, not at the end , mainly on the steps going off the pitch as in last seasons game. Not something we are going to agree on , to be fair , and it was just part of a great £6.00 worth of entertainment Well done Talbot for grinding out the victory but, fair play to Cumnock for making it a better/ closer contest than most folk expected
  19. That was the fella that spoke to me as well ( I think) , never mentioned anything about knives/stabbing etc, but, did say the Lang gaffer did threaten to shoot the ref and that was really all that he said. There does seem to be a regular undercurrent of nasty stuff being said against Cambuslang. , although not all of the set up there , just certain individuals in the coaching / playing staff
  20. I believe it is still subject to a police incident and they are looking for “someone” - ????????
  21. If that is what happened at start , fair enough, I never seen that , but have no reason to doubt what you are saying Shocking stuff
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