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  1. Were you down at Cumnock today ??? What about that reeker of a ref !!!!
  2. Cumnock 3 v 2 Glencairn - ref must have had Glens with a goal or two of a start as he gave them everything . That was a summary of the first half In the second half he decided to even it up by being shite for both teams and some of his decisions were a joke I have seen some bad refs , but, I think that is the first time I have seen two throw ins , a bye kick and a corner all given the wrong way in the space of a minute Rank rotten doesn’t cover it Think Cumnock just deserved it in the end
  3. “the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.” I thank you !!!!!!!!!
  4. At this time , probably a step back from the last few seasons with Hurlford However, it was more a wee dig at my auld pal Glenmuir and not a comment on whether it’s a good move for Ryan or not ....... they used to call it banter !!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the contributions from the Chuckle Brothers in the last2 posts
  6. It is so refreshing that even on here you get the two extremes on the education plain - one poster who obviously wasn’t at school when they did spelling and another poster who is such an expert on the queens English that my use of the wrong adjective / adverb/ noun etc etc has him seething The gold star in my spelling book is slowly peeling off as I speak Ahh yes Bul is short for something ....... bulletproof ........... which is what I am to your attempts at insults / humour or whatever your inane posts are supposed to be
  7. Spelling !!!!! Spelling !!!!! You silly boy , go and stand in the croner
  8. Fair point caller ,well made As for the response from Tommy boy and the reaper ......... I rest my case !!!!
  9. I think the last two posts are typical examples of why a lot of folk leave this site I’m not sure what is the scariest part of the two peoples posts - the harsh insulting tone of GrimReaper or the stalker mentality of Tommyboy who can quote how long he has been a member of our old boys club On the subject - Ryan always looked a fair player any time I’ve seen him
  10. Cumnock 5 v 3 Benburb - the proverbial game of two halves Cumnock up 4-0 and cruising Second half , Bens get 3 without reply and pressing for an equaliser and Cumnock nicked a goal at the death Overall, just about right over the 90 minutes, although , Bens hit the post and bar in second half
  11. No - didn’t think so !!! Another case of opening your mouth and letting your gut rumble Exactly what you were/are talking about is still a mystery
  12. So we have Pollok, Clydebank and possibly , Auchinleck, Cumnock, Glenafton, Troon, Kilbirnie, Kilwinning, Beith , Hurlford, Largs & Medda , so that leaves 4 clubs to pick from who don’t have “this in common with Yoker’s tenants and many of the Ayrshire teams” Care to elaborate !!!!
  13. Don’t know the person known as GordonS and I’m not interested about what he is or isn’t and what folk think of him. However, he has made a point regarding what has happened to the various subjects that were active on here With the greatest respect , I think members of this forum deserve to know what/ who/ why the major spring clean of the site Is it any wonder we get some of the career shit stirrers who were regular antagonists on here leaving and setting up a “rival” site etc etc I think an admin/ moderator statement to explain this mass cull is the least the members deserve, if nothing sinister , than what is the problem
  14. That was the very man, the big boy Manderson Cheers, Big Al...... your picture just brought back the sleepless nights I was finally getting away from after all these years I remember both Cumnock and Auchinleck getting beat by Lochee teams that season If anybody knows the banter between Cumnock and Auchinleck , one story comes to mind of the banter between two guys who drank in our social club Both lived in Cumnock , but, one was a “refugee” from Auchinleck After the Lochee Harp game the Auchinleck fan walked into the club and sat a carrier bag in front of the Cumnock fan and walked away He opened it and in it was 6 cans of Harp lager and a Dundee cake Cue hilarity from the gathered crowd It was either the quarter final or the round previous, Auchinleck got beat by Lochee Utd That night at the Social club, the Cumnock supporter walked into the club and sat a carrier bag down in front of his Auchinleck supporting pal.... he opened it and it contained a pack of United biscuits and a Dundee cake Hilarious and not one word exchanged Revenge is a dish best served cold
  15. I can’t give you much about Lochee Harp other than my personal history of what, I believe, is the only meeting between the Harp and my club, Cumnock Cumnock won the Scottish Junior cup in season 1978/79 against Bo’ness and were drawn against them In the first round the following season , which was pretty unusual. Cumnock best Bo’ness and were drawn against a team we had never really heard much about, Lochee Harp, and we probably felt after our victory over our old foes from Bo’ness that Harp would be a bit easier, particularly with it being a home tie for Cumnock. However, I remember that Lochee came to Cumnock and absolutely demolished us by 6-0 ( I think!!), mainly due to a very speedy winger and a big guy playing at centre forward , which brought the defence of the trophy to a shuddering halt They always talk about happy memories ...... that definitely wasn’t one of my happier ones
  16. Bul2

    New Rules

    It is a change to previous regulation and the rush to penalise someone because the rule has changed, doesn’t surprise me . No time to get used to it , no discretion , before booking someone for this. People moan about the difference between football and other sports, particularly rugby In Rugby the referee would have told the player to please leave the field by the nearest exit point and if he/ she doesn’t do so, then book them You hear it all the time in Rugby, where the ref tells players they are infringing and, in most cases , how they are infringing the rules. Treat the players with contempt and you will get them doing what happens- trying to dodge the system rather than going with the flow
  17. I think that’s a bit more balanced view of things mate Where I was standing I was not really at the right end to say if the third goal was offside , but, I’ve no reason to doubt you As far as the last goal was concerned, I had moved up to the top gate to get out to go to my car and I can’t say anything about the decision as wasn’t anywhere close to the actual incident Hope the Bunnets can keep getting a team on the park and the results improve Good luck lads
  18. I was standing along from the clubhouse all game- obviously a better vantage point to see the full game. At the time you felt Lugar should have had 3 goals ,your keeper saved 5, three of which were top class by the way. At that point ,there was not much in it but to say it should have been 3-1 is stretching it a bit Unfortunately , your petty comments about the enterprise etc, just shows you up in a bad light Lugar are trying hard to get a decent team on the park and I think they done reasonably well tonight and Cumnock were not brilliant by any means Sorry I have to sign off now the nine o clock news has just come on...... feck it.... I’ve gave it away that I’m sitting in the house dreaming up new ways to screw money oot the council etc and not at Rosebank getting eaten alive
  19. Don’t deny there maybe was 2 one on ones , but if your keeper saves 5 shots in the same space of time , how is it one sided As I said smoke some mair shit man..... keeps the midfield doon ..... oops , need to go we’ve just scored again !!!!
  20. So the five saves your keeper made were rebounds the full length of the pitch from this pressure you speak off !!!!
  21. Where do you get your shit man..... I don’t normally indulge.... but a tug o the shit your on sounds good
  22. I think my wee joke was a wee bit obscure mate I initially read it and thought “why is this guy talking about Cumnock”..... penny dropped very slowly, but, thought I would have a wee joke..... not a very good one as it happens !!!!!
  23. Outsider- what’s this about mate !!!!
  24. The incident you mention was where the Cumnock player followed through into the Kello player was a definite yellow , although as he went to go to the tackle another player tried to pull him back and it put him off balance and he carried on with the challenge when he should have pulled out of it - definite yellow The first one you mentioned is a matter of opinion - I felt the “tackle” was very similar to the other one but the defender stepped out and scythed the boy down as he was going along the edge of the box All about opinions mate, but, that was the type of “tackles” I was talking about All the best to the Rovers, deserves their “win” although to be fair, both teams were not very good , let’s hope both improve in next few games
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