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  1. Just wondering Jim B, has someone at Beechwood had a dump in Hertha's reddy break at some point I'm sure no one at Townhead has done this , but, for some reason The Hertha man has a major downer on Cumnock and , even more so , on Talbot, but, has a more conciliatory attitude to the Irvine boys Weird ..... Or is it just me who thinks this!!!!!!!!???????? P.s. For Hertha's benefit - Beechwood and Townhead are the respective stadia for Talbot and Cumnock !!!!
  2. Just when us big bunch o wimmin are getting our knickers in a twist, the oracle he speaketh
  3. Bul2

    Scott anson

    I smell shite !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bul2

    Scott anson

    Oops missed the charity bet thing Answers on a postcard where the money is to go......... Aye right!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bul2

    Scott anson

    Hertha, think it might be time to get the claw hammer oot for your piggy bank..... 10 doon ,10 to go I feel a feeble excuse coming from down in the Beith twenty Go oan big Scott , bang them In
  6. Think it's the lights thing that's the clincher. We can put the lights on without hammering a six inch nail into a cable or attaching magnets to a meter or crocodile clips on to our neighbours power supply. Not experts in those dark arts like our coal stealing near neighbours
  7. You can understand how that happened with the same letters in both teams names , Easy to make a typing error. .... K I L B I R N I E. - G I R V A N Similar letters (?) same league (?) same division (?) What a complete f**k up
  8. Piss off ........ Is that clear enough ,homeless boy
  9. There seems to be a thread running through this where everybody else is talking "shite" and meadow players/ fans / commitee/ managers are all in the " IT Wisnae me, a big boy did it and ran away" Category It is just a pity that when that doyen of newspaper reporting Graeme Speirs did his hatchet job on a Cumnock / Talbot game at Townhead and the fall out from the "Horse of the Year Show" game was reported, the same leeway wasn't shown to us I don't believe half of what I read in any paper , so get real, this attitude that Medda didnae do it is a bit rich
  10. Your comments are typical of many who like to comment on the "Talbot Cumnock" thing, when nobody outside of both lots of fans have any idea what it is really like The difference between the various incidents highlighted on here are that, in the main, the incidents with Medda involved older people who should know better where any incidents in Nock v Bot games, in recent years in particular, are down to mindless young idiots who are not real fans, which I am sure all clubs have a small ( or not so small) problem with I have been at many local derbies and have spent a part of the game with my good friends in the "Talbot" end at some point Don't base your opinions on what you read in papers...... I give you the Sun ( sorry Scum)..... I rest my case
  11. It is rather amusing / ironic that the holier than thou Medda fans who had plenty to say about Cumnock/Talbot Derby games have a part in what is a real disgrace Ooh dear ooh dear....... How long till this shame game is banished of the calendar ( or other such pish that Nock/Bot fans had to listen to from those who would be King and never quite made it .... Despite spending an absolute fortune trying
  12. To answer your various points that you so eloquently put Knobhead - you will definitely be best qualified to know what that is Somebody asked about the "tackle" from McGill and not about the referee's performance. McGill had a mad swipe at the Nock player and deserved to go Do I honestly believe that Glens tried to kick Nock off the park- probably not at the beginning and with Cumnock being well on top and the ref being a bit weird with some decisions then the Glens players wearing 6, 8 and 11 were always going to be contenders for the early bath, both for their tackles and mouthing at the ref And before you say it, yes there were some Nock tackles that should maybe have been penalised However, best team won , playing the ball on the deck and keeping their composure Is that good enough for you
  13. Aye right auld pal, you will be telling me next you were listening to your favourite person ( you know who I mean) and saying he talks sense !!!!!
  14. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Hertha after my attacks on him about refereeing performance at games and he was saying it was probably bias etc for your own team and I was having none of it However, the comments of 93glens93 have confirmed what he was saying.......... there are some stoaters going to the games who wouldn't know a foul when they saw it The two glens players who were sent of can have no complaints as in both cases their " tackles" we're wild swipes when the ball was miles away Another player was substituted before he was sent off as he had been warned several times after his first booking , he was also a moaning faced git
  15. How do you know Quantum and Talbot Bing are grown up men, have you met them, do you know their ages NO You just assume, like you did when the ref was criticised and you started with the Nock / Talbot whining stuff, when really, you were at the wind up without having any fact to base your ranting on You be a grown up man and admit you were wrong and move on
  16. No you don't need to attend every game to have your opinion considered You have a much better chance of being taken seriously and folk listening to your opinion , if you haven't antagonised loads of folk on here previously and therefore , to a lot of posters, you just like moaning and trying to wind folk up
  17. Where has anybody who was at the game laid the whole blame on the ref????? As has been said by most on here, it wasn't a great game , but, a large part of that is at the refs door, without doubt. I totally respect Larky's opinion , but , in this case he is in a very small minority and he is entitled to his opinion, having been there and seen the game first hand You my friend , were not and therefore your "opinion" I won't even consider I would bet that you have said similar things when unhappy with refereeing decisions in the Garnock valley Derby I think that if you have a majority who thought ref was Bad, you have to accept it, unless you voted Yes in one of the recent referendums, then you can ask for a recount or let's vote again
  18. To be fair , it wasn't the greatest game Cumnock were better team second half without creating too many Real good chances Some of the refs decisions were weird, for both teams. At least 2 occasions he seen two players go into a "tackle" with both in the air and in each case he booked the wrong player ( imo)
  19. Bul2


    Maybe a bit to subtle for some mate
  20. Ref in Cumnock v Lugar game was also ridiculous . I remember 5 or 6 incidents with wild swipes at players and at least 2 jump /stamp tackles Paul Burns had 2 or 3 on him , one when Scott Anson scored from a free kick just outside the box after Byrns was subjected to what can only be called an assault Ref gave free kick and not even a word to the Lugar player He also booked Anson for diving in second half, although during the game big Scott didn't help his case going down quite easily on a few occasions , I swear the ref was in his pocket for his card before the tackle even completed He lost the game, particularly allowed a stupid "handbags" session between Cumnocks McKenna and Lugar 's Shankkand which ended up with both booked for petty stuff and a few Lugar boys booked as they got dragged into the Wee private battle between the to mentioned players, a lot of whom could count themselves unlucky after some really disgraceful challenges went unpunished
  21. Cumnock 4 v 0 Lugar at 80mins (Anson 3 + 1 Wells) Not sure what final score was, came away as kids were bored !!!!!!
  22. I have looked back at the stuff listed on here and would like to apologise to all on here for allowing myself to subjecting everybody to a lot of shite from myself and Mr Pyo ( or as I feel I think I know him so well now, I'll use first names Killie) I would particularly like to apologise to Quantum, Dipple, Talbot Bing etc etc I.e. The guys who I have indulged in banter on here and also at games I.e Coal Stealers - Trampoline Stealers - Taliban - Iraqis etc etc etc without, in resorting to threats etc on here or anywhere else Lo and behold Mr Pyo , as I assume that must be his name as he would surely not hide behind a screen name, takes the pet and starts with the "multiple "screen names shit , even though some of the Bot guys on here assure him I'm not connected to Paul Smythe ( made up name) OR. Having a personal attack on said Mr Pyo , as intimated by many on here who saw it for what it was, a wind up However, Mr Pyo was , apparently , offended by this and decided to start with the " come and say it to my face" stuff and then has the temerity to start quoting what constitutes Cyber Bullying You couldnae make it up I have also checked back on my posts due to extreme paranoia gripping me and the abject fear that my erudite postings have been given the thumbs down on 3 out of 4 instances Oops ...... can't seem to see the thumbs down symbol against any of them........ but that will be me making things up again I will desist from answering anymore of Mr Pyo's posts as his name must be Wright....... And I can hazard a guess that his first name is Always
  23. FFS - as the song goes.... Let It Go As far as my "new" log in is concerned ......... Now that is feckin scary....... I've actually got a stalker on P & B Being of limited technical prowess ( of which Quantum / Bing etc etc will testify to) I had to re-register when the new look site started , for some reason, not an attempt to hide/change identity or to confuse people like you who seem to have such a sad boring life that you spend time checking posters history and counting there likes/comments/ quotes etc Please do us a favour and post a picture of yourself, so all sensible people can stay well away from you when visiting Beechwood and we can content ourselves with talking to the real Talbot guys and lassies who we can have a typical bit of baiting and shit stirring with without this paranoid shit going on .p.s can you let me know how many thumbs downs this gets as it will be of interest to you............... Me , I couldn't give a monkeys f**k
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