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  1. This is getting daft now with all the old names coming up We will be getting a Chelsea Girl shortly shouting Etam , “watch that cat ,it Claude Alexander “ and skipped over to that River Island , which it used for a Homebase . It then found a Safeway to make its way to a Somerfield where him and his family were Pets at Home and kittens were in the Baby Castle
  2. I dread to think what’s Next
  3. Oh c’mon Beenzon - the Range isn’t a similar type of shop as the others. If we allow the Range, then the post thread has gone for a Burton
  4. Just going back to my Auchinleck “friends” assertion previously that my bannister would require to be if a very stout construction is due to a recent increase in my stature due to lockdown and the close proximity of the fridge In fact, my Waitrose a fair bit since start of March Your serve !!
  5. That Asda be the worst joke I’ve ever heard
  6. Don’t think ,as a lawyer, Mr McCracken will be short of prospective “clients” out in the twilight zone auld pal
  7. Ooh dear , I missed that . It would have been great to watch the Coal Stealers so many times on one night !!!! [emoji23]
  8. Don’t remember my first game , but, it must have been in the early/ mid 1960’s I remember a game at Cumnock against the best Junior team I ever saw at Townhead Park , the great Cambuslang side of the 70’s ( probably have been 73/74 ), we had a great team then and got totally turned over (4-1, I think it was ) and the dream was over again Remember going to Whitburn in a Scottish tie and across the road from the park was a Masonic club and we went in there for a small refreshment The old guy at the door said”if we had thought there would be so many of you coming we would have put some music on He mentioned there was a keyboard/ organ up in the function room A few of us proceeded to bring it downstairs , plug it in and one of our guys (the legendary Joe “ninety” Watson) We then “persuaded” a guy to nip to his house for his guitar and it continued till we had our own we “band” When we left to go to the game, the old fella was about greeting as the place was bursting at the seams. Another great story was Cumnock went to Tranent to play them and again had a good team. A lot of our guys thought it was going to be easier than it turned out. Famous quote from a Batman in a pub in the town when I guy sitting at the bar asked what was going on that day and the barman said “Tarnent” were at home. The guy said “ who are the playing” and the barman said “ listening to some of these guys, I must be fuckin Brazil” Classic!!!!
  9. Didn’t think they were big on luxury items like bannisters out in Talbotia
  10. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji106]
  11. Pity somebody from out with Auchinleck hadn’t taken a video
  12. Going back a good few years with some of these and sure to miss some good ones, Billy Bentley , Ian Porter, Terry Dyer, Tony Bryden, Big “JC” John Connolly , Graeme Potter , Kevin Budinaukis , Ally Semple and Kieran Hughes looks as if he will be a good signing as well ( if I have missed your favourite, apologies , just a few fro memory ) Not picking a “bad” keeper as they all try their best and unfair to single guys out
  13. Rob Roy 1 v 2 Largs Pollok 3 v 1 Benburb Kilbirnie 1v 1 Beith Meadow 2 v 1 Clydebank Cumnock 2 v 1 Troon Rutherglen 2 v 2 Glenafton Rossvale 1 v 2 Kilwinning Cup Talbot 2 v 1 Hurlford
  14. Kennie - just ignore the walloper from the Camelon twenty - he is a feckin clown who seems to have an unhealthy interest in a league that he says is dead in the water Hopefully, he will just f**k off to his own wee narrow minded world and leave others in peace
  15. I am so upset that this site is going to the dogs I have went into the tab listed as Junior Football and I am seeing someone who has jumped the fence into the lush pasture that is The Lowland League, the Utopia, the land of milk and honey, the saviour of the game in Scotland At first I thought that this was a single incident and this poor unfortunate had stumbled into a topic he had no interest in. However, having looked back through things , it would appear that AlanCamelon is a stalker or is obsessed with the Junior grade and trying to convince everybody he doesn’t care The traits of an addict - convince yourself you don’t need something and you’ll believe it Either that or he just needs to stay the f**k of the Junior tab- seemples !!!!
  16. It is quite ironic that certain individuals on here are up in arms about a game being cancelled That’s the same game that is’nt a big game anymore / just another game/ means more to Cumnock than Talbot/ can’t be bothered with it anymore/ Cumnock not a big team anymore etc etc , but, there is a bug hullabaloo about it being cancelled You would thing some folk cared about it after all !!!!! Well done Kennie with the info being out there in a timely manner for everybody to know and make other plans Boswelldriver could spend the night with his book...... I’m sure there must be some pictures to still be coloured in !!!
  17. Bang on my friend, quite sure that info was reasonably readily available as to why game was a Tuesday ,however , Boswelldriver probably is a bit suspect in the reading department Great news, I’m not invited into Boswell’ new friendship club - living the dream
  18. Just the stupid type of childish comment I am talking about
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