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  1. Talbot crumble

    So everybody from Cumnock is Nock Nosh’ friend ??????!!!! Bb
  2. Talbot crumble

    Incontrovertible should be incontinence ....... however ........... !!!!!
  3. Talbot crumble

    I think the moderator on here should insist that anybody logging on should be tested for excess drugs and / or alcohol before it will allow them to post. I wasn’t aware that I had an incontrovertible issue, but, after 5 minutes reading some of the stuff on here , I’m pissin myself
  4. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    People on here talk about Nocknosh being a bit stupid , however, I think that this poster is giving him/ her a run for their money Firstly, the penalty looked as if it was outside the box and I didn’t think it was a penalty However, being at the other end of the pitch I wasn’t in best place to give an opinion However, the “challenge” by Wilson on Montgomerie was a straight red card every day of the week From where I was standing you seen him deliberately elbow the man in the face , which was confirmed to me by two other people who were taking in the game as their teams game was off As far as Cumnock not making a game of it , it takes two teams to make a game, if Cumnock were so bad, why were Talbot not running over Cumnock . Spoke to my auld mate George Caldwell , who I think knows a bit about fitba and him, and his two mates , said it was the worst game they had seen for many a long day Ref was a joke Semple booked for talking back - correct Montgomerie booked for talking back Shankland running over to the wee linesman and giving him pelters , straight after Montgomerie got his card for disputing a decision - nothing That was the issue - lack of consistency There were at least 4-5 times the linesmen were giving a throw in one way , to Cumnock, and he overruled them to give it the other way Without the penalty , we would still have been playing as neither looked like they would score
  5. Clean sweep of trophies

    Think it was Cumnock : Scottish , ayrshire Cup And district cup Talbot : West of Scotland , League and League cup The photo was in the Ayrshire post and Cumnock Chronicle , certain I came across it when I was looking through there archive for stuff for our Centenary book a few years ago
  6. Clean sweep of trophies

    Not sure if one team has won every trophy they contested , but, I remember back in 1979 Cumnock won 3 trophies and Talbot won the other 3 available There was a joint photograph taken with the two teams showing this “achievement”
  7. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    Just reading some of the last dozen or so lists and my thoughts are drifting towards an auld favourite song [emoji445]The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum[emoji443][emoji441]
  8. As this medium is getting more popular I thought it would have been good to consider something similar for all contributors on here and sat down to consider who should be the first into the escape room. However, as I thought about it my mind kept going towards a “hell” list of those all other posters would want to stay away from and I came up with a short list of 6 who would help bring the escape times down to world record potential What do all posters think of being stuck in a room with the following : 1) Myself - Bul2 2) TheMightyHertha 3) WitstheGoalieDain 4) AftonArmyBear 5) Talbot1978 6) DarvelLegend Sub: GOTW Foreign correspondent : JimBaxters Event organiser : Kennie UN peacemaker : Glensmad ( who could also fill in as the junior Jim White, keeping us up to date with transfers) Video/ film director : Killiepyo If anybody oot there is man / woman enough to share a room with myself and those other 5 great minds ...........you must be mad!!!!!
  9. Junior fitba escape room

    Satori - you are probably right mate, but, my list is probably what I DO’NT want rather than my dream guest list It is a bit of fun and we often take ourselves to seriously - I include myself in that Just a wee escape from Brexit and all the other shit in the world
  10. Junior fitba escape room

    I will try to head off a response from most on here ....... where is RRG!!!! However, he/she does not feature on the list as I’m not aware of what name he currently masquerades under
  11. Junior fitba escape room

    A very valid point H, I didn’t really look into it so deeply. Typical of me eh!!, firing off something without thinking it through. P.s - thanks for costing Me a small return from Willie Hills- I had the Legend or the Bear to be first to come back Cheers !!!!
  12. Todays scores 24/1

    You heard something from approx 30-40 yards away which wasn’t picked up by a soundtrack on a camera Go and f**k your self you lying fuckwit You are a disgrace
  13. Todays scores 24/1

    And you couldn’t have heard any bigoted comments from me , which could have been backed up by a full match soundtrack, from the guy who was videoing the game ,which was available to prove that no such comments came from me However, you preferred your “evidence” of a still frame picture (large still frame picture for my Talbot friend!!)of me standing within 5yards of the cameraman Conclusive evidence your honour!!!! I have evidence of the incident- you do not - yet you and your pal persist with your disgraceful attempt to label me as a bigot At the time of this incident, I was advised that, “ you know it was you, you know what you did and I have approached the club officials to report your sectarian / bigoted comments” More pish - I went to the football club Secretary to enquire about this as I was angered by the accusation and he advised that NOBODY ON THE COMMITEE WAS APPROACHED BY ANYBODY FROM ST. ROCHS I do not have a profile picture of anything to do with any other team except my own team, unlike you with your picture in your beloved hoops and it is you who are bigoted and sectarian to me and others by your paranoia [emoji443][emoji445][emoji445]Let it go [emoji445][emoji445][emoji445][emoji443]
  14. Todays scores 24/1

    Now I know who the two “very chummy “ people were who like taking pictures of other members of the male gender with their wee mobile phone And once and for all, the only bigoted stuff heard in the area I was standing during the game was from one of your players I may be old, I maybe a bit short on decorum at times and I may have omitted to take my medication on that particular day But the two of you “matey boys” are the bigots, not me
  15. Todays scores 24/1

    Awe naw - there’s twa o them !!!!!!
  16. Todays scores 24/1

    You said you explained it before, so even though you “knew” that BL2 & BUL2 were different people , you still went on to blame me for something somebody else posted You have been found oot Just shows how wrong you can be when you think that people on here give some posters a hard time Well, in your case all snideys are justified
  17. Todays scores 24/1

    Steady oan mate or he will be calling you a bigot as well He’s blind as well as stupid, canny even admit he got it wrong Twat that he is
  18. Todays scores 24/1

    Go to specsavers BL & BUL HAVE A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE - U Apology to Myself will be accepted , although not holding my breath ye fud
  19. Todays scores 24/1

    Whit the f**k kinda shit are you smoking Do us all a favour and crawl back into your hole ye shitebag
  20. Todays scores 24/1

    You sir , should hang your head in shame picking on a poor man who suffers from big bone syndrome
  21. Todays scores 24/1

    Why don’t you read my post , I am saying that the majority ( large majority ) of the St Roch’s fans are good honest fans who don’t do anything to drag their club down I didn’t comment on yesterday’s incident or non incident as I was not there, but, gave a comment on a previous incident which , as another poster mentioned, I had commented on before, to illustrate that the club will always have a problem with minority who have a chip on their shoulder Can you tell Me what part of my post makes me a bigot, what bigoted or sectarian comment did I make I think it is you who is a bigot if you think that anything I said is bigoted/ sectarian and it is you who are playing the Bigotry card As far as me not being at Largs and therefore precluded from making any comment, I find that quite ironic , as a Cumnock fan, that I cannot have an opinion about the Candy when people like you love to chip in your two bobs worth whenever Cumnock - Talbot play , calling us a disgrace to junior football etc etc, Ayrshire’s disgrace etc etc , without having been at any of the games I’ll send you over some stain remover to help take the grease of your jacket where the chip left a mark on your shoulder
  22. Todays scores 24/1

    Certain that was the guy
  23. Todays scores 24/1

    The Candy is the original enigma and I say that from personal experience after an incident when Cumnock played them a couple of seasons ago at Cumnock The fans were vocal and noisy and very colourful and , in the main were well behaved and caused no problems . However , based on my experience on that day only, there appears to be one or two people involved with the club who have a massive chip on their shoulder. I can’t remember the name of the full back for St Rochs that day ( think he played for Pollok before the Candy), but, an incident occurred when the full back was taking a throw and doing the usual stealing a few yards thing and I shouted at the ref ,after the guy had walked about 10-15 yards, “haw ref, is this a sponsored walk this guy is on” and he proceeded to shout back “ it definitely no be a f**kin orange walk, ye proddy ba**tard” Lo and behold I was painted on here by some clown who said I shouted sectarian abuse at their player and “ he had evidence and then showed some still from his phone that included me in the picture . He proceeded to say he could hear me saying what he alleged, even though I was standing next to a guy who was videoing it and he offered to provide the full soundtrack to prove the alleged insult was never said Politely declined and the idiot kept up his “ Ive got evidence “ garbage I know I did not say anything sectarian , unlike the St. Rochs player, and with a small minority of idiots following the club, these kind of accusations are going to continually crop up, unfortunately for the majority who are good honest supporters
  24. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Better team won today- Ayr looked very pedestrian
  25. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Decisions , decisions - a choice of Wolves v Leicester - Harrogate v Hartlepool or Talbot v Ayr Mmmm, I’ll watch the two best teams out of the six C’Mon Harrogate !!!!!!