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  1. Rob Roy 1 v 2 Largs Pollok 3 v 1 Benburb Kilbirnie 1v 1 Beith Meadow 2 v 1 Clydebank Cumnock 2 v 1 Troon Rutherglen 2 v 2 Glenafton Rossvale 1 v 2 Kilwinning Cup Talbot 2 v 1 Hurlford
  2. Kennie - just ignore the walloper from the Camelon twenty - he is a feckin clown who seems to have an unhealthy interest in a league that he says is dead in the water Hopefully, he will just f**k off to his own wee narrow minded world and leave others in peace
  3. I am so upset that this site is going to the dogs I have went into the tab listed as Junior Football and I am seeing someone who has jumped the fence into the lush pasture that is The Lowland League, the Utopia, the land of milk and honey, the saviour of the game in Scotland At first I thought that this was a single incident and this poor unfortunate had stumbled into a topic he had no interest in. However, having looked back through things , it would appear that AlanCamelon is a stalker or is obsessed with the Junior grade and trying to convince everybody he doesn’t care The traits of an addict - convince yourself you don’t need something and you’ll believe it Either that or he just needs to stay the f**k of the Junior tab- seemples !!!!
  4. It is quite ironic that certain individuals on here are up in arms about a game being cancelled That’s the same game that is’nt a big game anymore / just another game/ means more to Cumnock than Talbot/ can’t be bothered with it anymore/ Cumnock not a big team anymore etc etc , but, there is a bug hullabaloo about it being cancelled You would thing some folk cared about it after all !!!!! Well done Kennie with the info being out there in a timely manner for everybody to know and make other plans Boswelldriver could spend the night with his book...... I’m sure there must be some pictures to still be coloured in !!!
  5. Bang on my friend, quite sure that info was reasonably readily available as to why game was a Tuesday ,however , Boswelldriver probably is a bit suspect in the reading department Great news, I’m not invited into Boswell’ new friendship club - living the dream
  6. Just the stupid type of childish comment I am talking about
  7. Am I missing something here- a lot of people on here having a go at Cumnock/ the facilities/ playing surface etc etc , most of whom are of a talbot persuasion I may add, have clearly stated the Plastic is Not Fantastic and that Cumnock don’t own our ground Therefore it would appear the owning your ground is a major factor in being a “big” club - a bit like Rob Roy, Baillieston etc etc, who managed to get into a situation where selling there park was seen as a step forward when all it was was a step towards potential oblivion I’m sure if you offered the Rob Roy fans a set up like Townhead Park, they would bite your hand off and if Baillieston fans could come back into a community facility like Cumnock they would be happy that their team was back in the game If the plastic pitch is not to your liking and the fact it is a “Community Facility” is beneath them, why comment on it If something doesn’t bother me, I tend to ignore it, but, some seem to like to take any opportunity to have a pop——- you would think they are trying to convince themselves that it doesn’t matter Should Cumnock have soldiered in trying to keep a team on the pitch or do what they did and get a facility to be proud of while keeping the club alive
  8. Maybe removed it himself , it’s his right to do so. Seems a bit radical though rather than answer a simple question/ post
  9. Your noted affiliation to the Talbot has no bearing on your opinion I think the next post , which to be fair you couldn’t see before posting your reply , the 3 clubs with the lowest points deserve to go down .... end off Are you saying that clubs changing managers should determine if / when they stay up or drop ???? Or should determine whether they are a good/settled club I just found that your post a bit odd You are entitled to your opinion , I just thought it an odd statement
  10. Why is it the two teams you mention “deserve” to go down What about the other teams lurking around the bottom end of the table , why do they not “deserve” to go down???
  11. Naw - yer game wis aff !!!!
  12. That’s me just seeing your comments pal. Thought yesterday your team should have been out of sight by halftime , but, things turned in second half and I thought we were good enough for a point However, we keep fighting
  13. Talented boy, but, I thought he had a real bad attitude in the trial game(s) he had at Cumnock
  14. Think there may be some old photos of Station Park in this book written by Ian McMurdo - published by Carn Publishing , who also do a lot of the wee books about the history of various villages / towns throughout Scotland I found a few photos of Station Park when I was going through the archive at Cumnock Chronicle a few years ago when I was compiling / editing our Centenary book, but, didn’t get any into the book due to lack of space , but , was interesting to see the old photos
  15. Should have been FOX - but FIX probably sums it up better
  16. Well done big man - best result of the day - it was Sweet, very Sweet You might say Fix on The Run [emoji443][emoji445][emoji445][emoji445][emoji445][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81]
  17. A good few tears ago, Linlithgow v Cumnock was postponed a good few times, initially due to frozen pitch. After the weather changed there was a rumour going around that the Rose would try and get the game off again as one of their better players was injured . Cue a man, Cumnock legend to boot, who got a van and a pump and some hoses and went to Linlithgow , with some other guys to pump water away from the ground. Game went ahead and Cumnock won and went into next round of the cup Ahhhh memories !!!!!
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