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  2. Is this somebody trying to say that Samson isn’t an amateur and is getting paid £60/£80/£100 a week. Perish the thought !!!!
  3. I think part of Yogi’s statement is true , I dare say you can advise that Mr Jack Steadman DID’NT sell the family silver Or did Clydebank groundshare with someone in the Latvian league , thereby elevating their status in the league , a bit like what they did with Yoker !!!
  4. So, would “ I very much doubt if that would be true “ not have been possible rather than saying that what I was posting was , quote ,”shite”.
  5. In this instance , it is100% true as I DID speak to someone who played with McShane and those were the figures he quoted Therefore, my post is from a better than average source If you say my post is Shite , what does that make yours ..... informed expertise
  6. Spoke to a guy today who played with McShane a few years ago and he heard that the package was eye watering in both the signing on fee and the weekly “wage”
  7. Something wrong at the Glens????? Or is it just tapping up of McAusland , Frye, Park etc etc ???
  8. Steven Crawford -Cumnock to Maybole
  9. This is getting daft now with all the old names coming up We will be getting a Chelsea Girl shortly shouting Etam , “watch that cat ,it Claude Alexander “ and skipped over to that River Island , which it used for a Homebase . It then found a Safeway to make its way to a Somerfield where him and his family were Pets at Home and kittens were in the Baby Castle
  10. I dread to think what’s Next
  11. Oh c’mon Beenzon - the Range isn’t a similar type of shop as the others. If we allow the Range, then the post thread has gone for a Burton
  12. Just going back to my Auchinleck “friends” assertion previously that my bannister would require to be if a very stout construction is due to a recent increase in my stature due to lockdown and the close proximity of the fridge In fact, my Waitrose a fair bit since start of March Your serve !!
  13. That Asda be the worst joke I’ve ever heard
  14. Don’t think ,as a lawyer, Mr McCracken will be short of prospective “clients” out in the twilight zone auld pal
  15. Ooh dear , I missed that . It would have been great to watch the Coal Stealers so many times on one night !!!! [emoji23]
  16. Don’t remember my first game , but, it must have been in the early/ mid 1960’s I remember a game at Cumnock against the best Junior team I ever saw at Townhead Park , the great Cambuslang side of the 70’s ( probably have been 73/74 ), we had a great team then and got totally turned over (4-1, I think it was ) and the dream was over again Remember going to Whitburn in a Scottish tie and across the road from the park was a Masonic club and we went in there for a small refreshment The old guy at the door said”if we had thought there would be so many of you coming we would have put some music on He mentioned there was a keyboard/ organ up in the function room A few of us proceeded to bring it downstairs , plug it in and one of our guys (the legendary Joe “ninety” Watson) We then “persuaded” a guy to nip to his house for his guitar and it continued till we had our own we “band” When we left to go to the game, the old fella was about greeting as the place was bursting at the seams. Another great story was Cumnock went to Tranent to play them and again had a good team. A lot of our guys thought it was going to be easier than it turned out. Famous quote from a Batman in a pub in the town when I guy sitting at the bar asked what was going on that day and the barman said “Tarnent” were at home. The guy said “ who are the playing” and the barman said “ listening to some of these guys, I must be fuckin Brazil” Classic!!!!
  17. Didn’t think they were big on luxury items like bannisters out in Talbotia
  18. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji106]
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