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  1. While I don’t even know / care what Blackie G and others are talking about in respect of a game that did/didn’t take place , the general tone towards Blackie and his team for not taking part in the league and the assertion that they are “looking after themselves” is a bit unfair Talbot decided that the welfare of their players, staff and fans (to a lesser extent at the moment) was of paramount importance is to be applauded and not scorned. As a Cumnock fan I totally agree with their decision and also my clubs decision to do similarly I find it unreal I am agreeing with a Talbot fan so in the spirit of normality - the league title was / is a “tainted title”[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji469][emoji469][emoji469]
  2. Use the Swinney / Ferrier/ Cummings defence ....... I’m sorry Sorted !!!!!!
  3. I think that Dover Athletic are playing St. Cadocs in the “bubble” at Toryglen with armed guards on every door (or emergency exit) All players and staff will be allowed to enter in groups of six only No laughing , shouting or heavy breathing will he allowed All the players etc from both sides will require to play the game in a hazmat suit, with individual air tanks. However, no prior notification of this game will be published to ensure that no fans etc will have a clue what’s happening
  4. Cheers Billy B , that has cleared up the “who plays where” part of this but only , really, makes you shake your head in more wonderment as to how two “professional “ teams (cue smart remarks from my friends in Talbot land [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]) are treated differently to two others in relatively similar positions distance wise from each other It also doesn’t look as if it is an isolated incident either if the other posts highlighting other games that didn’t go ahead are correct
  5. Fair enough,but, you did say originally that it WAS different rules , not maybe different rules If there are different rules , can you explain what the difference is as I was under the impression that the clubs in all levels in the “pyramid” are “professional” clubs so I find it weird that the rules are different from the Scottish League Two (not actually La Liga) to Tier 6/7 clubs . Not having a dig, just looking for clarity
  6. Not wanting to be sounding like many other on here with snidey remarks to points brought up by other posters. However , your comment regarding the boys club being governed by different rules is a bit weird. Cumnock and Bonnyton are both WOSFL clubs and one can play a boys club but the other cannot play a team from the same place as the boys club Mmmmmmmm!!!!!
  7. Cheers JB - that’s what friends are for [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. I really should get into this checking posts thing ........ that should be steamed and not dreamed !!!!!!
  9. Sorry mate that’s what happens when you answer posts when taking a tea break when doing work at home It wasn’t you that mentioned it but as it kinda followed the point you made earlier in the thread I just assumed it was you and dreamed in with a reply without checking Apologies Glensmad / Peter
  10. As I said in my post , IMO. It is my opinion only and others may not agree , but, it would appear that a few others felt the comment was a bit childish and I don’t think they were all from Cumnock , although happy to be proved wrong . I take on board how you felt about the comment(s) Peter and if you think I , and a few others wasted the thread, I accept your opinion , maybe don’t agree with it , but, I always feel you have a measured approach to most things ..... except Cambuslang [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Fair pout Andy auld pal , I have been known for having a wee bit bants with some of my pals out in Talbotia I take it I’m not invited to your pub mate !!![emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]lol
  12. Peter, you need to get oot a bit mair pal [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]lol Just feel that sometimes we have a thread running that is quite informative and then you get somebody coming on and ballsing it up IMO
  13. ...... And the “talbot fan” from somewhere away from Ayrshire ,fucks up another thread with his stupid childish posts Grow up ya clown
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