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  1. West Region Premiership - relegation

    I hadn’t read the Friday Night fitba post before posting on this thread I have to agree that Gemmell, good player that he is, can only be described as a bully and a clown He tried to scare one of our young boys when we played them a few weeks ago after he scored the only goal with a dreamer from about 25/30!yards I have seen him with a few clubs over last few seasons and he is a fud, a very talented one, but a fud nonetheless
  2. West Region Premiership - relegation

    That might be right old pal, but, big Gemmell’s pie bill could easily have been more than the £750. To be fair, they do have a couple of pretty good players at Troon and that along with the ability of Stevenson and Gemmell should have been enough to keep them In the league ,and it was ,in the end
  3. Talbot crumble

    F**k knows where Glen Miri is !!!??????
  4. Talbot crumble

    Glen Miri auld pal, I’ve ordered a diary for the next few years and got them to print “ must call Darvel legend to find out what went wrong this year” just around the end of the season in each year, just in case I forget
  5. Talbot crumble

    Good wan Shanner - I’ve got a tenner on the Bear
  6. Talbot crumble

    I don’t recollect ME saying either of those things Do keep up !!!!! I am actually praying for a Darvel Legend post to bring the intelligence level back up !!!!!
  7. Talbot crumble

    That’s probably true as you never done any feckin work !!!
  8. West Region Premiership - relegation

    ALERT - ALERT - fellow p&b posters, please help us find Glenconner , not been seen/heard since 18/04 since tipping Cumnock for the drop I do hope he is ok as I miss his insightful points on here
  9. Talbot crumble

    I’m sorry that my lack of knowledge of all things Glenafton has shown me up to a be a bit deficient in my intellect........... almost as bad as not knowing about my clubs history !!!!!!!
  10. Talbot crumble

    Must be great to have a multi millionaire on your doorstep to build a nice wee hall etc etc for you Without Sir Tom, would it have been Greenhead for your mob ??????
  11. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Ooops !!!!!!!!!
  12. Abbey park end of an era

    It is a thing that happens to us people with the distinguished hair colouring mate My silver highlights are slightly more intense than they once were!!!!
  13. Talbot crumble

    So everybody from Cumnock is Nock Nosh’ friend ??????!!!! Bb
  14. Talbot crumble

    Incontrovertible should be incontinence ....... however ........... !!!!!
  15. Talbot crumble

    I think the moderator on here should insist that anybody logging on should be tested for excess drugs and / or alcohol before it will allow them to post. I wasn’t aware that I had an incontrovertible issue, but, after 5 minutes reading some of the stuff on here , I’m pissin myself