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  1. West Region Fixture Update

    Holy feck- I’m glad I put a wee “comical” dig at Kennie, who I have known personally for many years, in praise of his efforts as fixture secretary and then all hell breaks loose , mainly from Alan of the Falkirk Camp Nou Get a grip ye walloper - I never said the fixtures situation in the West region is perfect , the guy is a worker but is fully aware that he cannot turn a pigs lug into a purse of a classic material in such a short space of time I find it a bit rich that the Cameron clown feels he is qualified to discuss the current state of our fixtures when the previous regimes crock of shit, to the best of my knowledge never affected his team Best of fortune to Camelon in their dreamland and enjoy it while it lasts as the big bad boys from the west will be overtaking your team again very very soon
  2. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    That idiot was the referee when we played Beith last season ( maybe even end of season before) when Brown sent off our number nine , Scott Anson for a deliberate block on the Beith centre forward . You light think what’s the problem with that - Scott Anson had been back helping defend at a corner kick and blocked the breaking Beith forward approx 25 yards from his own goal line . Straight red card, obviously stopping a goal scoring opportunity It transpires that said Mr Brown is related to the Beith legend Kenny McLean, who , surprise surprise was playing for Beith The mans a Complete fud
  3. West Region Fixture Update

    I heartily agree that the wee man is doing a great job and my auld pal hughie and I were only kidding when we called you those terrible names at the Cumnock v Kello game !!!!!!!!!
  4. What in my post suggests that I am saying anything wrong or , as you put it , embarrassing to me or my club I think that , for once, I have put on a studied , sensible reply to a point raised and that still seems to have invoked some kind of hatred in you I think I actually should take it as a compliment that someone takes such an interest in me, but, this stalking / trolling is becoming a bit scary / weird DELETE YOURSELF
  5. Did I say the boy did or didn’t make the right choice or comment on his ability - don’t think so I commented on the fact that someone who , allegedly , was driven by money, suddenly was happy to play for nothing and wondering what,if any input the buying club had in his decision I am sure that , particularly at the moment, he has gone somewhere where he has a better chance of winning something However, I still don’t think that squares with what I have heard /seen/ been told ( all or some of which may not be true) about his attitude etc I don’t wish him any Ill will or any great success Delete this thread ( oops sorry
  6. [emoji476][emoji476][emoji476][emoji476][emoji476][emoji476]
  7. At last, an admission that it isn’t just this thread that pisses you off..... it is me in general- fair enough “ I just ridicule everything you say because most of your posts are usual anger towards Talbot “ So all this “delete the post “ pish is personal against me and not the actual content of the post I dare say you will be able to find the posts that suit you to quote and the date/time posted - if that is not Troll stuff , I don’t know what is Once again apologies to everybody on here that my initial post was probably put up without really thinking it through and the way it developed into discussing possible repercussions for the bit in question was wrong However, the attitude of a certain person got me angry that he was to have a say and nobody was to question his opinion The other issue about mentioning a member of my family got me angry and Who Ate All The Pies was 100% correct - the man in question would have laughed it off or came back with a killer of a put down- so apologies to him and his apology was appreciated The boy in question as at Talbot - his reasons - motivation is unknown by anybody on here so it is done - move on - that includes myself The End ( from me- not sure about certain other )
  8. Absolute shite, you are never gonna admit you have been wrong, unlike Who ate all the Pies I’ll make a deal with you , I’ll not post any further on here and you don’t post any more and it will disappear of the recent posts
  9. Appreciate it, apologies for not doing as you say the person in question would have
  10. Think if you read my post earlier , I did say a retraction of your post that mentioned I was someone else , who is a “ real” comedian and a better human being than you or your 1978 pal “Apology offered” is not a retraction and/ or an apology to the person whose talent/ charity work you seemed to delight in slighting Neither you or “delete the post “ 1978 know who I am so apology required to the person you mistakenly believe I am and I might delete it...... if only to shut 1978 up once and for all as the only fecker he hasn’t asked to delete the post is the United Nations security council
  11. And silence from the stupid pieman
  12. A retraction of this from this poster might convince me to delete the post
  13. My post is not the point - you and another poster on here seem to have me down as someone else, who doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by either of you - so you get that straight Just to clarify - the original post will NOT be getting deleted by me , although my opinion may be wrong, maybe not The points I raised may not be to everyone’s liking and if that has offended anyone I am sorry for that As far as being a Troll is concerned, I made a point and answered people like you who asked questions Did I question who those people are. -NO Did I trawl back through posts to justify or take to task people who posted -NO Was my initial post 100% accurate - REGRETTABLY , NO and I thank my good friend from old Talbot land for correcting me on who most of the posters on a previous thread ( the Forde case) and he was 100% correct and I was wrong Does the above change why I posted -NO I have noticed a couple of people on this thread that also feel that a young man who went into revolt with Cumnock for an extra £10 or £20 , is suddenly going to play for free as an amateur - that doesn’t ring true My opinion only and I will not be deleting any post to suit the whim of Taliban 1978 If you don’t like it, do what I, and I am sure many others do, stop reading the thread till it dies on its arse
  14. Trust me Peter, this has nothing to do with being the OP, it is about confusing me with another person and then having a pop at that person who has raised thousands of pounds over the years for good causes etc and is DEFO NOT ME !!!!!