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  1. Is Ross McPherson injured? I've noticed he's not be playing
  2. Aye because pollok need another striker only got 6 lol
  3. Still no sign of a new striker we could do with someone for Saturday Nicky struggled upfront himself i woud play Hepburn up there if we are stuck sure he would do a job
  4. Someone just looking to wind us up lol
  5. Yes i would think Mclair and Rowan be back in the team on Saturday we have missed Rowan in midfield he would be in my team every week
  6. The 2 village idiots behind the goal where itching for a fight lol
  7. Im really surprised hes not doing the business at that level cracking finisher
  8. Hes looking for a bite mate wouldn't have replied to him
  9. Ffs wee man only Monday starting this well seeing we have been playing well lol will go again another 3-0 us
  10. Still can't believe we lost that gave use 2 gifts got to cut out stupid mistakes killing us
  11. he is what he is no going to change because hes playing junior football never going to get away from the old firm that's life
  12. Liam is doing well playing every week puts in a shift heppy what can i say there's definitely a good player there but too often no available which is annoying he needs a run of games get back into it always seems to be a problem
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