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  1. Yoker news today

    *As the song goes. Holm park no more. Kilbowie no more!
  2. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Kilbowie, Boghead, Cappielow, Duntocher hibs, Holm park, Maryhill. That was a long walk. Need a sit doon.
  3. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Keep scoring Nicky and you'll get knighted like myself.
  4. Junior Derby. Who are your biggest rivals.

    Our real rivals and derby is unofficially the Vale of Leven. Never meet too often but when we do its very tasty. *Fact. Clydebank v St Mirren was one of the last fixtures played in the UK on Christmas day. Now that was rival. They games were really tasty and never a turkey. Season greeting to all!!!
  5. Bankies v pollok

    Gid stuff!. Cup can also be used as a swear box.
  6. Bankies v pollok

    Sir Kenneth demands we have highlights. My subjects are aw champin at the bit. Ta very much!
  7. Clydebank

    Less of the negative vibe man! Chill out. Relax and watch all the beautiful colours. Too much negative vibe.
  8. Yoker news today

    Forget the Biggies! Loganair and the small airlines will fund for publicity. They really need that. A few hundred Quid would be beneficial to both clubs.
  9. Yoker news today

    That'll be Clydeholm! None of this WDC malarkey, malarkey, something, something Community Stadium.
  10. Yoker news today

    Was realiably informed that the wall was helped by Yoker fans. Seen better days! Looking forward to stadium plans. Small Covered stands at both sides would generate a great atmosphere. Derby days espesh.
  11. Yoker news today

    The start of a new Hame at Holm.
  12. Players capped at Junior and Senior level

    ..Another Yoker player hit the dizzy heights. Sam English.
  13. Clydebank FC 2017/2018

    ..Along with Bryce and Coyle. Aw the best Guys. Moan the battlin bankies!
  14. Sons' sorrow

    We have a winner folks! Comment of the day. Your club must be v proud.
  15. Yoker news today

    Yoker fc has been in my family since the 60's. Will always have a soft spot until Derby day. Good luck getting back to where you belong.