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  1. All over the shop again this week time-wise but looking good ahead of the finale next week.
  2. Just caught up on last night - absolutely stunning from John and Johannes.
  3. Send in the Clowns as Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim is keeping Company with the angels now.
  4. YAS! Justice for Giuseppe. So, so deserved.
  5. Hopefully. Crystelle served raw focaccia so really should be out of the running.
  6. Can't believe Giuseppe forgot to close the door on his oven. Fatal mistake, shirley?
  7. Nick's had a total meltdown tonight. That running commentary during the skills test had my toes curling and I think that was the first pro chef not to finish their dishes on time.
  8. Aye, that didn't help. Shame to see him go.
  9. John and Johannes are doing the argentine tango next week. Be still my beating heart.
  10. Another really good episode tonight. Those weeping angels will never not be scary b*****ds.
  11. I take it back. The defending at that 2nd Arsenal goal was even worse. Brutal!
  12. I'd be raging if I saw that kind of defending from Maguire at Cappielow. Absolutely wild.
  13. A 9 from Shirley for that? She's had a mare tonight.
  14. Even before we see the dance surely Dan is going to finish bottom of the leaderboard?
  15. Perfect score. Chuffed for them. Nikita has been a brilliant addition to the show.
  16. Tilly and Nikita done well. You're right about the singers @RosspCfc - they've been chronic.
  17. Shirley is laying it on thick with the double entendres here.
  18. Cynthia kens the score. Well deserved 10.
  19. Rose and Gio can do no wrong. Loved that.
  20. That was lovely from Tom and Amy but looks like the judges are going to slaughter them.
  21. That was manic from Rhys and Nancy. It's no wonder there was a slip up or two along the way.
  22. Summed it up nicely for me. Wasn't bad but just wasn't grabbing my attention either.
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