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  1. What a cracker. Argentina have finally woken up in this tournament.
  2. Gorka really is an absolute delight. What a way to end the show. I assume Helen done alright, wasn't paying much attention to her.
  3. Now that's how you do an Argentine Tango. Hamza and Jovita are brilliant together.
  4. Not as good this week from Fleur and Vito but that was always going to be the case after that stunning routine last week. EDIT: Vito is glistening tonight and I am here for it.
  5. Someone needs to remind him he's being paid handsomely to be there.
  6. I enjoyed that from Johannes and Ellie. The judges will have plenty to pick them up on, though.
  7. That was a decent attempt from the free kick. Good save.
  8. I've muted the commentary. Has he reached Lawro levels of dourness?
  9. Think we all know by now that I'm not Molly's biggest fan, that dance didn't help her case. Meh.
  10. I'm knackered just watching that routine from Will and Nancy. That was some Charleston.
  11. Football muted on TV with Strictly on the laptop. It's what Tess and Claudia would have wanted.
  12. 5 changes altogether. Scenes if Mexico hump them tonight.
  13. Masterclass from Jon Champion and Ally McCoist on France vs Denmark. If only they could do every game.
  14. That's Doddie Weir away. An awful, awful disease which has taken him way too soon. RIP. Points please.
  15. We've seen some amount of cracking headers this tournament. Add that to the list.
  16. Confirmation that the 4th round draw is on Monday night...
  17. I know Darvel have got a bit of money behind them but for them to be 4-1 up away to Montrose with 15 minutes still to go is nuts.
  18. Peach of a free kick to put Alvechurch level against Forest Green...
  19. Right France, let's be having you. I'll be £15 richer if they deliver the goods here.
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