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  1. It's also on FreeSports (Freeview ch. 65) for anyone who doesn't subscribe to Premier Sports.
  2. It's ridiculous. Don't even get me started on the smoke bombs either.
  3. I'd say astonishing but it's really not. 3-2 Man City. They've done it.
  4. What a peach of a goal from Son to make it 5-0. Is that him ahead in the golden boot race now?
  5. It's somehow worse than the Snoop Dogg ones. Horrible.
  6. Do you think there'll be a Big Spender out there willing to buy him? I'll get ma coat...
  7. He's been utterly raging the whole match. Only a matter of time before he gets sent off.
  8. Smart save from Gordon. Hearts need to get the finger out.
  9. He comes across so well in the interview. From what I've been reading he has an amazing support network around him which will serve him really well over the coming years. Massive day for LGBT+ representation in men's football. You love to see it.
  10. He's an absolute crackpot for even thinking about it let alone going ahead.
  11. Airdrie all over the shop at the back. This is going to be fun.
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