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  1. I'm all set for this now. Going to be strange as f**k, though.
  2. Been on the Peroni and Bacardi Spiced tonight. It'll have to do seeing as I can't get a draught pint of the finest T.
  3. The Untold story of HBK vs Angle from WrestleMania 21 is, as you'd expect, superb.
  4. ITV to show all 31 matches from Euro 96 - https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/international/itv-euro-96-full-watch-england-germany-gazza-three-lions-coronavirus-a9430491.html
  5. That was just a superb bit of telly. Bravo.
  6. FTFY If nothing else this whole shitshow is really showing up some of the absolute fuckwits amongst us. Case in point...
  7. After improving over the course of Friday and Saturday I’ve been hit with very similar symptoms to Bairnardo. It’s brutal! [emoji30]
  8. Cape Feare has just started on Sky One. A classic to help us through these tough times.
  9. They've said it's for as long as there's no live sport. Decent gesture from them tbh.
  10. Agreed. If they insist on making Wrestlemania 5+ hours (7+ if you include the pre show) then it needs to be over two nights. Last year's main event should have had everyone buzzing but the crowd were dead by the time they got on. Same for the year before.
  11. No apology required. Just send me over all your hand sanitiser, bog roll and pasta and we'll call it quits.
  12. Prepare to be crushingly disappointed. I've already given up on it. Thank f**k for box sets. Reported for misgendering. A place in the sun is educational. My mum has that on a constant loop. I do enjoy laughing at all the middle aged gammons trying to buy houses in Spain that inevitably voted for Brexit. She really is an awful, awful person.
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