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  1. The Cleaner on BBC One. Binged all 6 episodes over the weekend and thought it was pretty good overall. Talk of a second series in the works already.
  2. Wins it with an ace. Fucking sensational. Happy to admit I'm a casual tennis fan but this week has been wonderful.
  3. So that's Mel, Dion, Megan, Kem, Joe and Kadeena as our final 6. Mel or Megan to win from here.
  4. Grealish is getting a bit of a pasting tonight. The ref isn't falling for his nonsense either which is pleasing.
  5. That’s tickets sorted for their show next summer. Can’t wait!
  6. Well colour me stunned. Kem had an absolute stormer with Gavin going home instead.
  7. I'm old enough to remember Bill Beaumont and Ian Botham as captains. God, they were dull.
  8. Anyone seen the new Martin Short/Steve Martin show yet? Surprisingly good so far. The first 2 episodes have dropped with the rest weekly.
  9. That was a scandalous decision. Unless Gavin and Kadeena serve up bowls of turd then they're surely through tonight.
  10. This week has been ok so far but still a bit ropey. Still going with Megan and Melanie to make the final from what I've seen.
  11. Sarah Storey at it again. That’s her 15th Paralympic gold medal.
  12. The Paralympics opening ceremony gets started later this morning. Looking forward to the next week or two of non-stop sport.
  13. Megan and Melanie were streets ahead of the rest this week.
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