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  1. Showing your age there. I remember when Anthea Turner was making Tracey Island using left over bog roll tubes. Halcyon days.
  2. On the Smirnoff tonight. Pretty basic but got it as a leaving gift from work so not going to ditch a freebie.
  3. Just caught up on the PSB set from last night. Superb. Seen them live a few times and got tickets sorted for their Aberdeen gig next year. Cannot wait.
  4. Don't blame him for bailing out. Wherever Derby end up he'll not have a clue how to deal with it.
  5. Diana Ross at the Hydro last night. Miles better than the clusterfuck that was the Jubilee performance. What an icon.
  6. Hydro has to be in with a shout. The P&B Eurovision trip is one step closer.
  7. She’s from The Saturdays and formerly S Club Juniors but your point still stands.
  8. On a side note Gareth Bale scored a 92nd minute penalty to make it 2-2 away to the Dutch only for the home side to nip up the other end of the pitch and score in the 93rd minute to win it 3-2. Decent night all round.
  9. Fair fucks to New Zealand, they're still hammering Costa Rica. Brilliant save to stop them equalising.
  10. It was a bit careless but I think that red is harsh. Don't see Costa Rica fucking it up from here.
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