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  1. Brilliant! Well done Leicester. Joyous scenes!
  2. Superb save again from Schmeichel.
  3. Just tried Tennent’s Zero for the first time. Not for me, Clive. Can’t put my finger on it but it almost tastes metallic.
  4. There was never any announcement of a 2.15 briefing so no idea where it was picked up from. 3 (three) in ICU surely means no delays to Glasgow or Moray moving to Level 2 anyway…
  5. She was brilliant, like she is in most things she does. Really enjoyed this though not sure if there's enough in the tank for another season.
  6. Jonathan Sutherland doing his best Milk Tray Man impression tonight.
  7. John Mason is a grade A c**t so the quicker he's punted, the better.
  8. Hoy insisting this is a bad day for SNP. What a walloper!
  9. If we're still waiting on the last of the list results then coverage will switch to BBC Scotland at 8.25 so good to see the BBC have learnt lessons from last night.
  10. She did and also came across well when she was on the zoom panel during the coverage yesterday.
  11. Aye, that shows up the flaw big time. The both votes SNP mantra will only have made in a difference in 2 or 3 regions at a push.
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