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  1. Taken all of 2 minutes for the Toure chants to start. FML.
  2. What a turnaround! Two goals in a couple of minutes for Brighton.
  3. Now a brutal challenge from Targett. Could have been sent off for that.
  4. Evans given miles of space in the box there. Criminal defending.
  5. Beat my 5k PB at the Glasgow Santa Dash and all in the pishing rain. I’ll take that.
  6. Seeing Willie Rennie dance to a GBX version of All I Want For Christmas at the Glasgow Santa Dash definitely goes down as the most surreal moment of my year.
  7. I'll go for Karim and Chris in the dance off with Karim cruising through.
  8. He seems genuinely stunned at any positive feedback he gets. Hope he wins.
  9. The election interviews with the Chief are well worth a watch.
  10. Quite enjoying the new pop up challenge this week.
  11. It was Lee Dixon, Eni Aluko and Michael Owen with Eilidh. I guess with Amazon being able to piss money up against the Premier League wall they're going all out between these midweek games and the Boxing Day games they've got.
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