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  1. Since when did this thread turn into a duolingo lesson? #noentiendo
  2. I tried the Orange and Grapefruit version a few weeks ago and found it far too gassy with a vile aftertaste. The raspberry one sounds alright though so I'll need to look out for that.
  3. One less match means more time for banal chat between the highlights. The joys. Hibs looked pretty ruthless going by the highlights.
  4. I saw one going around recently which I presume prompted your post. It's horrendous attention seeking at its worst. There's just no fucking need.
  5. Thanks for this public service announcement. I'm a big fan of all things mint so think I'll avoid based on this.
  6. Got a few cans of the lovely Disco Forklift Truck for tonight.
  7. EasyJet have cancelled my flights to and from Barcelona in a few weeks time. At least they offered a refund option online instead of waiting in a phone queue for hours on end.
  8. Fair enough, he nailed the final three courses. No complaints from me.
  9. They've got the right final 3.
  10. Sam or Matt to win for me. They had to cut the series short due to lockdown so It'll be a busy 90 minutes tonight whittling it down from 7 to a winner.
  11. The next pub on my gay pub crawl doesn’t even serve Tennent’s. What the fucking fresh hell have I stepped into? FML.
  12. A lovely pinT of T back aT my regular for The firsT Time. I’m home!! [emoji304][emoji304][emoji304]
  13. FirsT pinT afTer lockdown. SweeT Jesus iT’s good.
  14. Another first round defeat for Gerwyn Price. Shame that.
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