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  1. Heading towards thrashing territory IMHO.
  2. Burnley being torn apart so far. Had more happen in the first 10/15 minutes than the entire 90 at Selhurst Park.
  3. Palace vs Fulham has been as chronic as you'd expect it to be.
  4. I watched it earlier. Enjoyable hour and a half, didn't feel like it dragged on at all.
  5. Surprised that England are potentially prioritising beer gardens before non-essential retail can open.
  6. Really well taken by Richarlison.
  7. She was warned then doubled down on what she said IIRC. Her going won't impact the story.
  8. He usually comes across as pretty sensible but no indoor dining until potentially the end of the year? That can f**k the f**k off. Not even forum darlings Leitch and Devi would come out with that kind of chat, surely?
  9. Awful start from Man Utd.
  10. Great assist from the keeper.
  11. Depends when the DD is due. Most banks process the DD on their system a week before it actually comes off your bank account so could be that. If that wasn’t the case then I’m stumped.
  12. It's an absolute masterpiece of a TV show. Can't praise it highly enough.
  13. My mum got her jag this morning. She wasn’t letting any snow stop her from getting it though she’s lucky enough that her health centre is only a few minutes away from her. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is a drop in numbers compared to this time last week, nothing to get worried about though.
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