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  1. They come across as all talk and no trousers so time will tell if they even bother to take any legal action.
  2. That's Ranieri sacked. Watford now looking for what feels like their 75th manager in about 2 years.
  3. Could have done that half an hour ago and saved a lot of hassle.
  4. Was that some of the crowd leaving at the full time whistle? I know it's been dire so far but even so.
  5. How many chances do Cove want?!
  6. Makes me glad their game is on Premier Sports. The coverage will be insufferable.
  7. New series is on iplayer and some absolutely brilliant bits across the episodes, mostly involving the Chief.
  8. That's a screamer of a free kick from Ward-Prowse.
  9. I watched this tonight as well and that sums things up pretty nicely for me.
  10. The first half was on the red button so looks like Sky just couldn't be arsed. The blackout doesn't apply to non-UEFA competitions anyway.
  11. No bed shitting at Carrow Road. Tremendous win for Norwich.
  12. Rafa brings Richarlison on and already a goal back. Nailed on that Norwich shit the bed now.
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