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  1. All Jambo's are we πŸ˜‰ https://www.leedsunited.com/news/team-news/27115/adidas-x-leeds-united-unveil-the-third-kit
  2. We've now got big Koch at the back and big Rod in attack 🀣
  3. Spain's No 9 Rodrigo incoming. €29m with up to €12m add ons. Seems like only yesterday that we had Luke Varney or Steve Morrison upfront 🀣
  4. It's as if its written in the stars with Big Jack, Norm and Trevor smiling down on us. The Huddersfield winner timed at 19:19 in our centenary season and a guard of honour from Derby 😁
  5. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE (@NothingButLUFC) Tweeted: The Lads the moment we sealed Promotion. #LUFC https://t.co/FFCft899Or https://twitter.com/NothingButLUFC/status/1284216745834815488?s=20
  6. RIP to Norm, Trevor and Jack. See the Prem shit next season. Shithousing since 1919 😁
  7. Pablo best player since prem relegation. The guy is fucking immense.
  8. Kings of the cardboard cut outs. I want mine to be removed to the bar on 38th minute. Leeds United (@LUFC) Tweeted: πŸ‘ #LUFC will be taking more! So far 15,000 Crowdies have been ordered by fans, and will be backing the lads during our final five home games! https://twitter.com/LUFC/status/1272144899295588352?s=20
  9. Was there - happy days if a bit surreal. Found out we were champions on Newcastle station while waiting for Edinburgh train. A couple of Lanarkshire whites who had also been at the game relayed the result from Anfield.
  10. Yup. As someone who has campaigned at every GE since 92 I find it disgusting that McNicol as General Secretary was working against the Corbyn leadership and would have preferred a Tory government. Oldknow should be forced to resign from her senior position at Unison. Here's further evidence of Labour's senior management team shitting themselves as Labour close in the polls in 2017. Less than a week before polling day, Survation cut the Conservative lead to just one point, while another pollster, ORB, had the Tories nine points ahead. Naturally Labour’s senior team viewed the worst poll as good news. 03/06/2017, 20:50 – Patrick Heneghan: Westminstervoting intention: CON: 40% (-6) LAB: 39% (+5) LDEM: 8% (-) UKIP: 5% (+2) (via @Survation / 03 Jun) 03/06/2017, 20:50 – NeilFleming: 😱 03/06/2017, 20:54 – Neil Fleming: Wtf is going on. Polling industry may as well fold up. 03/06/2017, 20:54 – TraceyAllen: It is doing my head in. 03/06/2017, 21:02 – Julie Lawrence: 😳 03/06/2017, 21:04 – Tracey Allen: Long 5 days to go 03/06/2017, 21:12 – PatrickHeneghan: Westminster voting intention: CON: 45% (+1) LAB: 36%(-2) LDEM: 8% (+1) UKIP: 4% (-1) (via ORB / 31 May – 01 Jun) 03/06/2017, 21:13 – Neil Fleming: Good old ORB
  11. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11715/11951159/leeds-2-0-huddersfield-united-return-to-top-of-championship&ved=2ahUKEwiTjaTO-ojoAhXNRBUIHbWCCVYQyM8BMAB6BAgGEAQ&usg=AOvVaw1-xPKwq-hQx65F4plrPKjD&ampcf=1 😁
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