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  1. Hearts huge club eh !! lets go play in England or boycott away games or game will die cos hearts are no in the top league, what a lot of P**H. !! Go and watch your ipox mates for your top league fix !! CUS YOUR GOING DOON !!!
  2. Some of these hearts fans in their forum are in a world of there own !!!, We are all diddy clubs, we all need them, boycott everyone, praying some team goes bust stay in Seriously they are getting more and more like the Glasgow bigots every passing day, with one difference DOON YOU GO CUS YOUR S**** !!
  3. but in the end she only drawing up plans to save hearts, not to save Scottish football
  4. Hearts fans really do have high opinion of themselves ! Blame Budge for the position they find themselves in, she appoints a clown in Levin, takes forever to sack him, then takes weeks to appoint another dud ! Now ! she has another attempt to force though reconstruction to cover her mismanagement of her club, and as for the hearts fans boycotts they are getting more and more like the vermin **** everyday.
  5. so vote for a one season change to save the Jambos, sorry its not going to happen !
  6. Got back yesterday ,Billy Bowie monster truck going up and down town centre and stopping outside the Bodfur Killie flags draped outside every boozer, colourful, noisy , and pished. Great trip, Serbia here will come !
  7. Be at least 1000 going to Belgrade, and at least 2000 in wales tickets or not, going with the amount already booked, Rhyl is going to be heaving. FORSA KILLIE !!1
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