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  1. Jim McInally in the dark! Nothing new.
  2. Your carthorses get near enough to our players to kick them! You're delusional. Stick to being a stuffy, if boring, team and hope we have an off day.
  3. Where he kept up his abysmal standards by becoming our worst ever manager.
  4. Joel Macbeth of Ross County signed for 1/2 season.
  5. No thank I've seen Bairnettes. Just come and watch the football. Leave you wife and sister at home.
  6. No. I was never happy with him when he was with us. Ran about demented. Could beat several men, round the keeper and be 10cms from the goal line then kick the ball against the post and miss the rebound. I was quite happy when his loan period (iirc) with us was over
  7. And what about Forfar?... Forfar put out 10 players kitted out like the Andy Murray post box in Dunblane. The post box has greater mobility though.
  8. You've got yourselves a topper in Chris Antoniazzi. Why Dons have loaned him to a League 2 side is a mystery as he can hold his own at a higher level.
  9. Please let it be dead. We've to play the ploughboys in the Betfred Cup, the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup and twice in the League all at Links Park this season plus two League games at Station Park. Surely no one wants to risk another cup match between the two.
  10. Don Cowie still alive? He's Methuselah compared to Sean Dillon.
  11. Montrose 2 - 1 Formartine Utd. A real training game ended up with 6 youth players on. Objective achieved to put onfield time under the players belts.
  12. With all the shite Brechin City have played on this pitch it should be the longest most fertile grass in Scotland.
  13. Well pointed out Arch. Bell's whisky is a perfectly acceptable drink. Whiskey (be it Septic or Boggy) is diarrhoea.
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