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  1. I just don't know which was sadder from a football point of view. Brechin going 3 up, or, then going on to loose. Unbelievably bad.
  2. Sorry for missing out the word "the" before "Queen's Pee".
  3. Thought we were really unlucky today. The team we had to field was covid and injury ridden yet was never bothered by Queen's Pee apart from a defensive error that they scored from. We were never going to score many with SP forced to play Keatings leading the attack. He has yet to produce anything for us. But heyho not losing under the circumstances to an, apparently, full time squad (shower of wage thieves) shows the resilience and positive approach MightMo has to every game. Why was the Queens Pee player not sent off at the penalty as it was the most apparent goal scoring opportunity ever?
  4. Says on MFC site pay at gate is available
  5. MFC will only do what the ref tells them as regards the game going ahead.
  6. The strength and direction the wind and rain is coming from you'd be worse off in the stand. I've just come from the MFC site and game is currently on. I live about 500 metres from Links Park. I'm confident it will be cancelled.
  7. Ah but! Ah but! It's a BBC forecast so not likely to be accurate. Forecast from knowledgeable experts please.
  8. And here was me hoping you could get promoted to the Premier league.
  9. Michael Paton surely. Didn't he play for Pars a few years back. Give him a 3 year contract. That would allow him to make history by taking teams to both the Highland League and the Lowland League.
  10. That would be a Webster penalty and an og then. We simply can't score at the moment.
  11. P'heeds Player of the Season 21/22 will be the keeper. Outstanding performance from him. Runner up will be the Links Park woodwork.
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