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  1. Depends on the order the games come but a decent set of fixtures for preseason training.
  2. But until you do you don't know how poor it is. Been at Station Park 3 times this season. Only on the terracing though.
  3. I'm amazed that Station Park is rated so highly. Yes the terracing is good even although the TV camera set up is a bloody nuisance. But the stand is dreadful. I sat in it once 2 seasons ago as I had a young relative with me. The view is hopeless. I could not see the line in front of the stand and the manky sides to the stand obliterated the corners. It would have been much worse if there had been people in front of us. Needless to say I've not returned to the stand.
  4. That was probably the worst refereeing I have ever ever seen. Utterly incompetent from beginning to end. We were disjointed for most of the game failing to score as many as we should. If the game is on on Tuesday I can only hope the ref is not nearly as weak as today's.
  5. The neep kickers are at home to Queen's Park this coming Wednesday. There may well be a few Montrose supporters at this game wishing them well.
  6. Right colour for Forfar. Right shape for a Forfar player. This guy would probably do a good job for the Ploughboys.
  7. Didn't Dunlop make condoms at some past time in history. If so 3 Dunlops in one team would make an impenetrable defence.
  8. Goodness knows what he would have said about the Referee and the farside lino.
  9. This was very noticeable on some ploughboy players yesterday. Loved it when Coupe went down and needed physio giving some wag in the crowd the opportunity to shout "give him a pie" to the physio. No 6 (pretty sure it was) also looked like he'd been playing Santa and forgotten to remove the padding from under his Forfar top.
  10. Away win for this one although only by one goal. Fifth game this season and it's not yet new year. Too many.
  11. Never thought I'd say this but I felt sorry for the Clyde Santas who turned up today. Right from the 4th minute when your no 6 started time wasting at a free kick it was obvious Clyde had no intent to play any football. (OK you had some possession at the start of the second half). Relying on Goody to score out of the blue - something he can do - is not a plan and to be dependent on. It must be very worrying for you.
  12. Jim McInally in the dark! Nothing new.
  13. Your carthorses get near enough to our players to kick them! You're delusional. Stick to being a stuffy, if boring, team and hope we have an off day.
  14. Where he kept up his abysmal standards by becoming our worst ever manager.
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