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  1. Guess that keeps you from the crowds! I thought there'd be some quality chip shops near the ground though. So many people there!
  2. Yeah, that's all great. Any actual fish and chip shops? Does anyone get a poke of chips after the game?
  3. Which is better for fish and chips? Grounds near Ibrox or Celtic Park? I'm trying to find the best chippies in Scotland but no one seems to rate Old Firm fish and chip shops! Are they all rubbish???
  4. Is that still there? Went there years ago!
  5. Sounds like Angus has the best fish and chip shops in the land! Near football grounds anyway! I love my local chippy - in Pilton (Edinburgh) and just along from Spartans' ground. Not senior football but close enough!
  6. Golden Chip would get my vote. The Brig's probably too far away to count, but love both chippies!
  7. Definitely doing it wrong! Na - just meaning if anything funny has ever happened. Thought with it being so close to both grounds. I guess chip shops are for chips!
  8. Is Vic's more of a Dens or Tannadice chippy? get any decent banter in there or is it purely the quality of the fish and chips?!
  9. Pepos? That much of a definite that yuo'd close the thread?! Surely no better than the Palmerston Cafe in Dumfries? Had many a good meal in there!
  10. Never been to the Ashvale or Kitchin! Any decent chippies in Dundee or Perth - near the grounds? Doing a bit of chippy/ground hopping! Hamilton's another one. Any ideas?
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