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  1. I've had to turn the sound right up
  2. Well that was the eye nipping humping high balls to an imaginary player for 45mins to easy for their defence keeper not had one save to make in the first half
  3. That's the streaming frozen again this s hit
  4. 45mins not one shot on goal looks like another drubbing coming up Paton wants to take himself off he's finished
  5. Paton and Scott bring nothing to the team they are both past it feel sorry for Currie gets little or no service balls into the box are either overhit or straight to the keeper
  6. Bring ing on another striker the one that's on hasnt had any service for 69 mins very poor back to the bottom we go
  7. Back to normal that's woeful hadn't tested their keeper once
  8. 30mins to get first shot at goal can't get out of our own half paton continually caught in possession defence leaking goals again gonna be another slog this season
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