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  1. I will flip the discussion slightly. We are panicking and drawing conclusions on a list of players from a closed doors game that he club has saw fit to give training facilities for one and a half weeks now with the new season starting in 10 days when we must have a signed team and subs signed in order to take part in the tournament, a tournament in which we will be on TV against St Mirre n in under 3 weeks... And let's not forget the elephant in the room a qualified UEFA B coach is required on he touchline, a simple request really, most school teams and youth teams have these coaches in place, we seem to have difficulty in this process, I am sure the club still have Stephen Findlays number maybe he can help us out again, like he did before..( Sorry that comment is meant to be tongue in cheek..... Or is it )
  2. Euan Devenney ex killie on trial at ourselves, I believe he was on loan at Clyde last season any good
  3. Killie binned him in the summer, can see him getting signed up by ourselves we have no left sided players at present..
  4. Euan Devenney was at Falkirk on loan a couple of years back, how was he... We have him in on trial at the moment..
  5. The club have to act and get this support structure in place, we need an old head with a coaching badge to oversee and aid McCabe and Fordyce, if not this season could unravel quicker than my Xmas wrapping, Pretty sure Ruiz Diaz was on trial at Clyde at end of last year, nothing to do with Celtic... Alan Go w time to come out from the shadows son.......
  6. Let's be blunt here that is a clusterfuck of a team lineup a mix of lower league failures and unknowns, 1 st pre season game admittedly we have our first competitive game in 10 days where we really need to sign players for..... Fordyce is saying in the Record interview he only needs 3 or 4 players.... That would bring us up to 15 or 16. ?? Did my eyes deceive or was Pat Pyott leading the line against Accies
  7. Agree difference was we had a squad of around 22 in those sides including loanees, we currently have a squad of 12 , massive difference, do the hard yards sign players up then go for loanees otherwise recruitment as failed....
  8. Is hanging your hat on loanees not pretty desperate are they not supposed to be the added extra to add to the team once your 18 have signed up not add them to an undersized squad to make he numbers look respectable...
  9. This is probably the most honest post I have Seen for weeks on here, and I could not disagree in the slightest....
  10. Wouldn't say it is too unrealistic especially if he's moving down to PT level. Apart from Arbroath and Cove. Not many teams would be able to offer him a PT deal as good plus add in the fact that Airdrie is located in the central belt too. Didn't expect McCabe to get Josh Rae over the line and he did. So I wouldn't rule it out. Hopefully see a couple of signings before Saturday. Recruitment IMO seems to be a major issue, Ada m Livingston Clyde LB has apparently knocked us back, A few on here and on the group page appear to think there is plenty going on and quality signings are lining up just to be announced, I sincerely hope so. We don't have a lot of time and if we have been rode 4 nil by Hamilton today (rumoured) things haven't started well.. Cowdenbeath a week on Saturday surely we will have a minimum of 16 or 17_signed before loanees are added before the League starts, we currently have 10 outfield and 2 keepers.......
  11. Don't know if it was him or not, but Taylor played all last season with Benburb in the WOSFL, and has the same agent as McCabe, McGIll, Frizzell and Devenney...
  12. Heard the same, To be fair Hamilton went back a week before us and maybe a bit ahead on preparation (excuses)
  13. He reminds me of Ally Taylor, was on trial at his time last season and played in NL Cup, I could we well off the mark though.
  14. Unusually not heard a thing, let's be honest here the media and press are only interested in one side of the story, if it goes in the clubs favour their will be minimal coverage, if against the club and PH it will be plastered all over social media, written press and probably TV.... Am I being sceptical here....
  15. One of the things we all agreed on was lack of height and the ability to mix it up and that was one of the reasons we fell short in the playoffs, McGill would still be a squad player, like Devenney who will be a squad player also, if these type of players end up starting we are in trouble. , we need somehow to get better quality starting players, his will cost money do we have it..... I think so with the savings made on management team etc, as someone said Charlie Telfer and Dan Pybus would both be good sign ings, has anybody heard anything concrete on these p!Ayers or others, plenty on here have apparently heard names that they would be happy with or already signed ....... Although not announced for some reason
  16. Took in the Colts game , neat and tidy performance in a 3 nil win, Alloa no 10 looks a player, who was he, reminded me of Ross McLean
  17. If Reilly stays fit and scores goals will be massive. Remember him from his last spell with Del Lyle and they were unplayable at times, saw Reilly at Morton and I thought his legs were going a little bit... Ruth is raw, but not near as bad as Falkirk make out, defence and midfield looks excellent for League one..
  18. That's 3 good signings for this League. Dixon, Strachan and Dow plenty experience,
  19. looking at the teams , squads, signings so far QOS look to be pre season favourite at he moment, League 1 is a very funny league though just ask ourselves and Falkirk. Etc, If and it's a big IF you can take to the fences and get a good start, you guys might take some catching.... Falkirk and Dunfetmline will probably spend all season tracking each other... As I say things can change with a couple of decent signings for clubs but recruitment so far has been decent IMO
  20. Must be honest never noticed at the final, I was a bag of nerves that day.... 3 signings this week, overall recruitment appears to be a struggle, although apart from QOS most other teams are in the same boat.... Do you still think there are signings not unveiled yet, I am not sure at all.... 18 year old Justin Devenney has signed on, would he not be a stick on for Alan Gows development squad of indeed it ever happens, this whole close season is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle with bits of info flying about..
  21. Any idea where,Charlie Telfer has washed up, wouldcthink he would still command a decent wage
  22. As if by magic Frankie Musonda Has tonight signed a 2 year deal at Ayr United..
  23. Remember Gallagher bossed him in the first Alloa game last season, he is a unit though,, seem to remember moans that he overplayed playing the ball out from the back, Look out for the name Blaise,Riley Snow him and Mendy seem to follow each other about, for us to challenge we need better...
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