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  1. Couldn't make it myself was it a purvey with speakers etc, 6 pm seemed a tad early to only get some prawn sandwiches and a kerafe of red wine. The ties and the chiffon scarf were they worth the wait....I And more importantly I thought Airdrie passed St Mirre n off the park at times, well worth the win, special mention to Cole and Gunn came on and never looked overawed, but surely these lads have to be protected and learn the game playing there level,
  2. I hope for some inside info on here later, coming from the invite only Club 1924 evening tonight, hopefully it isn't too hot for the prawn sandwiches and wine....... enjoy watching the game from the hospitality boxes ....... onto the serious stuff and yes it is getting serious now, Nothing to report since the Edinburgh game signings wise, Rhys himself stated after the Edinburgh game significance happening within the week, still nothing, if players don't want to sign move on ffs... excuses on here are wearing thin
  3. To be fair all the "shite" players have been snapped now anyway, we have waited too long for them as well ffs...
  4. The club had promised McCabe a support structure ? Has that happened, does McCabe want it...... Do we get enough from Prunty and Hutton...are they the support structure... Does anybody know....
  5. I wonder if his post will be screenshotted on Facebook If the answer to the question is LEMMINGS then what is the question.......
  6. Heard the same and also in for a 17 year old centre half from Celtic... to be fair it is McCabes fault, if he is determined o sign a quality of player that the club cannot back up wage wise, then he has to swallow his pride and get other less talented players who are willing to accept the wage offered, do we think Craig Bryson signed for Stenny because he likes the views of the of ochilhills or do we think Kirk Broadfoot has a fetish for wearing parkas in the summer while he runs out for a non entity club at Broadwood..
  7. Heard rumours, would think this would be an end of window loan at best, Moffat is currently on celtics pre season tour and was on the bench yesterday, doubt he is on mccabes mystery man imminent list though
  8. Football is all about opinions, I think McCabe is different class at the back, not as effective when in midfield, Agree about an o!d school centre half , Fordyce barely won a clear defensive header and know where near the ball at attacking corner kicks, we struggled all last season and this season seems the same, the lad Leon Jones who is hanging around seemed decent enough against the Colts, expect him to sign but I don't see him being an upgrade or the level of McCabe or Fordyce or even Watson, which contradicts his signing policy (if Jones signs...) Another possible controversial comment should Fordyce remain as Captain, Rhys is the Manager, Fordyce Assistant Manager / Captain, would it not make more sense if Watson or Cammy B was made skipper which would lead to other players having leadership and more responsibility as the skipper, at the moment it seems a bit of a closed shop, which cannot be a good thing moving forward .....
  9. Question for you Falkirk fans...... Are Falkirk now back ... See you c***s at he Excelsior in 3 weeks..
  10. The way McCabe sets his team up 3 5 2 was the system .Murray wanted to play for 2 seasons but couldn't get the personnel, Cammy B and Euan Dev I like but can they defend, they play very high, we need experienced midfielders in this system, promising against an experamental Edinburgh all there main men were on the bench apparently, Edinburgh are tipped to be cannon fodder in this league, Fontaine and Keiran McD strolled that tonight, shame we never had the vision to be in for them, looking around the stand I only noticed Leon Jones with the non playing staff,nobody else, pressure will increase on Rhys now just over a fortnight to Peter head league kickoff, signings must come in now and get them bedded in, are we convinced he can get his signings over the line...... Jury's out
  11. Probably just covering their back with the all the quitongo brothers pish last season, in saying that has the tribunal finished yet, not heard anything either way, would we or should we hear the outcome though ...
  12. The new third kit is another really good effort by umbro, I have a funny feeling the AWAY will be either red with a white dianond, or red with a black diamond probably find out just before our first league game..... Interesting that Football Nation have stated that the official temporary Athletico top will not be on general sale, I know a few lads that have all the strips going back donkeys and are really down that this possibly best ever top won't be available.. Don't panic. The Athletico top is an off the shelf umbro design and is available through the Football Nation website the design is Umbro Ramone and costs 18.75 a top , obviously there will be no badge or sponsors on it, it is basically last season's third kit in a different colour.... I hope this helps for anybody trying to keep their collection going, looking forward to seeing it at Cowdenbeath......
  13. Athletico Airdrie not got a problem with the temporary strip actually think it will be a cracker and Could well be a best seller if available???
  14. I would be more concerned of a forfeit if we cannot get 2 UEFA B qualified coaches for the Technical area this is Part of the SFA Club Licensing guidelines and the reason the Willie Aitchison situation came about, this is nothing new and a very basic requirement, as far as I am aware we have no UEFA B qualified coaches at the club....... Could this be put down as a developing situation...... If I am wrong feel free to shoot me down...
  15. One bit of news although not announced by the club, we have a new physio \ sports scientist, a position that was advertised a few weeks ago, JD Peacock has left Albion Rover s to take up a full time position at Airdrie , source Albion Rover s website...I although this League Cup is not one of our priorities, it is only fair to the sponsors and the full respect should be given to our opponents for us to field a full squad. So yes I do expect maybe 3 signings this week, Centre back Leon Jones, Left back Euan Devenney and Dylan Ruiz Diaz. All 3 I would expect to back ups IF signed...... ( cough, cough, )Any word of a qualified coach yet
  16. Most of the game right centre half, last 10 moved to right wing back
  17. Hopefully we get Telfer, depending if you want o carry a 22 or 23 man squad then Ruiz Diaz would be worth a punt definitely not a starter, Josh Jack the same not a forward a neat and tidy box to box midfielder, Deve ney did ok in both games, can see him getting signed but will looking for a starter, back up in an ideal world, to be honest it was hard to tell which of the players wer e trialists and who are involved with Gows development team
  18. how has Max Currie been since signing, early days an upgrade on Rae or not..
  19. I think this is a classic case of we need a 20 goals a ,season striker and there are just none around literally, looking around the leagues including the Premier league you will struggle to get half a dozen players that will hit 20...I Rodden was by no means a top striker in he WOSFL with Rossvale, saw him last week at Broadwood and looked decent I thought, for the record Sirling have went down the same route signing striker Burns from DBA in the WOSFL.
  20. Easton struggled against Cove and Championship sides we played last year, Wonderful player in when you a r e riding teams, I think he could become a luxury player is you start to struggle.... But looking at your squad and signings it looks pretty decent , top 4 what do you think
  21. Good work out. High tempo demanded by McCaBe, Josh Rae is a unit don't remember him playing before, steady although nothing to do... As already stated midfield 3 of McMaster, Frizz and Telfer were excellent, only a pre season tournament, fu lly expect to lose to the Colts now. Strling were very poor all round with the sad sight of an Airdrie favourite Dale Carrick looking completely shot...
  22. Last I heard he was pumping somebody from Dunfermline and was playing for Hill O Beath Juniors
  23. Agree as well as Robbie Crawford and Keiran MacDonald, these guys would do us a job,, and are now free agents although you would think they will have something lined up..
  24. The lad was going fine for ourselves until Stuart Millar started whoring him about, he was too young to handle it especially with Murray allegedly being forced to play him, when he was clearly gone mentally.... Tory Boy, any other snippets coming from the club, it's went quieter than quiet, The next 7 days sign ings must be made, although we have been saying that for weeks now...
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