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  1. 21 hours ago, Mr November said:

    Yeah I’ve been critical of Fordyce this season but that’s two games in a row where he’s strolled it and has led the defence well. More of that please!

    I posted on the match thread but that was just a joy to watch. I don’t hide my support of Gallagher but his overall game has improved so much this season and for me he’s undoubtedly the best striker in the league. The quick movement and link-up play between the forwards and midfield today was superb and Gallagher was key to most of that. 

    This is probably the most frustrating Airdrie team I’ve ever seen. When we’re at our best I think we’re even better to watch than last season’s team but a team who can play that well shouldn’t have only picked up four points this month. It has felt like we’ve not been at the stadium much recently, the recent Edinburgh debacle and today are the first games there since the Peterhead/Kelty double header all the way back in November. Hopefully a few home games on the bounce will allow us to pick up some momentum and push up the table.

    Maybe it's to do with Fordyce playing Right Centre Half,  ATS who is unfairly slated by many on here was arguably our best defender again and his partnership with Fordyce has saw an upturn in form,   

  2. 18 minutes ago, Bogbrush1903 said:

    I agree to a point but Ramadani is abysmal and cowardly, whilst Miovski has been posted missing when things started to turn.

    The window is away to close which is going to make things impossible for the new man but in the summer I'd been getting both Stewart and Ramadani out of the club.

    Watching the highlights Shinnie was an absolute disgrace today also

  3. 22 minutes ago, ShineOnYouCrazyDiamonds said:

    Would be good to see a few of the new boys starting today. I missed the Kelty game a fortnight ago but it sounds like Stanway maybe deserves to keep his place in the team even with McCabe returning (extra man in the middle or maybe Telfer drops out?) and it would be good to get a look at Byrd and McGregor as well. I’d like to see at least one of those three start anyway.

    I know it's all hypothetical until 3 pm,   I also would like Stanway to get a run,  although dropping Telfer who has arguably been our best midfielder in the last 6 games or so wouldn't make sense,  if snowshoeing Stanway into the team then IMO a chunky looking Frizzell wwould drop out

  4. Hard game coming up,  Allo a like ourselves are capable of blowing teams away when it clicks,    The big question for me is how do we setup at the back,  Allo a have 3 talented physical front players,  Sammon, McIvor and Donnelly, all 3 I think would have the advantage  ove r Fordyce who has been erratic at best this season,  does ATS keep his own place,  does Watson drop into C H if Ballantyne returns, it's a game we really cannot afford to lose,  Rhys has to get the setup spot on....

  5. 1 hour ago, FFC 1876 said:

    I'd say 20k's probably still a bit over what we've paid. We were far more desperate last January given how hopeless we were and I'd imagine Goodwillie was on a fair bit more for you lot than you were paying Jordan Allan.

    No chance you would pay 20k for Jordan Allan w ith his  contract up in 5 months,  5k max I would reckon..


    Jordan Allan a player I have followed since he made his debut at 14,    This signing shows there are no strikers in Scottish football,    can he play consistent top 4 in League 1 or higher,  IMO no, it's above his level,  he will score goals for Clyde in a lost cause game,    can he deliver when the real pressure is o n, he couldn't at Airdrie last season with a very good supporting cast....  

    interesting remainder of the season....

  6. 2 hours ago, David Fernández said:

    Would be amazing to bring that back (born in 96 so wasn't even born when it was going).

    The hydro would surely be able to host that indoors.

    Question is, if the Tennent's Sixes made a come back, out of the current Airdrie players, which 6 players would you have to represent us?


    I am trying to think back, was it just a one day tournament (sunday),   watched it religiously back in the day...  Good fun


    Present day 6 s








  7. 1 hour ago, David W said:

    Cameron Salkeld signed. I know the name but cant remember seeing him play. 

    At least it's another player who has played actual football.

    If fit,   should be a very good signing for League 1,   played championship level for Morton and Ayr,   big and physical,   can Obi Wan Duffy do the unthinkable....

  8. 4 minutes ago, Diamond10 said:

    Perhaps being overly pessimistic but genuinely worrying we wont make the top 4. It seems to be a case just now of one step forward one step back.


    The game at Kelty (albeit played in extremely poor conditions) was a game at 1-0 we should’ve been able to go on and even if not score more but control out but instead we were lucky to hold on for the point.  Even at that the management/ players coming out saying “it’s a good point” Kelty are a good side but a team we should be looking to beat if we have any aspirations at all.

    Even at 1-1 I’d have rather chucked on Sal etc and lost going for the win. 


    With our game in hand being Dunfermline the Alloa game feels like a must win for me we need to get into the top 4 and stay there this time.


    I hope Rhys gives a few of the new boys a chance most have the team have been ok this season but certainly no where near the hights/ levels we were hitting last season.

    It's certainly going to be a dogfight for the playoffs,  Edinburgh I think will be dragged into playoff battle,    pi c k any 2 from Edinburgh,  Alloa, ourselves,  Montrose and QOS,     we have a chance next 2 games must be 6 points though ..


    we still have 2  loans available,  will we get them....... d o we need them now.....


    I think a backup keeper and we will be fine squad wise....

  9. On 11/01/2023 at 09:18, Skyline Drifter said:

    If he didnt get on the pitch it doesnt count. You can only PLAY for 2 clubs in one season. A single minute counts though.  I remember we tried to sign Declan McManus a few years ago and couldnt. He had dpent 1st half of season on loan at Morton but had played 1 minute of a European game for Aberdeen before he went on loan. That was the end of that. He had to stay at Morton for the season.

    Thanks for keeping us right about signing rules etc..


    Can you answer this scenario, We will say Lewis Jamieson for talking sake who has played for St Mirre n and Airdrie this season and is the property of St Mirre n who then decide to mutually terminate his contract ( hypothetical situation) would he then be free to sign for another club this window, or does the 2 club rule still kick in for a now free agent........

  10. 35 minutes ago, ShineOnYouCrazyDiamonds said:

    Maybe not something I’d have considered a priority but good to get a natural winger in. At very least it’s starting to look like we’ll have plenty of attacking options off the bench.

    McGill s position has been needing competition,  this signing gives us different options in this area,   as stated previously McGill is technically all over the place,  and really better as an impact sub,    Team is slowly getting there, we must keep our core together tbough....

  11. 19 minutes ago, airdrieman said:

    I saw one on the Facebook group about a swap deal involving Callum Smith and Dylan Easton. Can’t see that being true for a few reasons but mostly because it was posted by a regular bullshitter. 

    Agree can see Smith move on the summer,  excellent player for us but should be playing Championship level,   Easton forget it,  as you say usual Facebook wannabe..


    have we got keeper issues again, only Rae now.... 

  12. 3 hours ago, Diamond1924 said:

    What is the reason for the complete lack of engagement with fans from the club? Happy to punt tickets, advertise Club 1924, update us on hospitality sales, sell merchandise but take weeks to inform us of any squad movements. 

    I appreciate that a summary statement is put up at the end of the window (usually) but it’s just not a good way to go about business if you have to get all of your information from other clubs. 

    To be fair the lad only signed with Glentoran a couple of hours ago,  


    I would be more concerned about more departures this month anyone heard any Callum Smith rumours..

  13. 5 minutes ago, Kenny_m said:

    Played as a trialist for us in July but never signed until September as it seemed nothing better materialised, so entirely possible it was only a short term contract.

    Signed on 10h September on a unspecified contract length,    wouldn't surprise me if we was signed till the January window Lyness the same..


    I would hate to think our season would come down to another poor transfer window...

  14. 5 minutes ago, Diamonds02 said:

    Everyone wants an experienced centre half to come in (including me) but is there any actually available at this level in January?

    Morgyn neill is now staying at cove so I'm not sure who else we could actually get.

    Still though i urge everyone to keep the heid for now, if there's still no defensive signing in 3 weeks then I'll start to worry.


    Rhys  mentioned in last week's post match interview, poor defending and the inability to stop crosses coming in,which has been a massive problem all season.  He says this will be addressed, pretty sure it will  be, if thats the case a box to box midfielder  isn't on the managers wishlist,,  which I am not convinced we need anyway, without a total change in formation,   (if one did turn up, who would you drop,don't say Telfer who seems to be the default button for the ills in that side)..


    as I said before a consistent left back, I am confident we can get one on loan and a replacement for McGill who can pop up with a goal, but the technical side of his game is horrendous and offers no cover to  his full ba ck...

  15. 20 minutes ago, Jack Reed said:

    Signing a 18year old is  fine signing 4 on the trot is  bizarre, what other team would do that, something very wrong with our set up, 

    Our development  team is under 18s ,  does that mean, Prince , Riley and Dixon will have no game time the rest of this season unless selected for first team or bounce games,   maybe moving forward it would be better to join the under 20 league seup,      that could be he plan who knows....

  16. 8 hours ago, CallumPar said:

    Yeah. From what I heard, the relationship with Joma is dead. Two sides to every story, but apparently the feeling at the club was that we didn’t get the same service that we used to. Will be good to get a fresh start and hopefully some new ideas. Will be very disappointing if we don’t get bespoke kits anymore though.

    We didn’t plan for a third kit this season, but Joma refused to produce/provide anymore home or away tops after first batch sold out and gave us a rubbish catalogue third kit instead. Of course, both parties knew the deal was up and wouldn’t be renewed before we requested more tops, so it’s possibly not a great surprise that they weren’t very accommodating. But it seems like very poor customer service anyway - particularly since the contract with Joma doesn’t expire until June.

    Fans of other clubs probably better to ask about quality of other suppliers, but Macron kits always looked quite decent. Hopefully we don’t go for some sort of Nike/Adidas catalogue kit, that will be worn by Sunday league teams.

    We have had them all it feels like,   Prostar,  diadora, surridge, puma, macron humnel,  joma,    been with Umbro last 3 seasons and stuff is top quality with a good range,   I seem to remember pars having some umbro crackers back in the day...

  17. To be honest we don't have much w rong,    therein lies the problem though, it is fixing the wrongs, I think we all agree we need a better quality left b ack, a physical centre half and someone To play in front of Ballantyne on the right side,  McGill not cutting it there,  Deveney although improving was caught making basic errors,   Fordyce in his own interview saying no one is un droppable he appears to be,    


    we get 3 decent additions to those areas and we make playoffs,  sign ing neat and tidy midfield players is great if you need then, we don't,   Stanway is supposedly t he real deal,  will he get much game time,  debatable and if that is the case why sign him....   

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