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  1. 9 hours ago, DDLL said:

    QoTS he had to cut the squad at EC he formed the squad that got promoted when at a meeting at EC he asked what his budget was for next season he was told he would not be there so he left

    We need someone who can work with these youngsters 

    Would be very surprised if Alan Johnston and Sandy Clark were not strongly linked with this gig

  2. 1 hour ago, Vegetableman said:

    Like Waspie I really enjoyed the game , Young lads did well 

      they proved their worth for sure 

    Taggs showing Airdrie what they missed (If the pre season rumours were true that is )

    deserved to win on the 2nd half display . 

    Taggart or Cammy Ballantyne,    for me Taggs is a far more solid player in different positions, or put it this way he always plays well against Airdrie

  3. 9 minutes ago, dextermorgan said:

     Watching tonight's game only confirmed a few things for me. Gal and Salim are pretty poor when it comes to hold up play, particularly when a long ball is played. Ben Wylie and Dean McMaster will not commit to serious ball winning in the middle of the park, McMaster in particular was guilty of this leading up to the Alloa goal.

    Henderson will one day be a very good keeper but he will no doubt have center halfs standing toe to toe with him at corners, especially after tonight.

    Alloa, despite the commentator's views are a fairly average side and even with their 'first eleven' we should be winning against them in every game.

    I would hope that the team returns to the one we see every week in terms of desire and urgency, starting at kelty!

    It's all about opinions I would start Salim as centre over Jameson and McGill all day long,   he should have had 2 goals that Jamieson or McGill wouldn't have been in the position to score.  


    Midfield was decent all night until the last 15 when they tired the drop off in fitness was alarming,   McMaster, Devenney and Telfer all faded and should have been replaced,  if Rhys was serious about his cup..Alloa made 4 changes to win the game and credit to them,   we made 3 subs with 2 in injury time with seconds to go.



    AT S absolutely strolled it tonight a n d has surely played his way into the starting 11 ...or indeed keep his place

  4. 2 hours ago, PSJ.84 said:

    Reminiscent of the McFadden Holland kit tonight

    Wasn't a fan of the strip when it was unveiled,


    It looks a much better kit on the pitch,   agree had a hint of the Faddy strip and it's Fila predecessor as well....

  5. 5 hours ago, Jack Reed said:

    Do you think that was a record crowd for a first division game, Dunfermline v Falkirk  over 6500 . 

    We continue our upturn in crowds this season 1083 at the Clyde game,  although home support did look and feel a good bit less than previous games and Clyde brought 200ish ,     Need to keep winning if not the floating fan will disappear like snow off a dyke..

  6. 8 hours ago, Greenacres said:

    That is more like it night and day from anything we have played this season .

    1st half deserved to be more than 1 goal ahead .

    2nd half we started to lose control of the game until Wullie came on he has to start he  did more in 20 mins than McKenna did in 70 .

    The other subs all did well special mention to Lewis lovely skill to beat his man to almost get his 1st goal .


    This is one messed up league,   Edinburgh took 6 off us a fortnight ago and it could have been more, they were very clinical ,  you ride them this week we pump Clyde 5 nil next game,   Kelt y beat Falkirk convincingly last time out , this week Peterhead turn  them over who couldn't beat sleep since he start of he season.


    I think it's fair to say this league is wide open

  7. Firstly and importantly credit to all for the respect shown by all at the minutes silence today,   

    onto the game, Airdrie started in typical fast fashion,  Telfer and Frizz dominating the middle of the park,  Clyde had no real shape apart from defend your own half until Airdrie over play it, which happened numerous times,  we are still very open and easy to attack,   do we get enough workrate and quality off LJ, Smith and Gabby,  debatable, personally I would play 2 of the 3 and play another midfield player...  First half we seemed a bit nervy, we scored a goal against the run of play at the time,  what happened was the ball deflected into he path of LJ, with the lino flagging for offside....I

    Second half we were better Gabby scored a good goal to settle us down,  is he good enough though. ????   Callum Smith came alive and  scored a couple of good goals,  it's amazing how the touch comes back when you are riding teams,  is Sal back in contention for a starting spot, he can hold the ball up better than Gabby and LJ...


    Good debuts by Telfer and the already written off by many ATS,     Good morale boosting victory,   but we can play a helluva lot better than that.....

  8. 14 hours ago, Glenmavis Diamond said:

    This. Why you'd play Wylie over Justin is beyond me. And suggesting he plays as wing back is pointless given he's clearly better through the middle, as we have witnessed. His work rate is excellent and he knows where the goal is. 

    To be fair that's the formation Rhys started the,Edinburgh game, didn't make much sense to me , and it didn't really work,  although everybody that was at the game knows the second half was a complete trainwreck..  And after that no playre could moan about being taken out the team ..

  9. 3 hours ago, Mr November said:

    I'd forgotten about that, it's the daftest coaching sending off I've seen since Darren Young tripped up Scott Robertson. Just such a pointless thing to do :lol: 

    I expect we'll see a reaction from the team after the Edinburgh debacle, although that now feels like a long time ago. Normally I'd prefer to play sooner after that to get it out our system but perhaps delaying a trip to Montrose wasn't such a bad thing. Saying that, we saw last season that we struggled in most games against a rubbish Clyde team, so tomorrow could be a tough game against an improved Clyde. I was going to say at least Robert Jones isn't around to score this time but as you say, Jordan Allan will no doubt fill that role. 

    McCabe definitely has a few tough decisions to make in terms of the first 11. Ballantyne being out is a blow but Watson is a good replacement there. I'd be very surprised if Watson, McCabe, Fordyce, Frizzell and Smith don't start but I'd say the other six places are up for grabs. Henderson did fine last week despite conceding six goals but if Josh Rae is fit again I'd start him, with Henderson limited to the late sub Jay Cantley role instead. I'd bring Deveney back in at left back but ATS is an option there or at centre back. It's perhaps a bit soon for Telfer to start but Frizzell and Devenny have worked well in midfield so far and I'd give McMaster a go in behind them. I'd go with Gallagher up top with Smith and Jamieson out wide. Jamieson has been poor in the last couple of games but Clyde seem to have struggled at left back and his pace and movement could cause them problems. 

    Watson - McCabe - Fordyce - Deveney
    Devenny - McMaster - Frizzell
    Jamieson - Gallagher - Smith

    All of a sudden we seem to have a few selection permutations,  which is great..   Rhys has to get the right mix though....t



    Watson.       McCabe.    Fordyce    ATS

    Telfer.      Wylie       Frizzell

    jamieson.     Gallagher.     Smith


    you could make arguments about Justin D playing LWB personally I have no idea why Rhys played him there against Edinburgh, he stated that's why we got the goal at EEP ,  although he was playing centre mid that day and was put to LWB through necessity late on (lack of options)..   Wylie is a funny one,  he was a stand out the last couple of years in Celtic B and should be decent at this level although looks like he is lacking confidence,, but he appears to be carrying a bit of timber and started against Edinburgh,  the big question is are Celtic putting pressure on ourselves to play him,   he had a few offers apparently before he joined on loan...     

    ATS is another everybody is saying he is shot,  although he was playing Premier League a couple of years back, deserves a chance especially with Ballantyne out    ,   surely the Player of the Month will get a start up top Gallagher is a far better all round player than McGill, although Rhys prefers to start McGill who is far better used as an impact sub,    is Galls part time status the issue here with his lack of starts........LJ and Smith have had plenty chances but we really need goals off them,  if they continue to misfire, I can see another 'quality' loanee getting brought in....


    Very slowly but surely the squad is coming together. 18 now,  is that enough......


  10. 4 hours ago, Raithie said:

    Goalkeeper: McNeil, bench warmer at best. Unless MacDonald or Thomson get injured he'll probably not get a look in.

    Defence: Nolan and O'Riordan look fine, people freaking out that O'Riordan will be away in January is pure speculation. Potentially could have Lang back by then but even then I'd be surprised if he does go back to Crewe in January. Millen, hmm. Ngwenya, has he had the opportunity to play in his natural position yet? 

    Midfield: Brown and Easton look fine for this level. Easton in particular has shown some real flashes of being a good player and has caused some teams problems. 

    Strikers: Connell, probably needs a goal to get him going. Has squandered a couple of decent chances. McBride, too early to tell. In desperate need of another striker which Murray has promised he is on the look out for.....as is the bulk of teams in Scotland though.

    Is Lewis Vaughn nearing fitness or is Easton his replacement

  11. 8 minutes ago, ShineOnYouCrazyDiamonds said:

    I’d say we’re now only a centre half away from respectable/acceptable squad depth. More would be nice for competition, but that’s probably all we need as a minimum requirement now

    Teller is a good signing and will be a good player for us     I am thinking Rhys might step back into the middle of aback 3,  with Telfer his place in midfield.....


    Line up injuries permitting could be. 


                    Watson.         McCabe.       Fordyce

    Ballantyne.     Telfer.    Wylie.     Frizzell.        J Devenney

                        Gallagher.          Smith


    That is a talented startng 11...   with still possibility of 2 quality loanees to come in


  12. 4 hours ago, Jack Reed said:

    Would like to hear what Prunty and Hutton were thinking. What are they doing or meant to be doing in the dugout. 

    I sit around the home dug outs and there is no communication between Prunty, Hutton and either Rhys or Fordyce during the game,  it is quite a bizarre situation,   Prunty love him or loathe him is normally a hyper active cheerleader type on the sideline,  this season Prunty looks pretty glum and fed up even when we have been winning.....


    the club promised Rhys a support structure (whatever that means)  to help him I suppose in situations like this......

  13. Well what can be said about that,   was it a surprise,  Yes to an extent,    the big question always was if teams are brave enough to play against us and not sit in,   could they outplay us and boy they outplayed and outclassed us in every department...    

    The selection as previously mentioned was unnecessary, Justin D moved to LWB and a so far unimpressive Wylie in midfield,   Ballantyne was unlucky to be sent off IMO, although none of our players really protested it,  


    Today really showed up our lack of options and tactical naivety and general stubbornness by Rhys McCabe,   The bus should have been parked at 3 nil and if we are being honest we were lucky it was only 6.... In fairness Edinburgh have built a very capable side,  Keiran McD, Fontaine,  Craigan all would instantly improve our side,  all players have played at higher levels and were available in the summer...  While we are still harping on about quality loanees   Can we say that about LJ and Wylie after today..

    The mix up front hasn't been right the last couple of weeks either Gabby yet again clueless as a centre,  Callum Smith still not sure where he is meant to be playing , if anybody knows can they let Callum know,  LJ has pace and skill but is not good enough for the role McCabe wants him to play,,   Gallagher yet again our best option up front starts on the bench is he on the bench due to being Part Time. ?? There has to a reason he doesn't start...

    Pretty sure Rhys is going to come out in his interview and state we had enough chances to get back in the game,  which we had,,  now rhys be brave give Kelt y a phone and see how much they want for Nathan Austin who is apparently on the way out if rumours are to be believed....

  14. 12 hours ago, Diamonds_Are_Forever said:

    Henderson has zero connection to Gows development team he’s came over here to fight for a starting spot with Rae

    That's great news,   with Rae being unconvincing in his time between the sticks so far,   Murray Johnson has proved age is no barrier and was outstanding.....   according to reports Rae is still out so it looks like Alex Henderson's position to lose now,    Good luck to the lad......

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