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  1. Alloa were perennial Playoff finalists for a few years there, any idea how much the club's get from BBC ALBA for the live coverage...
  2. Would not be surprised i f it ends up Owen Coyle and Sandy Stewart
  3. Looking forward to the Playoff final ,just received the emai! For ticket for the game, Going to be strict covid protocols, no singing, shouting, Pie stall, Loitering in the concourse and very limited numbers in the toilets, No parking and stuck in the away stand 2m apart... It sounds great that fans are back, but this will just be a Scot gov test event...... I hope everybody will be aware of these regulations prior to the game... And it doesn't overshadow the importance of the fixture for both sides.... (Good luck trying to 2m social distance in the main stand at Cappielow or even trying to sit without dislocating a kneecap)...
  4. Thought Cove especially at the Penny Cars twice this season were the best footballing side by a mile, maybe the big wide park suits you, in both games we have rode the storm and fought back though.... Good luck next season looks a good league and harder than ever to get out..
  5. Probably checking the rulebook with the 4 th official, seemed a bit of confusion.
  6. I felt Hartley set up cove well. and it exploited our weaknesses, set up in a wide formation giving Fyvie acres of space, with Paton carted early on, it left Ritchie exposed and it was sore to watch, Cove well on top.... Airdrie dug in and played there game which is not for the purists, Thought as the game went on Airdrie shaded it, Gallagher had 2 great strikers finishes, To be fair I thought it was a penalty, that decision makes up for McAllister s elbow on Kerr at half time... Karma
  7. On well what's the majority of lower league clubs screwed for their loan players then, no more lazy recruitment.... Go out and find players plenty about....
  8. Everything was going fine under Wotherspoons initial splatter cash phase, bringing in Alan Upton (who) as a Head of Football and that oddity Wolecki Black to stitch up Bollan, it went Pete tong when Wotherspoon got caught pumping his Secretary (Right Here,Right Now) and his wife took him to the cleaners, after that his interest waned somewhat.... Onto Dumbarton, with our Ian Murray's contract ending at end of the month, and him having various coaching jobs at FC Oster in Norway, I wonder if they might go try and go down that route especially with the club possibly going full time in the near future.... Maybe looking too much into the Norway link... Good luck against Stranraer..
  9. Whatever league Airdrie end up in , a massive rebuilding job required for whatever league we will be in.. Robert, Stokes, McNeill,Mbayo, Sabatini, Turner, Paton, Connel , J McKayand probably youths Burke, Moore and Hughes. All of the above will be gone with others McCann and Kerr getting interest elsewhere and that is if the rest sign and also to decide Ian Murray's future, , massive short summer ahead for the diamonds, with pre season starting back for most teams in 6 weeks.
  10. Very tricky game today, whatever happens we have to keep in the game, ride our luck .. need to crank up last week's performance in Cove..... good luck to Ian Murray and the boys....
  11. That's Falkirk the new resident club at Hotel California.... Enjoy your stay ,
  12. only one fan wanted to win that match and it wasn't Falkirk. 😜. Murray was driving them on to win the game with 5 minutes to go, thought our short passing and possession football was decent throughout, 2 difficult games coming up against a very good Cove side...
  13. Apart from Crighton replacing Kerr (probably won't risk him with the heavy schedule after his double hernia) and Roy may be replacing Connell who has a knock. I think Murray wants momentum to build for the playoffs, would like the second leg of the Cove game at home, although we beat them on Saturday I still think they are a very good side, and will take a monumental effort from our boys to get to the final... as a side note I believe the second placed club gets £20 k more prize money then if you finish third, is that not motivation enough to beat Falkirk and also to boost the coffers in these difficult financial times...
  14. David McCracken and Lee Miller celebrating today's result In Holt you trust
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