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  1. To be fair our accounts and finances were splattered all over social media a couple of years back, when T W backed out, you must remember the Supporters meeting being beamed live.
  2. Interesting any more word on Callum Smith Pars forward who we were talking to a couple of weeks back apparently, swap deal on the cards.....
  3. All very unusual goings on, The Supporters Trust now seems to be an afterthought, all the big hitters baling out to the Diamonds in the Community Sunshine Club. .... The Supporters club had a pivotal role at the end of the TW reign and the ousting of JB. What incentive is there now for members to renew membership and new members to join..
  4. He was a classic example of why obese people should not wear football strips, apparently when he trys to dry his toes after a shower he automatically gives himself a diddy ride..!!!!
  5. I think it will be difficult for both sides to repair the damage thats been done in the last few months. The football club have moved down a different route now and really we all have to back it and see where it takes us,, Where that leaves the Supporters Trust i don't know personally I would go back to basics, not to sure what the constitution states...
  6. This closes season had the largest amount of free agent footballers, But in saying that there was a limited pool of available goalscoring strikers.. Henderson, Buchanan, Jackson, Thomson etc all signed up, all that is left now is young unproven not what you really want types or your DennyJohnstone and Connor Sammon aging mercenaries who need a gig but don't really want to play league 1.......Looking at the current signed squads i would only say For far and East Fife have decent goalscoring strikeforces.. The rest including Airdrie i think will and still are at the moment going to struggle up front throughout the season. With so many teams in a similar situation makes for a tight league. Interesting season ahead..
  7. That's the Airdrie scapegoat door now wide open, who is going to walk in now... Good Luck to Conroy former Airdrie captain, Players Player of the Year and Top goalscorer wherever he ends up.
  8. In addition to Josh Kerrs passing, which was good even although a few longer range passing broke down due to poor control and first touch by Russell, seagal and Carrick, it looks more promising even this early, rewind exactly 12 months and we were getting outplayed by Stirling .. the 'trialist'. Cowan had a decent game in spells let down by poor movement and control by our front players with the exception of Roy and Thomson who both impressed especially in wide areas.
  9. Right guys never mind the bolloks.......when is the unveiling of the home strip
  10. Agree the run in doesn't seem too bad last day at clyde,,,, The "derby" fixture has us playing Falkirk delighted with that, thought the SPFL would pair is with Clyde though, thankfully not.. No wild predictions unlike last year I think we all. Have a "we won't be fooled again" type attitude so mine is Top 4...
  11. Is Kris Doolan signing for yourselves all seems to have went quiet the last couple of weeks, last i heard McCall was confident of landing him.
  12. The problem we have now is all the decent strikers are signed up, Henderson at Edinburgh City is still available but likely to resign with them, We may have to go down the loan market and hope to get a gem that way, as a play off chasing team we will need 60 goals minimum this season, have we got that currently in our squad, looking at players recent form personally I doubt it. But in saying that a few of our rivals look short on the strikers front also.
  13. No word from our end, a signing which would no doubt improve our attacking options , I believe he was doing pre season at Airdrie on saturday. Stenny seem confident of landing there man though...
  14. McIntosh is a perfect example of modern day pro youth prospects, Came through celti c youth with Tierney and McGregor, Technically he has the tools but lacks game nouse even after 3 seasons, personally I think it is a confidence issue and if you have a good man manager he could get a turn out of him possibly, was involved in some horrendous Airdrie defensive calamities always has a mistake or 3 in him. Right back I think is his strongest position or least damaging, not aggressive enough for centre half of midfield. The lad still has a chance but as I say it depends as much as who the manager is and his personal skills.
  15. I believe so, forgot to mention Josh Kerr who is full time as well.
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