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  1. The c!ub has to be applauded for this, it has been proved over the last few years that we cannot attract the requiured calibre of player to get us out this league for various reasons, normally lack of money, in all honesty a playoff place has is possibly still is our ceiling, and we have a great record playing Russian roulette with that...... I would imagine the club loses a lot more money than we think year on year and going with the status quo over a number of years this becomes unsustainable.. I would doubt we would make much on this initial Robert deal but think ahead the same bigger club scouts might even notice our own talent MCcann, Kerr etc that could make the club money... The press will criticise and praise due to the fact none of the elite have tried this , has this got the potential to have more traction than th e Archibald era..
  2. Look on the brightside, the pubs open on wednesday
  3. Personally I think it is a pretty good article by IMO one of the best reporter's doing the rounds at the moment, there is no such thing as bad publicity, People are starting to take notice, let's all be United and strap ourselves into Harry's express and see where we end up, Exciting times ahead and hats off to all behind the scenes making this happen..
  4. Robbie Leighton released by Airdrie has signed for Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  5. Craig Truesdale has signed for Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  6. That's yourself and Spanish Armada called signings this week that actually happened,, Hats off etc.... Are we close to any more announcement s.....
  7. Who are the 2 cha ps either side of young Thomas in the picture on the website...
  8. I think it is something t o do with McPakes and Irvines forthcoming trial...
  9. Hats off Spanish Armada you called it right, can you look into your Crystal ball and see any experienced half backs heading our way soon........
  10. Not too bad to be fair ... Only thing is that's Falkirk looking like picking up the first trophy of the season, unless there is any last minute unveilings..... The "Shiter" Cup looks to be heading Grangemouth way.
  11. The club are now up to a squad of 17 , we really need to sign 5 quality starters to improve the team and take us to the next level, We have a also re signed 5 promising young players with no reserve team to p!ay in, could this move prove costly in more ways than one,
  12. Fax building a good squad, impressive signings so far
  13. Regarding Sammy Conn, the related responses and video clips sum up the man and the player, 100 % player in any position played with drive and heart rarely seen in the modern day football player.. Jamie Fairlie has not got near as many and to be fair it probably sums up the player, He was the captain in Ally MacLeod s Airdrie team in 84/85, I was only young at the time , he played as a central midfielder, not a player that caught the eye, hard working, safe type of player, probably if he played in this era he would be classed as a sitting midfield player , at that time he had a lot more attacking players round a bout him in Gerry Christie, Kenny Patterson and the free scoring Dave MacCabe and John Flood up front...
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