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  1. It could well be a situation of the club realising that 4 years of hard graft could go straight in the bin with the High risk of McCabe, Fordyce etc leaving , which would mean a complete rebuild with a new management team and a freshly disillusioned fan base again.. This setup is BOLD and does keep the band together again somewhat,let's be honest we only have to finish a distant 4th to get out This League....
  2. It does seem a strange one in saying that he has shown tremendous leadership skills last season and has the minerals to be a manager, whether or not this set up will work time will tell, It does seem like the cheap option unless the savings have been put back into the budget to increase wages etc... The main positives are he is current and has plenty contacts in the game.. Cammy Ballantyne is apparently a done deal. (Murray signing) It continues to be a whirlwind time for the Airdrie support
  3. Is there more good news to come tonight do you think, do the new managers both have their UEFA B coaching badges, you need a minimum of 2 in the dug out, I still think AlanGow is the elephant in the room I can see a Director of Football operations number, thoughts
  4. Wouldn't expect much info before Tuesday when players contracts expire, imperative we get a manager before then.... The big question is where is the McBookie. Airdrie manager odds....
  5. Looks like 2 very good signings for League 1, Henderson and Donaldson
  6. As an outsider looking at players that would do Clyde a turn, Ally Roy. Jordan Allan and Josh Kerr all ex Airdrie, although Kerr has interest from Peter head I hear
  7. Only 2 weeks ago we were running out against Queens Park in the play off final, since then half of the 18 man squad and manager have gone with more to follow, death by a thousand cuts..... It was always on the cards short term deals, loanees etc.... Callum Smith is under contract, I would not be surprised if a transfer request is submitted and he to would probably like a reunion with Muray and the boys... The club have done little wrong here, in all honesty, do we have it in us to pull a rabbit out the hat manager wise, at he moment we seem to be on the ropes and taking heavy blows....
  8. Pendle again, quality always seems decent, how is there range, seems pretty basic
  9. FFS really liked Josh and wish the lad well in his career, that's him and Max away so far this evening, is this the night of the long knives.. Interesting that the 2 p!Ayers have baled out this early contracts up on 31st... Only a few days away I know, time to appoint a new gaffer and see if you are impressed with his vision etc.... Unless they have heard of the Go w / Rankin mash up and said f**k this...... Interesting and slightly worrying situation developing..
  10. We don't need a prospect, we need a competent consistent keeper, not to iron out the flaws of other clubs fifth choice keepers,
  11. Has Stuart Taylor been officially bagged yet, all went quiet down Accies way, who do you guys want As his replacement when he goes..
  12. 2 very good football players, Easton is box office, Frizzell more of a grafter, but still effective, both are front foot players, helped by a competent supporting cast, As stated on another thread they both lack pace, Dylan is electric over 5 yards though, Frizz Labour's in the running games... Massive difference between midtable championship to Upper League one in terms of quality, look at how many goals scored in League one to championship, night and day, Is the Championship not a physical, defensive league ..... Good luck to Dylan and frizz wherever they end up..
  13. I get the feeling Alan Go w is going to be involved in some capacity, does he have his badges
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