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  1. Agree, looking forward to the day and the occasion, Major shock if we even got a replay, taking 1500 ext to this game,half of which will not be there next week against stranraer, how times change we took 1500 plus to Broadwood on a regular basis during our much maligned tenancy while we waited on the new stadium.. Personally I would freshen up the team, give fringe players game time in a competitive environment, instead of lining up against 17 year olds in the Reserves or Youth development league or whatever they call it these days... Kerr is being touted now as a midfield playmaker because he has scored goals at that level. !!!!!! Kerr is a young centre half who should be encouraged to learn the position from seasoned pros like Crighton and Fordyce, I do not see any advantage to messing with this, we did the same with Jamie Bain and Scott Stewart years ago changing positions on a regular basis to suit the inadequacies of recruitment and management, in my view these players have not developed to a standard they could have due to this.
  2. Agree any ideas on who could be a creative midfielder, personally don't think there will be any more signing news, unless any injuries are picked up before the end of the window.
  3. Just seems to have come from a couple of ITK fans on facebook, who!e thing has got out of contro!, The club as far as I can see have not commented quite rightly until the ink is dry, in saying that there is no smoke without fire and I expect Mr Ryan to be unveiled in due course to help our quest for unexpected glory. Apart from Ryan's possible return, the club have made promising moves in resigning Thomson, Seagal, MacDonald and the superb McCann.. Hats off to Paul Hetherington and his fellow directors who had to run the gauntlet when they took the reins of a rudderless ship and move us forward, no doubt costing themselves a small fortune in the process, For the first time in a long time we have hope and our pride back...... Onwards and upwards
  4. What's going on ffs, The hysteria regarding his signing is getting too much. Just sign him, this could have an unsettling effect on the team for a very important game on saturday....
  5. I must be honest I got the fear when the Tizer broke the "exclusive" this morning, lazy journalism, no links apart from our fans page. ..... Hopefully Andy Ryan is on the back page of the Tizer next week after riding into town on his white charger..... Onwards and Upwards
  6. A fit and firing Andy Ryan as we k now can put this league to the sword, But he has not been fit or firing since he left really never been a regular starter or scorer for Dunfermline is he damaged goods......
  7. Ok you seem more in the know, then myself, as I say I sincerely hope this rumour is true, also think we require a creative midfielder someone like Declan Glass who we had last year on loan.......
  8. Weird how this rumour hasn't broke on the fans Facebook site, Typical Pie and Bovril wishful thinking, Sincerely hope I am wrong.......
  9. More chance of a cameo appearance on Coronation Street, anyway we have still to unveil your last scoop, the Swedish striker......
  10. I think Callum Smith is on a season long loan from Dunfermline or that was what was stated at the start of the season when he arrived.
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