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  1. Any idea of the attendance, looked a bit busier around 750 i would think..
  2. Is Steven Bell still contracted to Thistle, noticed he was an a keen spectator at the Airdrie game today.....
  3. This could well be a game we are dominated in, we need to keep our shape early on and keep in the game... apart from the Allo a game Rhys McCabe has been outstanding, I am more concerned a bout our strikers holding the ball up in order to get up the pitch , which opens up the pitch for Dylan and frizz to wor k there magic..
  4. Win or lose against Cove it won't define either clubs season, It is definitely game of the day in the division though, both clubs at the summit at the moment for a reason, Cove with most of their goals through Megginson and McAllister, Airdries goals are much more spread out.... Onto the game, first goal is crucial, recently we have struck first and dictated play, if we go on the back foot early like Falkirk at home, we struggle to break teams down. Confident we will not lose the game though.
  5. I think if you offered both managers a boring no score draw, they would take it..... We are at home, maybe Kerr and. Gabby back to strengthen. Looking forward to it.
  6. Are you trying to say Easton wasn't fouled, when Keiran Millar received his 2nd yellow......
  7. To be fair to Airdrie we have played that way , even better sometimes in a large number of games this season, We do need to get that 2nd goal earlier and kill games off, as I said after the home game against East Fife, they were not the worst side I have seen and I stand by that, You should see of f Clyde and Dumbarton comfortably i reckon........ Connell is a player I would like to see in the diamond again.
  8. good to see O Reilly doing well with yourselves, he was a player Airdrie wanted to keep and offered the lad a new deal, but chose Stenny not long after the end of last season, he was pretty much a regular in League 1 last season, reminded me of a young Darren Henderson.. Will we good to see a few old heads in a fortnight, possible banana
  9. My League one Team of the year to date....based solely on performances against Airdrie and a token couple of ringers of an Airdrie persuasion.. Gk...... Hutton. Allo a Def..... Mulligan, Peter head Def. Kilday. , Queens Park Def.. Dillon, Montrose Def... Steeves, Montrose Mid.. Brown, Queens Park Mid. McCabe, Airdrie Mid, Webster, Montrose Mid, Easton, Airdrie For... Goodwillie, Clyde For, McAllister, Cove Subs...Gk. Muir. Queens Park Def.....Fordyce, Airdrie Def.... McGeever , Dumbarton Mid....Frizzell, Airdrie Mid, McLean , Dumbarton For.....Megginson, Cove For......Connell, East Fife Bit of fun folks, what's your opinions of that team..
  10. An usual game very flat by both sides in the first half with no tempo to the game at all, Frizzell and Easton began to find pockets of space, leading to a fantastic finish by Dylan right on half time, To be fair that totally changed the game, The wind didn't look too bad until you left the stadium but was easier for AIrdrie in the second half albeit Peter head didn't do enough with it, AIrdrie when Easton, Friz and McInro y get in the mood they are a pleasure to watch, Smith was on it as well, 3 goals and could easily have been five or six, Curries mistake epitomizes this Airdrie side , we do have a self destruct button, we need to cut this stuff out pronto... To be fair to Peter head I have seen a lot worse sides this season, 2 full backs were impressive and Big McLean is a handful although pretty exposed up front himself.... Airdrie centre half s were very good, problem is full back areas, Wallker tried hard struggled at times against the no 2, Watson the same on the other side, What is the Rico situation, is it any closer to getting resolved, we need every player fit and available.. Top of the League ..... Onwards and Upwards
  11. What Is the end game here, a lot of blood letting and fan dick swinging going on and that's really it.... Apparently you have a wage bill that could choke a horse especially for this league, starting and running a youth academy with little or no rewards in short to medium term at least... Have all the money men jumped ship with nobody stepping into the breech, Like a few clubs in skid row, like my own club where we are stuck in a 90s bubble, Falkirk are really similar except there glory days were slightly later... We are getting overtaken by Cove, Queens Park and a rapidly rising Kelty Hearts.... This season could be win or bust really for a few clubs,
  12. If you mean going for a defender, as in loan or signing, nothing can be done till the next transfer window..... Only way round it playing a free agent as a trialist.....
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