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  1. Working from home, that old chestnut...
  2. These are the type of games Airdrie can come unstuck, if the goals come great , would take a scrappy one nil, Old Duffy knows the game, he will probably have a tight deep lying back 5, trying to feed off our mistakes and hit on the break, it's primitive, but needs must for Clyde and if we keep our patience , we should be ok, talking about running up scores, will lead to meltdown on here if it fails to happen..
  3. Josh Rae has only played 6 games or so, this season due to shoulder surgery, what are his best qualities and faults,,,, in the games played he has had hardly a save to make...
  4. Maybe it's to do with Fordyce playing Right Centre Half, ATS who is unfairly slated by many on here was arguably our best defender again and his partnership with Fordyce has saw an upturn in form,
  5. Watching the highlights Shinnie was an absolute disgrace today also
  6. I know it's all hypothetical until 3 pm, I also would like Stanway to get a run, although dropping Telfer who has arguably been our best midfielder in the last 6 games or so wouldn't make sense, if snowshoeing Stanway into the team then IMO a chunky looking Frizzell wwould drop out
  7. Hard game coming up, Allo a like ourselves are capable of blowing teams away when it clicks, The big question for me is how do we setup at the back, Allo a have 3 talented physical front players, Sammon, McIvor and Donnelly, all 3 I think would have the advantage ove r Fordyce who has been erratic at best this season, does ATS keep his own place, does Watson drop into C H if Ballantyne returns, it's a game we really cannot afford to lose, Rhys has to get the setup spot on....
  8. No chance you would pay 20k for Jordan Allan w ith his contract up in 5 months, 5k max I would reckon.. Jordan Allan a player I have followed since he made his debut at 14, This signing shows there are no strikers in Scottish football, can he play consistent top 4 in League 1 or higher, IMO no, it's above his level, he will score goals for Clyde in a lost cause game, can he deliver when the real pressure is o n, he couldn't at Airdrie last season with a very good supporting cast.... interesting remainder of the season....
  9. How's the old Airdrie contingent getting on, Walker, Crighton, Big Nat and O Reilly have they finally found there level or could O Reilly make the step back up.
  10. I am trying to think back, was it just a one day tournament (sunday), watched it religiously back in the day... Good fun Present day 6 s Hutton Ballantyne Fordyce Telfer Frizzell Smith
  11. That's Dunfermline now out the Scottish cup, hopefully the 2 clubs can get together and organise our postponed clash for the next free Saturday 5 th round day, the 11th February...... This season is far to stop start and we need to play consistent.... Shouldn't be a problem playing league games on that day,
  12. If fit, should be a very good signing for League 1, played championship level for Morton and Ayr, big and physical, can Obi Wan Duffy do the unthinkable....
  13. It's certainly going to be a dogfight for the playoffs, Edinburgh I think will be dragged into playoff battle, pi c k any 2 from Edinburgh, Alloa, ourselves, Montrose and QOS, we have a chance next 2 games must be 6 points though .. we still have 2 loans available, will we get them....... d o we need them now..... I think a backup keeper and we will be fine squad wise....
  14. Talking of managers Ally MacLeod was Airdrie manager w hen I first went up the steps of dear old Broomfield..
  15. Your post seemed very random at the time, thought Rocky the Rooster was coming back, you must have been ITK.... Hats off and here's to big Byrd the antipodean Joe Gorman. ( hopefully not though)..
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