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  1. That's correct Glasgow University will be playing there home fixtures at the Penny Cars Stadium this season, sensible to hire out the pitch where possible to increase revenue streams...
  2. What about the 1924 ties, or the chiffon neck scarf if that's your thing....
  3. Agree we are and will be hard to beat most games in this league, but if you flip it are we good enough to beat teams on a consistent basis, when yourself confessed mantra is not to lose, but There is an interesting play on words when you listen to Murray's interviews,(not the Thistle interview) Murray always thanking Millar and the board for targeting signings and bringing them to the club, IS he is stating he isn't signing the players and are being signed by the Director of Football, is this why a number of talented offensive players are currently ring left out the side, Thomas Robert and Stokes being the players... If so I cannot see how this can be of a benefit at League 1 level, Managers should target and sign the players HE wants....... Thoughts
  4. It's a pity the Arlington and the Woodside are shut at the moment, they took a few hidings at those hostelries over the years.
  5. I had forgotten about that game, we were in danger of going down as well, remember the celebrations well when Lynch scored that day...... My personal favourite was a midweek League Cup tie at the start of the ill fated Archibald era, when the newly recruited Spanish Armada took on the Partick, San Juan was pinging balls about that park as if it was game of fifa, Big crowd plenty singing and a late penalty winner by Austin McCann.
  6. I think we are in the same position as most clubs, good loyal sponsors, directors plugging financial holes, trying there best to bring money in with the streaming service, New merchandisec etc, in saying that it only goes so far... Not much else they can do just now, Trying not too look to far ahead, I think most clubs will find a way to keep going, a lot will depend on relative success of the team, it will be tough for teams struggling at the bottom of the league's motivationally wise as well as the other issues during the winter months, which could then force decisions to be made...
  7. Agree, ithought Gallagher played the lone striker well, hold up play and first touch was excellent, we have the ability to outplay teams in midfield, with Stokes in there, if he starts in place of McKay or Thomson, for a change we have options in the side, does anybody know if T histle provide steaming for away fans or is it worth a trip to watch it from the canal bank, can only see half the pitch that way though, suppose we are getting used to that 😉😁
  8. We are a defensive side, and actually seem more so than last season even with our improved attacking options, We look a side that one goal would beat us, we need to attack this league if we want out it, just too many project players in the team for my liking who will consistency throughout the season.... I don't think the bookies will be far off either, hopefully we have enough for a playoff,
  9. Hopefully the tinker man, gets us a result, to give us a boost before Saturdays opener..
  10. Not convinced , I thought we were completely toothless up front and in wide areas, not really a surprise, goalscoring will be a major problem this season...
  11. Good competitive game with the performance ramped up, Kerr and Sabatini seem a good partnership, but rarely ahead of the ball, would McKay and Kerr be a better duo with goals at the moment in short supply, Definitely need more options up front, If not we will struggle, although we have 5 !oans we can take it need be, Trialist midfielder seemed competent. Any names flying about....
  12. It will be unusual to see a Queens team with so much quality, League 1 is probably the best league competitive wise just now, Queens and the Lowland League will probably be joining in the next 2 to 3 years, Unless we can get out the league this year, we may have to rely on reconstruction it is getting more difficult year on year. Not being negative just realistic... Onto the game we have to ramp our performance up a good 30%, I feel we have sleepwalked our way through preseason, patches of good play, flashes of talent, but every game we struggled to get shots away, create chances etc, hopefully today he gives his starting 11 and hour at least before the merry go round of the subs start....
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