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  1. It is basically a statement that didn't need to be made...
  2. Would think it is a stick on that Sabatini, Robert, Mbayo and Stokes will a 'll be gone at the end of the season, I think it is pl a in to see that our left fi e ld recruitment has failed miserably, that is down to our now departed DOF......
  3. This might have already been raised, I was under the impression that the Premier league and the championship were the only leagues allowed to train and play under strict testing and mitigation protocols..... All other football lower leagues, down the pyramid, women's football etc were not allowed to train or play until given the unlikely go ahead to start back.... Why were the Scotland women's team allowed to play a friendly in Cyprus when there level is shut down and have been apparently unable to meet up and train and was this game essential , have I missed something ....
  4. I would think the players could be Mbwyo and Stokes, they are both recruited through an agency called Quorum sports, made some general enquiries today not related to Airdrie but a now rival club. . Apparently it is common practice when recruiting players through recruitment companies is that they pay the players a wage and the club and player have a pay per game agreement to top up there wage being subsidised. A win-win situation for the agency who gets there p!Ayers training facilities , and game time to possibly get them a move in the next window, possibly that's why said players haven't being playing ... It is certainly not a situation I think our club should be participating in, if we are trying to get better p!ayers through this setup then we really need a new scouting and p!ayer recommendation process because it clearly isn't working, We made a big thing about this hybrid model mix of Full and Part time players which has limited success, can we afford the hybrid or are we going back part time, if you cannot afford allegedly to fund a minimum 18 man squad then we will have to cut our cloth accordingly, to be fair we have been there before..
  5. Ok he's not pr olific in the goal scoring is his stats any worse than Ally Roy when he was signed or stokes ,O Reilly or Thomson.. If hypothetically McKay senior was looking to invest heavily in the club, but we have to take the hit with Paul and Jack being part of the playing squad, would you accept it.... If hypothetically of course Jack McKay was signed behind the back of Stuart Millar would you reckon that could be a catalyst for his shock resignation.....😷......
  6. Why the hate for Jack McKay his goal record stands with the current tripe who don't get the same abuse, have a look at yourself ffs
  7. If we are being honest it is not a complete surprise, has he fallen on his sword or a mutual parting of the ways, the ITK crowd are awfully quiet on this whole matter, he was a guy with the club at heart , but his signing policy has went rogue and in my opinion that was his downfall, that and getting involved on a day to day basis on the training field and also in the dug out.... Moving forward I would expect Ian Murray to get another season with an assistant that he wants with playoffs the bare minimum expected..
  8. Leagues one and 2 have only hemselves to blame, we should have pushed for a August start date like the "elite" clubs when the virus was less prevalent, but decided to ride the furlough scheme for as long as they could, some clubs in the lower leagues have never been as solvent don't kid ourselves, 200k in hand outs in league 1 and 150k in league 2.....Foot ball and society needs to get off its knees,
  9. Distinct possibility the SFA will not listen to us diddy clubs. , If it gets proposed by the elite to force there co!ts teams into the lower leagues, then it will be seen as a progressive move.. Are you prepared to accept that, not too sure many league 1 clubs would fancy it, Scottish Football really is a mess and is there any guarantee we will have fans next season, many clubs if that happens will just sit out next season....once bitten twice shy.....
  10. I am sorry w e cannot try and paper over the cracks, apathy reeks in our support and throughout the club, it is now ingrained in the dna.
  11. I think the problem was the "Trust" outgrew the club... Who morphed into Diamonds in the community and all the " big hitters" went to them.. I think the "Trust" remains in name only don't remember much coming from them even pre covid.... Club 1924 has the potential to be a form of supporters club although due this pandemic nothing has came of it yet, the club need a,but of imagination for this to work long term....
  12. The only reason the MacKay signing would make sense is if Connell is being recalled by Killie. The club needs a complete reset and start again, we are going knowwhere
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