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  1. Keatings is at it, and will hopefully be shipped out before the window closes.
  2. how does keatings illness or bad attitude make laszlo a clown?
  3. Didn't Fergie famously have a FA cup game to save his job at Manure? also Houston needed a 4-1 win at perth to stay at utd, then went on to win the cup.
  4. Is that the grass who got a hospital porter the sack?
  5. Clyde would be due a fee for Badcock for a start, never mind his well documented "issues"
  6. Cheltenham Town striker Brian Graham could be on his way back to Scotland after less than a year down south. .. Just saying.
  7. you have to remember this is the most successful Dundee have been in 40 years (except when they were robbing the city and the tax man blind) and they're still shite!
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