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  1. The 4 you have mentioned along with Lewis Elder is at Lochgelly, the boy brand is mates with my son and he is away to America. I am sure there are 1/2 more possibly Dundee or Perth clubs. I hear broughty are trying to get Sibanda through his brother as think he was wanting him at Cupar. So still a good few but the main losses are certainly Patrick, Whitehead and the young keeper Clarkson he was very decent when I watched the Kelty game, be interesting to see if anyone else leaves in the coming weeks.
  2. I agree with Manonthenspot also, cant see St Andrews doing anything of note other than fighting down the bottom half, and I also think they will be stuck in the premier for a while. The saving grace may be the rumours they will be taken over and formed with AM Soccer and potential Lowland league route. Kennoway improving, Glens will be stuffy. Tayport will be in the top half but still not convinced will be challenging or that.
  3. Sibanda has scored goals and will always get you goals but from what I remember is very much hot or cold. Don't know the lad Fleming but the 4 signings will need to play most weeks I assume. Why else would they move to be bit part and St Andrews don't have a big squad with most left and a few wanting away or rumoured to be joining other Fife clubs in the area. They must have had around 6/7 left since end of the season so new recruits I expect would play and still need to add real quality. That's why I think they will struggle and I agree it will be a very tight league, but so has the last 2/3 years been tight.
  4. Probably right Hibby9. The guys that have been signed may have been told will get to play regular football and St Andrews have lost quite a lot and are maybe struggling to sign players that can allow them to challenge at the top, maybe it's the best option for them at this time. I agree the quality is not the best and it will be a struggle but hopefully they can stay in the league and then try and kick on.
  5. I am with you on this Hibby9 I don't think St Andrews will be relegated but I do think they will be nearer the bottom than the top of the league and fighting off relegation. Gillfillan decent enough but there is a reason he is not at Kelty and have St Andrews signed him? The others would not fill me with massive confidence, possibly a bit of the management knowing the players from elsewhereor something. In the Fife circles you hear rumours from players speaking and from what I have heard there is a lack of quality players willing to join St Andrews due to a number of reasons, training, match organisation, standards etc all being poor. The boy Patrick has just left to join Dundonald and he has been there a few years now, with others either left now or rumoured to be joining other fife based teams. I think it will be the likes of Dalkeith, Arniston, and Downfield if they spend and potentially surprises from Tranent or Kennoway. I expect Tayport and Sauchie to play a part in the league if that's challenging I don't think but certainly a say on who wins it. It's very open I believe with even relegation being a very interesting part.
  6. Manonthespot You could not be anymore wrong... Lets just get 1 thing straight whom you appoint is nothing to do with me nor do I particularly care, what I expressed was an opinion from what I had heard. My argument is that in today's junior game for a club and manager to separate due to negotiations is very few and far between. When success has come to a club under a manager and a club clearly working together then suddenly it's new manager time and new appointments because of contract talks is a little silly in my eyes. Surely we are not talking about wads of cash being a breakdown in talks. I am certain Dundonald have rational thinking committee members and Morri was a realist and during those talks to not reach an agreement seems rather bizarre. I don't know why you bring Glenrothes into this as unless you have been involved along the way and wanting to get your tuppance worth in. Dundonald are a decent team and maybe don't have the finances of other super league teams in the area although I would assume most are in the same boat out with Kelty. To me a manager leaving when a club is on the up and changing the dynamics of the team can be a massive risk due to breakdown of talks. It may not be but who knows only time will tell. We will never know the reason, money, direction, ambition, or something else.
  7. I don't know those in and outs either Victor, yes it needed to be quick and it was quick to be fair. I think the main problem I see is that for negotiations to breakdown between Manager and club is not the norm in the Juniors. Let's be honest everyone needs to realise it's junior football and surely both parties could not have been on different planets in contract talks. I have heard different things and again some crap and some with substance. Regarding Stevie from what I know yes decent shift at Oakley, Ballingry well maybe kept them up in what was a poor league but the whole club was toxic and corrupt certainly in latter years and ended up folding. People there knew stuff and that's the sad part that a local club went that way. Kelty yes the money they spent, budgets they had they were almost odds on to win the league the season before last, not sure when Stevie come in to the Kelty setup but I would have expected them to win that. This year same budgets and big spends and end of the day was an average team, dumped out senior Scottish and junior although I heard Stevie had a fall out not sure if true but maybe that's why Kelty were poor this season after he left. What I do believe is certain committee members are still sitting in their ivory towers clueless about a lot of things and making decisions which do not particularly benefit the clubs. Ambition brings hard work and many can't be bothered with the extra work and granted many do work hard as volunteers. Dundonald want to be ambitious, so time will tell as I believe in my opinion not all is what it seems behind the scenes.
  8. It's opinions Victor, I believe there was better qualified and that's my opinion. Agree end of the day it's Dundonald's decision, but find it strange that it was done as quickly as it was considering the circumstances in which some left their previous posts at Rosyth and Stevie only being at Camelon a matter of weeks. I have nothing against Stevie Kay or anyone appointed I don't know them. Yes he has managed at other clubs but I would not say set the heather alight but then again I am not the one hiring. So it comes back down to the wonderful world of football and opinions.
  9. I agree, swift action was needed as its a crucial part of the season wth preparation needed and new signings etc. Potentially Borris knows more who knows!!! I just know better people never got the job and finances had nothing to do with it... I would be asking why does a coach commit to another club and suddenly leave after 4-6 weeks. Maybe Stevie has his reasons and that's perfectly fine. End of the day only time will tell if it's correct and if players are happy as my sources say they expected someone else to be in charge. Thats football and opinions, why we love the game ha
  10. Borris1999,I think your right in a few things you say and all is not quite what it seems. I believe Loyalty has gone... Well from what I know all interviews happened on Sunday. My wife's, sisters husband happens to know one of the candidates. He was late in due to another interview and from what he had said there were very experienced and qualified applicants with senior experiences, which he felt he would maybe have missed out on the role. He was notified about 3 hours after his meeting that their application would not go further and Stevie Kay had been placed in charge, quickly followed by his coaches whom had resigned from duties elsewhere . Very quick indeed but time would have been of priority due to timings of the new season. As I mentioned before Morri going was strange and I do believe there had been some words said between players and management in the past, just seems committee parted very quickly indeed considering the good work. Possibly they felt since contract talks had stalled they maybe thought Morri was not the person to take the club to that next level. Who knows but for me it's strange Stevie was at Camelon for all of 4-6 weeks and suddenly in charge at Dundonald, I am sure I read that was the case but maybe loyalty gone from clubs, committees and coaches.
  11. I agree, if it's terms and money then surely for the work that's been put in they could not have been a million miles apart. Ambition, every club should be ambitious along with a manager otherwise what is the point. My surprise is that they choose that route to go and appointing Stevie Kay. I thought he was at Camelon only 6 weeks ago alongside McDowal, maybe there is a reason for him leaving so quickly which I would have thought Camelon would be a bit annoyed about. I heard there had been higher profile applicants which the players were aware off and seemed in good spirits about a positive conclusion on a replacement manager, to match the clubs so called ambitions. Possibly Morri had bigger ambitions and it never fitted with Dundonald, we are not likely ever to know but I smell something wrong with the whole situation.
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