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  1. Have you tried the Junior website to send out a email or update clubs via there site, or contact clubs directly Who have you played for before?
  2. Any luck on your search to find a club in the East?
  3. Some interesting games stand out there.
  4. Dropped you a message Victor 

  5. No results maybe we're not ideal at times but performances was decent and unlucky in a few games. Being 4th bottom and 5/6 clubs all separated by 5/6 points does not constitute a crisis. Recent super league campaigns prior to last season Saints have finished bottom, winning 4 games the last time they went down, Mcgure won 2 of those when he took over so it was even worse that season. He guided them back up which I never expected when they lost an entire squad apart from 4/5 players. tayport did not sack their manager, Lochee stuck by their manager despite losing 20 games and winning 3 or something but built for the future. I believe if that's the criteria the current manager would need to go as they had 16/17 games left and that's the base St Andrews have set, and I am not advocating that. Clubs need to take a reality check I think and realise that progression comes in forms of being up and down and when a young manager turns down senior opportunity to remain at the junior club to be sacked a few months later is poor and that's where loyalty needs to be shown at times, yes the players seemed happy, playing reasonably well but I am certain results would have picked up. I expect a few managerial changes in the first 3/4 months however but don't expect St Andrews to be one of them.
  6. No Victor I agree with you but will always be honest. I will support and critisise that's just football. Like I have said in the past I hope they do well and build but I am also a realist and from the 3 games I watched against Amateur teams which they should be winning comfortably and really get no credit for it as its expected. Those games have been fairly even apart from Aberdour on Tuesday night. The junior clubs East Craigie they were average against a lower league club granted they had several good chances but never seen a way they were trying to play. The Lochee game they were exposed badly but Lochee will be strong so it's maybe not a true reflection. Games last year they were decent in the early part and seemed to be a more structured team, a few heavy defeats after Xmas and was relegation end of season. New managers new style whatever the reasons they have certainly gone backwards IMO. Experienced boys left, along with several good players and recruitment has been poor based on games so far. That coupled with several locals grumbling on from last year and this season about players complaining about training and committees arguing is not a positive for the club. End of the day season starts this weekend and 3 points it's all forgotten, but we can't get off to a bad start as I fear they don't recover, a decent start from first 3 games at home collecting 5/6 points would happily accept.
  7. Victor Yes I have always had an Interest since I was a student at the Uni in the early 90s. Since 2012 when we moved up to Lundin links with my job I have followed a bit better and managed maybe 20 odd games over the last 3/4 years. Work normally dictates but if I can't manage I take in other local games being at Kelty, Glens, Kirkcaldy and Dundonald dependant on who is playing and stuff. So maybe more of an arm chair fan but yes I follow them and have some friends of friends who have been involved in the past and currently. The only involvement I have come close to was a sponsorship package of players or boards after a conversation with the old chairman David Cunnigham a few years back.
  8. Last night while out with my son in Windygates we managed to watch St Andrews Utd training and a friendly match taking place over on the other pitch. Jesus St Andrews were brutal, or maybe that's harsh but the standard was abysmal. The session was what looked to me as being thrown together and hope for the best. They did some passing drills which my 4 year old does at AM Soccer and some possession drill which the balls spent most of the time being collected in, then what can only be described as either a fitness shooting drill uphill into the goal or just lazy organisation. They finished off with a game with a big goal and 2 fun four size goals that my wee lad plays in at the other end, and the players running about taking 3 touches maximum and some needed 3 just to get the ball under control but was no thought or organisation into the session. To me the players just seemed to be moaning about it and looked half arsed as the training was IMO a shambles from the beginning. Coaches, no authority, no coaching, and seemed to walk about with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Seriously if that's a junior setup who think they are going to challenge then they better take a long hard look at themselves and the club and realise what's going on. Otherwise they should keep their clown feet and big hats and red noses on as the Moscow State Circus is coming soon and they would fit in perfectly for giving the public a laugh. On the other pitch was a friendly between Greig park Rangers and AM Soccer they must have thought a junior setup they must be having a laugh. As both teams looked far more a junior outfit than the St Andrews bunch. I think St Andrews would struggle in the Kingdom league... But would certainly learn some stuff from the decent Amateur teams in the area with their setups. I have seen Eastvale when they were still a club and GPR training sessions and they were far more constructive and organised than what was on show last night from a junior semi pro club. I stick to my opinion that Saints will struggle this season, maybe can get better players in but the quality from games I have seen and the training witnessed last night are quite poor, hopefully not things can improve but they are seriously miles away from challenging for any promotion and may be best trying to consolidate and look to build on that again next year and avoid relegation.
  9. DRS the point I am merely making is that if they are struggling to raise a team or don't have a big squad ie 16 players then would be silly playing a few days before start of the season with a lack of bodies and run the risk of injury etc. I think they only had 2/3 subs for last friendly, I do know teams have friendlies before Sat but those are teams that seem to be better prepared and have not cancelled a game due to being unable to raise a team...
  10. Crazy that surely they have enough players? Not the best preparation going into 1st league game next week. Not playing for a fortnight. Unless they play midweek which would not be ideal only a few days before and with seemingly a small squad.
  11. I think you could be right superbigal I don't think they have anyone to come in. If they stay it's still a very difficult season regardless I think. The silver fox on Sunday seemed to know quite a bit of what had been happening regarding unhappy players and complaints about training and tactics. Which had been expressed to the chairman last season, even passing a remark that it's all jobs for mates regarding management and co chairmans etc.
  12. Macky1903 your pretty much spot on with what you said, I agree totally bullied against Lochee but for me it was how easy they just gave up both on the park and at the sidelines. St Andrews want to be a top club it's not going to happen with the signings that have replaced the likes of Patrick, Mackie, Whitehead, Clarkson etc. There was a mix of experience and youth, I watched them a few games in the premier and were a decent team then last season against Bonnyrigg, Bo'ness, Newtongrange, Tayport which they won and narrowly lost to Bo'ness, which you could see they were still a work in progress but would win games over the season. I then watched them against Kelty, Bo'ness which they were extremely poor and seen highlights of a 7 something hammering from Linlithgow. Then at the weekend again it was as poor a side as I can remember. Just no dig, fight, or shape. At the end of the day the current management has either let go or not had an option in terms of players leaving but has recruited a poor standard. I think you will always get a portion of signings wanting to go if they were brought in by a previous manager, existing players you have McMullan, Patrick, Mackie who have gone and left due to reasons they will know, Buchan on the transfer list. Which if memory serves me right only leaves McInnies and Sibanda whom was at the club before.
  13. It is mind you last few seasons have been very competitive also. Who is your top 3 tip?
  14. Yeah maybe 1/2 still to come in, maybe have decided to go young but you still can have young and experienced at 22/23 and in my view of your good enough your old enough. clarkson is 18 whitehead is 23 and the lad Sturrock is 19, apart from Patrick and McMullan whom would have been the oldest the rest would have been between 22-26. Not a old team but I think the big question is the new signings quality is not there and possibly the attraction to sign better players. Long term maybe they come together as a decent team but only see them struggling now for this season and with that is a possibility of going down again in a competitive Premier League. Although it is still only pre season games but against Junior clubs they have been shown up and struggled past East Craigie, as so far had only played Amateur teams which they should be beating anyway and only 2 weeks till the start of the new season.
  15. The 2 teams that played both Sat and Sun St Andrews seemed to have their new signings in place. Wedderburn, Sibanda, Buchan whom I would say was their better players were playing although Buchan has asked to leave according to a older gentleman who seemed to know all the ins and outs. So much so saying the players brought in to replace are poor along with complaints about standards of training. Lots of players have left, Clarkson and Whitehead very good players to Lochee. Kevin McMullan has left, Patrick to Dundonald. Deane, Kelly, Dobie all away. Sturrock at Forfar apparently and a couple of others whom I forget what was said. My opinion of what was on show would be struggled against a lower league club and played off the park by a very good Lochee team which was no disgrace but at the same time were miles off them in all departments, and the game was over at 5-0 after 26 mins or something. So if they were missing a few good players I expect it was maybe about 7/8 of them then. Certainly never played as a team and was extremely quiet both on and off the park from players and management.
  16. Birse got the Hat-Trick, central midfield was Cargill and Rollo I think. They played well Lochee although St Andrews were poor all over and could have been a lot more. Grieg park rangers put up a better game.
  17. I liked Lochee and feel they have improved dramatically from 2 years ago when in the Super League. I think the rebuilding process from when they went down and allowed the team to form has helped them benefit instead of chopping and changing managers. Ok this season a few changes managerial wise but because of personal progression but by in large have recruited well in terms of strength in depth and players competing for important positions in the team combined with steady growth last year to gain promotion via the playoffs. A good season for Lochee and will be a welcome addition and increased competition from the Tayside area badly needed in my opinion.
  18. St Andrews tournament today 3rd/4th Place Greig Park Rangers 2 East Craigie 4 decent game both teams gave a good account of themselves and I expect GPR to be challenging at the top of the Amatuer League and East Craigie to be middle of the pack in the North. Final St Andrews 2 Lochee 6 This was one way traffic from the start, Lochee were 5 up after about 28 mins and I fully expected them to hit double figures. Half time finished 5-0 After the break there were changes and Lochee pretty much went through the motions, St Andrews managed a couple of consolations but felt Lochee could score if they pushed on. Final score 6-2 St Andrews were as poor as a team as I have seen, having seen them on 5/6 occasions over the last couple of years and being a decent team and organised and difficult to beat, they are certainly miles away from even competing for promotion from the premier league. Lack clear experience over the pitch and no leaders. A lot of changes but certainly not good enough, and a lack of input from the sidelines to drive a clearly struggling team. Lochee on the other hand have great squad in depth and can certainly cope with the rigours of the Super League and can rely on some quality players. I expect they will beat and surprise the top teams and possibly do well in the cups and finish in the top half and even push top 5.
  19. Lochee Utd 5 Greig Park Rangers 1 St Andrews 1 East Craigie 1 St Andrews win 5-4 on pens and play Lochee in the final of their tournament tomorrow. lochee cruised against an Amateur team and scored some good goals. St Andrews struggled against a lower league junior outfit. Not reading too much into friendly tournaments but I think East Craigie will do ok in the North League and St Andrews I feel will struggle in the Premier. Lochee shluld compete well, good squad in depth and will be difficult to beat. I expect them to be mid table to top half if they can play as a team.
  20. That's just you and your affection of Perth based players lol. Do you class Patrick, Whitehead, Clarkson and Mackie as soft boys? Ha That would be their captain, main defender, No1 GK in that 4. Whom have all signed for decent teams... And IMO all very decent players. Problem is replacing the even soft boys you say with quality which I am not seeing from recent signings. I would suggest a long hard season which will be played out down the bottom end of the league. Interesting to hear you say about opinion of management team, it's not the 1st time heard about that and that's from players whom the current regime have signed.
  21. Macky1903 would possibly mean there are more gone than what's been reported. The list below are decent enough junior players with experience, the current crop left possibly Wedderburn has decent experience but that's about it. The new signings I would not say are a better quality IMO and if they lose anymore I feel it will be a struggle all season. Whitehead, Clarkson, Patrick, Deane, Dobie,Brand,Elder,Mackie,Holden, McManus although the last 2 did leave last season to go to Jeanfield.
  22. I had heard they had moved on but was not sure as to who. Your right juniordee probably more than that.
  23. Tough season ahead then maybe. Good start is a must I think.
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