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  1. Well said Deekwallacebluebell i believe the players do carry a shoulder of blame, and rightly so. However the downward spiral has been a combination of poor choices from committee & Management over the last 2 seasons. The commiitee issues are a lot longer than that however and it has never really been a working committee as to many Of them want to speak about one another. Half if not more are never there so how can it be a proper working committee with the clubs best interests. Granted all may be nice enough but lack severe knowledge in the running of a club. Its went on far too long and I fear it may never change until the club is effectively on its knees.
  2. I would not go as far as saying I slate them, fact is it's a honest opinion and it isn't good enough both on and off the park. That falls down to management and committee, I am only speaking out about what others say and do and that comes from committee members and several supporters. Meetings and discussions falling on deafs ears, voices not being heard or 2-3 working against others. Now I know all committees don't get on, problem with St. Andrews everyone you speak to is on the committee which is a problem in it's self, and too many not interested in either taking the club forwards or more concerned about their own wee patch on the committee, then slag each other off as and when they want to be heard. I can say more but it would be wrong to do that, but do I think the players are good enough no I don't, do I think signings were correct no I don't, will some leave yes most likely. The committee backed all of what's happened the last few years or some did and others didn't but again it's who holds the highest power and influence over 2/3 but they have to take their fair share of the blame.
  3. Kefc I believe your barking up the wrong tree but it was not a name I was told was a candidate. My choice was someone else or in fact 2 others who were rumoured to be coming in as Manager and Assistant, but I won't name people on here as that was private between Dundonald and the candidates.
  4. Bluebell1 well and truly alive sir... I hold my hands up and say yes you have had an exceptional first season, a lot of changes. I can only go on info given and it's my opinion there were very good candidates. Would they have had as good a first season well no crystal balls there but having seen a few super league games this season I do believe it was a fairly poor super league but you can only beat what's in front of you and Dundonald have picked up points when it's mattered and got that bit of a run which sets you up well. Broughty started great and then went a few months without winning, Carnoustie were poor and never won for about 8 weeks and then went on a great run, Linlithgow have been poor all season and are were they should be at this stage but I believe they will get out of it. It has been an inconsistent season for a few teams and that's were others have capitalised. Putting 3/4 wins together Inbetween a couple of defeats and draws and then a wee run again can propel any team in this league. You must admit yourself how surprised you have been with the 1st season and the biggest test will be next year and progressing on that. Going on about your comment about helping them out, well that's been offered in the past about 3 years ago which was never really taken up, likewise speaking to a few who have expressed an interest in working and helping out but due to the current committee and nip picking along with inner unrest it's not something they would want to do at this time, however being local people and if things changed with a choice few they would gladly come on board. Me now helping out is not really an option as I can't commit, if it's dancing one night and football the next with the kids and juggling work being away more it's not a commitment I could maintain. In terms of managers I have not slated Morri in fact I said he did a great job at Dundonald but very strange how he left and that was the basis of the thread before how and why that had happened. Going back to Saints yes you will know a lot and I am not saying they are not hurting but end of the day it's the managements signings, transfers, players going and they have not been good enough.
  5. Only an observer yes only 3 clubs due to the above info...
  6. Fauldhouse and Newtongrange for me. I can see Jeanfield getting 6 points and Musselburgh possibly getting 7 points leaving a tie and Goal Difference sorting it out. It's going to be tight I think. Linlithgow will pick up the points needed but it's not easy games in hand when others have the points. They are another club that needs a complete overhaul.
  7. Victor - The first 6 games I seen and we did ok won games yes, opposition was not great in fairness. Possibly that was a false hope, since then seen a couple towards xmas in which we were poor and seen the last 5/6 games. We played well against Kennoway and Arniston away in which we were unlucky. Sauchie away was terrible along with Tayport, Violet, Whitburn and Downfield on sat. I don't agree with your statement on budget, yes money been spent on wages and transfer fees from Barret and Morri but they have bought extremely poorly in my eyes and a lot of the committee from what they have said, that being said however I do feel they say one thing to your face and another to someone else. Players will leave and for me it's right as the mentality is all wrong, but we won't come straight back up that's for sure, we need to start fresh again and that's a worry I have for our long term future in the junior game. The committee are nice people, but they all have the same common problems, that's speaking about everyone behind their backs and he said this and she said that. End of the day the chairman/treasurer has been making decisions and also trying to move his boy onto other clubs now for me that speaks volumes about where the club are at. On Sat a committee member who was watching the game 50 yards from us asked us after the game who won!!!! That tells me he either drank too much or just does not care...
  8. Victor Managers have chosen to let players go and brought players in. It has not worked at all, no heart in the squad, no fight and nothing from the sides at all. Yes a couple of games been unlucky here and there, good start people say, they played promoted teams and a Dalkeith side which changed effectively a whole squad, those same teams have improved as the season went on while the Saints gradually got worse each week. The signings have been poor and discipline in games poor and that comes from the sidelines.
  9. DRS i agree with you for once but I do believe help has been offered from a few good guys to go on committee with footballing knowledge and some business acumen, but it's never been taken up. Reasons only a select 1 or 2 know who seem to be making all the decisions and have done so for the last couple of years. Clearly they are blameless when speaking to them and it's everyone else's fault.
  10. Yes Victor I believe your right I think they play Violet home last game maybe.
  11. It requires a total overhaul, Superleague 18 months ago and strange decisions then, and 99% certain North League in next few weeks. 2 Relegations and a committee who have made bad decisions in that time are to blame. As I said before, speaking to the few supporters I fear for their future as a club. Players will go and rightly so, but who would want to come and play in the North League and who can they attract. Too much bickering in the committee and too many silent assassins...
  12. 2 relegations, committee have to hold their hands up and admit their mistakes. Fear for them if they go down now, needs new blood on the committee and desperately needs players wanting to play and clear leadership in the management setup. Next club to to hit the wall... I hope I am wrong.
  13. Supposed to be a bad winter so could well end up having plenty of games off and many problems for Mr Fixture man.
  14. What you fancying today Superbigal. Tayport at at home at 1/2 and Jeanfield home looks decent along with Kelty and Bonnyrigg away to Musselburgh.
  15. All that makes perfect sense, not even been a year and we have had 2 managers now, assistant manager left a few weeks back along with the Co Chairman and a team that has lost many young players,and experienced heads and seems to play as though it does not really matter. To much changes in my opinion. Team playing poorly after a decent start albeit we played teams that were just promoted or at the right time. Last 7/8 games concededed goals and taken heavy defeats. Teams below us and above have games in hand and if they collect points we will slip further towards the bottom. I can't see where the progression has been in the last year other than gone backwards and may well be a relegation fight unless we can start putting 4/5 wins together which should not be beyond us. Another committee member is just what we need that all makes perfect sense now. Well done St. Andrews...
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