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  1. Correct. Also to chuck a foreign lad in who had played nowhere near that level against Dundee was a mistake of JMcG. After that he seemed shot of confidence. Remember that he was signed after they thought he had massive potential and strolled the first 2/3 games prior to Dundee. I think theres a player there that needs a run of games, being allowed to make mistakes as he could turn into a real asset in the long-run. There has been worse players in a rovers shirt thats went onto better things. People could argue McGlynn didn’t put him back in the team after his loan spell but lets be honest, it was one area of the park we had plenty of cover in and it’d be a big risk to chuck him in on a title run. Give him a full pre-season and see how he goes. P.S. I’m not Mendy
  2. 4) can play LB and RB as back-up as were still short in that area
  3. I don’t really pay much attention to other teams or their players. Any opinions on this guy?
  4. If he’s even half as good as his YouTube highlights, then he’ll be 10 times the player Allan was.
  5. I don’t think their squad is anywhere near the quality they had back last time they were in this division. I think they’ll win the league but I certainly don’t think they’ll run away with it. This team won 4 games all season, most of them against Rangers. This tells me that they only turn up for the big teams. I look forward to that in this league... The manager has changed in fairness but he needs to overhaul the team before they’re near a team that will cruise the league.
  6. I work with a few Hearts fans snd none of them have suggested they’d boycott away games. I think I seen they sold 8000 season tickets. If only 10% of them came to SP then that’d about by as big as the largest away support last season.
  7. We don’t need one. We need a French one going by the name of Gregory!
  8. Yes, I really hoped we’d get him back this window. He’s a really good keeper and communicates well with his defenders.
  9. Casa against the Pars, or weirdly Weir last few minutes v Cowden away
  10. I think every tabloid has been suggesting the end of the week.
  11. Am I right in thinking we get more money for Bowie if Fulham get promoted? Might make the playoffs more interesting
  12. This is cringe. Away to your bed and stop embarrassing yourself!
  13. Just seen Tade in a Kia Picanto pulling up outside Starks...
  14. But they send less pics of horses than East Fife fans...
  15. Yeah it was, he was unreal in that game though to be fair.
  16. Cant remember what he was like in the opposition box. My memory of Mendy was that he strolled the first few friendlies, then we played Dundee who brought a decent away support and the forwards were all over him. He made a few mistakes and his confidence seemed gone after that and actually thought it was poor handling from JMcG at the time to put him in against a team like that so early. He’s now had his spell as Kelty and i’m sure he’s adjusted slightly to the Scottish game in that time. I think he could come on strong this season.
  17. Exactly this. McGurn signing mainly as a coach but registered to play means loans aren’t needed to fill the sticks. Happy with McDonald signing, looking forward to who else we recruit.
  18. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5810986/spfl-rule-change-premier-rivals/ Championship clubs possibly able to loan up to 4 premiership players
  19. Thank god, these posts we’re getting worse each time
  20. Excellent news and more updates today. I wonder if there’ll be any new signings?
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