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  1. Very happy with this. Kennedy has been off it for a while and whilst I’m not Armstrong’s biggest fan I think he is more likely to create something in the final third.
  2. I get why they put it back, i also understand that both clubs will have different squads but this decision is a little embarrassing. Why can’t this game have been played behind closed doors like they have done all season? We won the league as as we were top when it ended (and had been pretty much all season) but this is different.
  3. Could argue he’s adjusting to the Scottish game. I think a run of starts might have shown us more than what we’ve seen. Can’t argue with not playing him though given we’re second in the league.
  4. Having watched sportscene, they’ve been in the crowd for years.
  5. McGlynn in pre-match interview now saying Vaughan is a maybe
  6. Very confused about the possible Smith inclusion. I’ve not seen anything in his limited play time to suggest he’ll cut it as a professional football, never mind in the championship. He might impress McGlynn on training but on match day is where it matters. His lack of starts (when fit) evidences this. I hope i’m wrong and he goes on to do well with us. Either way there’s no way he gets in our starting 11, especially in one of our most important games of the season. JMac Tumilty Davo Bene KMac Hendry Spencer Armstrong Tait Kennedy Gullan Can’t say I want Davo there but I think we all know McGlynn will pick him.
  7. Smith looked after training for months on his own. I would think it’d be in his interest to go to the game.
  8. I totally agree but I’m sure I read something recently that he still wants to manage at the highest level he can. Whilst we all hope its with us, you only have to look what he’s done with the club in a small space of time to think it’ll interest other owners. McGlynn would have been a perfect fit for the likes of Aberdeen.
  9. Not to forget and more importantly potentially losing McGlynn
  10. So you’d rather pars miss out and ICT get the playoffs? Avoid a team who are as poor as they have been and instead potentially play a team who we have a dreadful record against. Bizarre!
  11. And importantly keeps ICT out the playoffs for now which is important given our record against them.
  12. Plans are being drawn up to allow as many as 2,000 supporters into both legs of the play-off double header which will decide promotion to and relegation from the Premiership, while the SFA may consider moving the Scottish Cup away from Hampden to accommodate fans. (Daily Record)
  13. I reckon theres a chance he could stay. PCA’s aren’t common (except for us recently) but someone of Hendry’s ability and potential would surely have been one of those to have been snapped up early. He’ll know McGlynn believes in him and he’ll play every week. I think he’s waiting to see where we are before deciding on his future. Also even if we finish second, we might be in a position to make a more lucrative contract offer if money is the deciding factor.
  14. That fact you didn’t consider that is almost as bad.
  15. Sure this was mentioned before but how is Lambie allowed to ref our games. Isn’t he from Kirkcaldy? Last time I remember him covering a home game of ours he made 2 awful decisions that costs us the game
  16. If anything it makes the summer window more exciting. I would have thought players will see what business we’ve done, what we’re building and have watched how we’ve played. Therefore attracting a better level of player who might see this as an ambitious enjoyable place to play.
  17. If that’s a foul, i’m done with football. Doesn’t look like much in it at all.
  18. True but he was a liability before his injury. We’ve got a squad that could do something special but the only area I worry about is centre back. Musonda has been a great acquisition but he needs a well suited partner. Whilst I was delighted to see Gullan come back, I would have preferred a CB. The shutdown on league’s 1 and 2 hasn’t helped as i’d of hoped we could have sent 1 or 2 out on loan to support bringing in a better defender.
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