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  1. Hadn’t heard this but brave/stupid decision if true, as surely away fans will either boycott the game or sneak in the home stands.
  2. The grant we received could be used to rent half a dozen portaloo’s and locate these where the cars are at the back of the south stand.
  3. John Hughes will be on Mondays open goal... could be interesting
  4. Right enough, they’ve just posted the yellow strip
  5. Yeah, stated the date when the first one was announced. The only mention of it recently was on yesterday’s facebook post of the ‘remember’ strip phone wallpaper saying it was tomorrow (today).
  6. Was thinking that myself. Compared to the build up of the home shirt, this one’s hardly been mentioned. Cue post...
  7. I thought Graham was available and I’d be keen for us to sign him. Callaghan, although he’s a good player for that level, we’re well covered in that position so i’d be keen to strengthen in other areas.
  8. Certainly a good loan option then with Thomson as back up. Rated him highly when he was with us and can only imagine he’s improved. Would be interesting to hear what Alloa fans think of his short spell there.
  9. I’ve said it a few times and i’ll say it again, Thomson is a good back-up but i’d like us to go for Kieran Wright. He was great with us last time, had a good relationship with the club, played in the championship last year and I believe he’s just been released by Rangers.
  10. I’d be more than happy with this. As recent videos have shown, the guys at Raith Tv do a great job. I’d much rather watch online rather than wait until the new year. The question i do have although it doesn’t bother me is how much do you charge? Taking into consideration that more than one person can view the match per household, where as that can potentially be 2/3 match day tickets.
  11. Solution, stop bombarding our thread and we’d stop taking the piss about your joke of a club. Obsessed about the wee team, bye [emoji1309]
  12. Same. I like the kit, cant say its a favourite but its more money to the club at this vital time.
  13. Well in that case theres no excuse for your club or other clubs that have chosen to release players unnecessarily.
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