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  1. The amount of medical experts on here is phenomenal. Gutted for him to go off but lets see what the experts say and keep everything crossed in the meantime.
  2. Out of curiosity... who would you rather have? Tade or Armstrong? Both would go straight into the first 11 but offer different qualities, one at the twilight of his career whereas the other is developing. ETA - I’m fully aware that neither will join us.
  3. I can’t say i’ve been impressed with him at all. Continually tries to do too much on the ball, which is a shame as he has the build and ability to be a pest for defenders.
  4. He seemed to collide with Anderson if I remember correctly.
  5. Tait has been fantastic today, passing could improve but looks really promising
  6. I don’t see this impacting Bowie’s game time. I think it might be more of an option of giving us something different from Allan in the first 11 or someone able to cover for Anderson in games, especially with Victoria being out for a few weeks.
  7. Happy with Gullan returning. Decent for this level, got better as he got more game time, gives us something different up front and adds number especially in terms of recognised strikers.
  8. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/john-mcglynn-apologises-for-stinking-attitude-during-raith-tv-interview-1-4987647 We can put this behind us now and move on.
  9. Think I recall Ally More suggesting in a video that we’d be making a profit, could be wrong though.
  10. Yes we have 4 centre backs but none that appear to be good enough, and please elaborate of the 4 forwards. Allan, Bowie and Smith. Vaughan and Dingwall and no.10’s and both Bowie and Smith are unproven although Bowie has potential. We’re clearly lacking up front and to suggest otherwise is bewildering. Our midfield is by far our strongest part of our team, even with injuries we have other players who can and have played there before. I agree some previous loan signings have been questionable but surely by making a move in this market sooner rather than later means were getting the best players available on loan before our rivals do.
  11. I questioned last week around the lack of loans players brought in, McGlynn last week then confirms to the FFP that theres no rush for loan players, we lose 3-2 and he moans about the lack of numbers... We do need loan deals, every fan can tell you we need CB and a forward at least. How can he not see this? We’re well covered in every other position, except maybe RB. Its not like anything else is likely to change.
  12. Whats the purpose of the supporters fund if were not spending it? So far we’ve given Bowie a long contract on better terms id imagine. Why haven’t we made any movements in the loan market? Other teams have been in recent weeks.
  13. Quite confident that if we had McGurn in goals for the last couple of years, we wouldn’t still be in this league. I doubted if he still had it in him but he’s still fantastic. Could probably say the same for Anderson. I also think players like Allan and Miller don’t get the credit they deserve.
  14. Think I’d rather have Barry Smith at centre back instead of Nando for the second half.
  15. Funnily enough this is who I thought of when McGlynn said getting him on loan would be the jackpot. Would love this to happen but not too sure it will.
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