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  1. Would be delighted with this and he wasn’t in their squad on Saturday. Fingers crossed.
  2. You’re most surprised about 3 subs? I’m more curious to see where Vaughan is.
  3. I’d be surprised if we don’t sign a winger in the next day. I doubt we’d have let him go otherwise.
  4. I always thought Euan Murray was always a threat at corners.
  5. I think Thomson needs to have a look at himself for both, especially the first. Thank god we’ve signed McDonald!
  6. Whilst I’ve always been impressed with how Sim has come across, I was disappointed in this interview. He seemed to care about what was more important to him, rather than the club. Even prioritising the development of the railway stand for hospitality rather than the fans who are the heart and soul of the club. Then when we had a message at the end, it was a negative when there have been so many positives. If it weren’t for David then it’d of ended terribly. Yes we made a profit, Bowie sale and covid grant contributing to that but that just papers over the cracks. Also to say he’s reluctant to sell the club in case they don’t keep up rent payments (which were not doing anyway) is ridiculous. This shows the problem of the 2 entities and how there is a conflict of interest.
  7. It’s weird how people’s perception can be totally different. I can’t see a player anywhere near professional level in him from what i’ve seen
  8. Apparently we were going to sign that wee Argentinian guy everyone is talking about but he’s tiny and wanted a 2yr deal so he’s off to Man City instead.
  9. Go home, you’re drunk. I love Ando but there’s no chance we should have kept him on, never mind put him in the team.
  10. You could say the same for RB. In my opinion we still lack a player could could ideally cover both these positions as back-up, and at least 1 more winger.
  11. Based on what we have i’m relativity confident about staying up, however I still feel we needed 2 wingers and a player that can play both RB and LB as we seriously lack cover in these areas. If we could address these, I believe we could be challenging for the playoffs.
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