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  1. Yeah I would never like to think the wind should be an issue but I think rain is a problem hopefully the right decision is made and if on come on you Honest Men
  2. This game is a certain postponement in my eyes rain torrential and crazy winds.
  3. Would McGowan suspension not be for the arbroath game as he was originally meant to be suspended for that game.
  4. Well there obviously going to know now when you have posted on here.
  5. RIP Bill Barr you gave us some great times as chairman
  6. I think it's safe to say after tonight if ayr win tomorrow then its defo a 2 team race to win the league dundee are shite
  7. I am also sure you need to have 3 players called up for internationals to have a postponement will be surprised if shankland ain't called up
  8. I'm guessing ayr vs dunfermline game 16th November will be getting postponed due to u21 call ups
  9. I would think if Stewart doesn't wanna stay I reckon he will probably go to thistle with jobby
  10. Looks to me like it's the cheapest option available which is disappointing
  11. All the waiting to find out it's a player with no manager experience
  12. I will always support the manager no matter who it is
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