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  1. If we can stay within 3 points off the lead going into April then what a month it could be with the fixtures we have then
  2. Where have you seen this?
  3. Chances are the game could be in doubt due to heavy snow here
  4. Game passed pitch inspection
  5. Surely coventry have someone else they could send to us on loan
  6. That gutting I did say that as soon as I heard he had played for both teams
  7. Just reading there about boy who might be coming on Loan he has played 4 games for ebbsfleet and also played few games for coventry I thought you could only play for 2 teams in 1 season
  8. Maybe irn bru cup weekend
  9. Strange one for Forrest if he was out for the rest of the season that means we might not see him in an ayr shirt again
  10. I thought the rules were only so many domestic loans
  11. But rose has spent 3 years under the age of 21 so surely we should get development fee
  12. What's the deal with development fees with the likes of rose does that not happen when moving to another country
  13. Yesterday was embarrassing but we really do have to look on the bright side we could possibly still get promoted this season we really do need to bring a wide player and someone up top I also believe it showed Crawford can not play wide we really missed Adams yesterday as Higgins just doesn't do it anymore