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  1. It's actually crazy to think if McCall was to have had extra money at start of this season do you think we could possibly have won the league cause we only fell away due to injuries leading to bad form
  2. Yeah but does it not worry you as I think back to Gretna there millions will run out as outside the old firm you will be lucky to make a profit in scottish football
  3. Yeah I would say a lot of it is down to that but seriously you's must have done a lot of financial damage if you's don't get promoted due to almost signing a full team in January
  4. The problem with Dundee utd was the lack of respect announcing a pre contract right before you play ayr the only way you could unsettle us after we hammered use
  5. When did ayr last beat Inverness can anyone tell me hope we can beat them tonight but can't remember last time we beat them
  6. Yeah was gutting as it was just after the playoffs ended due to the premier league expanding
  7. Tbh if I remember rightly we did finish 2nd a few times under daziel and I think it was just after playoffs got scraped
  8. I'm sure it was confirmed for the Wednesday and 2nd leg on the safurday
  9. What do you mean has McCall said he's leaving of something
  10. In a way it can be frustrating when you do see such an influential player getting taking off as I think Moffat caused a load of problems but she really needs to butt out I still think moff will sign on for next season through.
  11. Best example I can think of is courtois played in goals for atletico against Chelsea few years back and helped knock his parent team out champions league I'm confident smith will give his best till the end of the season
  12. If we can stay within 3 points off the lead going into April then what a month it could be with the fixtures we have then
  13. Where have you seen this?
  14. Chances are the game could be in doubt due to heavy snow here
  15. Game passed pitch inspection