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  1. Was it not mclaughin who nearly scored from half way line in final when at 0-0 then rangers scored just before half time
  2. We expecting a quiet night tonight or is there a surprise waiting before window closes?
  3. Even more dire when not at game and can't see what's happening think SFA are putting ban on streams.
  4. It's brutal not being able to watch it as bbc are so slow with updates
  5. Any sites showing this game checked usual site but having no luck ?
  6. Can we really start dreaming now or shall we wait till after Xmas?
  7. Be lucky if game is on at 3 as loads of players stuck in traffic on bypass
  8. When will the away top be in shop as my 6 year old wants to get it and I'm sure I heard somewhere it could be sunday
  9. I can't be arsed with rangers or Celtic I mean at both there grounds there's more Irish northern Irish and union jacks than there is Scottish flags that tells you all about them don't believe there's room to support more than 1 team in same country so as for the half and half scarf there's no room in football for that shit
  10. Pop all these soap dodging twats on ignore they ain't worth the time of day to respond too imo they ain't much different too those bigoted old firm lot
  11. I think some people are taking the piss here lol I don't believe were getting a new stadium I struggle to see how the club makes enough or will make enough to afford a new stadium at the moment
  12. Must have missed tht cheers was hoping it would be out for my birthday on Tuesday will still keep my fingers crossed lol
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