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  1. Hurlford deserved their victory, was first to every ball, Knapp should never have started was no way match fit, some cracking goals in the match, thought Michael Mullen would have been there ? Was the question everyone was asking, would he have made the difference? Don't know why cunny getting abuse as he stepped down at the end of last season, great spectacle for Saturday football, great goals great banter.
  2. Wasn't there, heard Bellfield are trying to bring in a few older heads into squad and played some good football, Onthank had a full squad of new players, so both teams trying things out can't really take much out of a pre season game.
  3. 4-1 to Bellfield was the correct score. Could have been a lot more if Bellfield didnt make subs throughout the match, that's to be expected though with it being pre-season.
  4. Jimmy must be masons replacement at the back, cracking player.
  5. Bellfield 5 Onthank 2 I think anyway lol!
  6. As this is a Transfer rumours forum, I've heard HT have signed Ally Love, that's the panic buying started!!
  7. I've never heard of or seen The Mighty Hurlford take a spanking like that before! Knapp was unreal tonight! Well done the Lee's another week on the sauce on dear! Haha!
  8. The hard work that's been put into getting Burnpark playable has been unreal the guys have been at it 2 days running, getting help locally to get it rolled, cut etc. If only the local council or leasure trust could see the work needed to get a game of football and needed for every other home game for Shortlees, it's hard enough running a club and have to do all that aswell! Football pitches especially astros getting put up all at the top end of Kilmarnock it's not right, Hopefully all of the Shortlees committee's hard work is worth it tonight and Shortlees come away with a victory, Can imagine The Hurlford lads getting pelters tonight from a crowd in the hundreds, will they have the bottle? time will tell!
  9. To win the Scottish cup with no training facilities in shortlees or a proper pitch to play on for that matter is incredible!!
  10. Shortlees Hurlford game will prob be Shortlees's only game at home this season at Burnpark, will be some atmosphere!
  11. Do you know how Craigie actually came to be?as Craigie is a village at the opposite end of Kilmarnock. Always wondered where the name came from as they play at newlands drive?
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