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  1. A like for like aub after 70 minutes ... didnt see that coming!
  2. Dissapointed that the plough Inn is shut! Caledonian just round the corner seems okay though (and Saddlers is on the way to the ground for a bridie!)
  3. Looking for 2 seats on a supporters bus for Forfar on Saturday, preferably one which leaves early enough to get a pub at the other end (not that bevvy makes the football much more bearable!) Any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. The pie/chips/whatever it is queue is fuxking ridiculous, you think they would have made provisions for a big team coming? Special mention to the "young team" behind the goals towards right corner - booing the team as the half time whistle went - one asked "this is shite, want to just go back to the pub" please do you absolute arseholes
  5. You forgot the bit where he went from saying he would email the people who had information that was nothing to do with him, to "the information we found" ...... Away and f**k another moose sheps!
  6. We must be BOB right enough, we were even mentioned in a BBC article! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49196823 Falkirk Their collapse has been pitiful. Five seasons ago they finished a credible fifth in the Championship behind Hearts, Hibs and Rangers. Four seasons ago they were second, topping Hibs on goal difference. Three seasons ago they were second again, three points ahead of Dundee United. Two seasons ago, they slumped to eighth, and last season the sorry demise ended in relegation. They won three league games at home all season. League One had better spark a recovery or Lord knows what might become of them. The early season goal-scoring of Declan McManus must give them some heart.
  7. Are you too stupid to realise that putting bairn at the end of every alias makes it too fucking obvious?
  8. They need to charge you with being a tedious, boring c**t - at least there's plenty of evidence to support that charge! Edited before the jobsworth points out grammatical error.
  9. Wasnt that how it was supposed to be last season? We all seen how that ended up! However as someone else has highlighted, theres still time to complete the squad so will wait in hope.
  10. 5 Defenders, 7 Midfielders and 3 strikers so far, why does this look like its gonna be 4-5-1 all over again?
  11. I seen this thread was "hot" earlier and it made me hope maybe we had a new striker, or even a new board/owner - this thread really disappoints me sometimes ...
  12. Are you calling @Grangemouth Bairn a liar?
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