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  1. f**k off with your sexism and derogatory comments towards women's football, whilst they don't have the same physicality, it is just as competitive as men's football. Every manager we seem to get show no sign of competence, this is obviously the sign of bigger issues, now that Holt and the old board have been cleared we need to change things and that won't happen overnight, like I said, Rennie has inherited absolute guff, we could have brought Moutinho in and even he wouldn't get a tune out of this pile of shite! Nothing, nothing at all, I will agree its been woeful - but you can only piss with the cock you've got! Rennie is a Falkirk man, he's done good things in the past and from the Spiers interview it seems like he's looking to the future rather than the here and now, we can't just demand immediate change and results, especially with this squad! O think he deserves a chance to show what he can do when he has a chance of a fresh start in the summer.
  2. I'm aware there's been almost 20 pages of posts and I don't have time (or energy) to read through them all! I've no doubt that there are talks on here discussing the manager and if he should be kept or not, I responded (more in annoyance than anything else) to a post on Facebook, and thought I'd share my thoughts here: Can we judge someone on a 6 month deal with the squad he inherited? Yes he had a transfer window, but as everyone knows, than January window is incredibly difficult, especially with teams now keeping larger squads due to covid precautions. I think he needs to have a chance after a proper pre season and transfer window - it hasn't been great since he came in, but he has a good CV, his hands are tied behind his back with the tools he has at his disposal, I still think our current predicament is due to Mr Holt and his shambolic team - we cant just keep changing managers and let's face it, nobody worth their salt will want to come to us. Rennie has a good record of turning things around, I don't think we can judge him because what he's inherited doesn't suit what he wants to do. Anyone that listened to his Spiers interview can hear that he has an ambition and a plan, this takes time and I think we should give him at least a season, it can hardly get any worse.
  3. McKay, Hetheringron and Miller all starting sums up how much of a shambles we really are!
  4. This is absolutely tragic!!! Rennie is so bloody stubborn that he still won't change this awful system, we simply don't have the players for it, none of the 'wingbacks' seem to be going forward in any attacking capacity. Our defence is clueless is always and the main difference between the teams is in the middle of the park - Airdrie are passing and moving, looking for space and to link up, our midfield are standing still or slowly dithering around when we have the ball, no pace, urgency or desire to get the ball. The entire team just look like they don't give a toss!
  5. Why is Dowds unavailable? Will be a huge miss! McKay starts so we're a goal down already, no Miller is a bonus but I still can't see us creating much with that team, especially without Dowds hold up and link play.
  6. Can't believe we cheered at full time, aye, we won - but very unreservedly! Against a team adrift at the bottom of the league we struggled to create anything, how can this be cheered? We were an absolute gang and only an extremely soft penalty made the score seem flattering!
  7. Leigh Griffiths: "Well I you lot can't create anything for me, I'll do the creating"
  8. Wow... what a honking team that is! Miller starting is as good as a man down, Jacobs beside him screams of a defensive set up. Such an unbalanced team on the wings too, Williamson can't attack, McGUFFie can't defend, neither can tackle! Reckon Griffiths will just jog around and not give a f**k as he realises that this team and formation will provide him with the square root of zilch. Rennie stated that we don't have the players to change the system, if he's signed 6 players but still only has players to play 1 formation that isn't working with no adaptability, then that fault is fully on him!
  9. 4 subs tonight, 2 like for like defenders (some would argue downgrades), one CM change with an attack minded player off for a more defensive player and an injury forced CF for CF, no change of formation, shape or style, is Rennie a one trick pony?!
  10. It's clear that MR has a philosophy of how football should be played, its exactly this philosophy that makes the EPL and European football so entertaining- its also the philosophy that makes Scottish football so shit to watch because they players are not talented enough to play in the same manner! Midfield were completely dominated, zero supply to the front men and the usual horrific defensive lapses to chuck away goals. I can definitely see positive signs from Rennie, the signings he's made have definitely been improvements and we have to remember he's straddled to the puddins' that Mr. Holt signed. I wonder if he only persists with playing McKay as he knows he's stuck with him for the next 2.75 seasons. We've had more glimmers of hope but stubbornness seems to be a key trait for any of our managerial appointments! We got on Sheerins back as soon as it was clear that his 4-5-1 formation wasnt working and it was obvious he didn't have the ability to change it, surely the same criticism could be directed towards Rennie? I hope I'm wrong, I sincerely hope Mr learns from this and sees that there's no point having a plan A, B and C if they all rely on the same shape and style, I hope he isn't as stubborn as previous managers and is able to change things in time. Really struggling for any positives today, a clearly unfit Griffiths had some nice touches when we actually got the ball to him, but let's face it, we were absolutely honking!
  11. What's the point in signing a striker that 'should' score goals for fun in this league if we insist on playing a formation that we simply don't have the players to be effective with that results in them getting no supply?! I'm sure MR and KM know more about tactics than us plebs on here, but if we can see it ain't working, why can't they??
  12. 2 subs but insisting on sticking with the same shape, starting to lose hope and faith in MR already
  13. Our wingback just don't seem to be in this game at all and our midfield is non existent hence no supply to the front men, need to have Kabia on, preferably as a 3-4-3 or at least change it to 4-4-2, this shape is NOT working for us
  14. The thought of hetheringron and McKay starting would previously give me the fear. BM has actually looked passable recently though and hopefully the gaffers can get a tune out of SH, I certainly prefer giving him a chance to starting Miller again. Harsh on Kabia but will be very useful to have him coming on and using his pace against tired players. I'm strangely optimistic for this one which is never a good sign haha.
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