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  1. I hope someone on the board reads this forum, surely they can't just continue to bury their heads in the sand when they see the level of disdain towards them, not only from our own fans, but those of other clubs and national media as well! Surely they can no longer just dig their heels in and expect all this to go away?
  2. The same recruitment model that led to his own son being recruited and sent out on loan and created a mediocre squad that will soon be facing relegation?!
  3. Did anyone ask why Holt hasn't done the decent think and fucked off yet? From what I've read, tough questions weren't asked and they were allowed to spout the usual pish and walk away unscathed?
  4. If they have cameras there to record the event, I'm sure Inchyra will have acceptable WiFi, why won't they stream it? A sceptical fan would say it's because they can't censor or edit a live stream...
  5. Hetherington ahead of Krasniqi again, clearly a Sheerin favourite despite being absolute dusgshite
  6. I was giving Holt pelters and got told to shut up by happy clappers a few rows down, when hetherington went to change his shirt (blood injury I think) I shouted we'd probably be better if we kept him off and got moaned at saying I should support the team and not criticise! The ironic thing as that when they scored the second, these happy clappers left, so much for supporting the team eh! My response at the time was a sarcastic "oh look, we're getting beat by Montrose, let's all just sit happy and clap our hands". The board won't care though, if we're arguing with each other then at least we aren't aiming the anger and frustration towards the boardroom.
  7. I have a SS ticket from ST but unable to attend on Saturday, unsure what the rules are regarding track and track but with restrictions easing on Monday, I don't think it's a big deal! Would prefer ticket to be used, especially as limited capacity, its seat J107 but I don't think that matters haha. First to PM me can have it as long as it goes to use!
  8. Anyone else having problems with the stream, barely watchable for us due to buffering but internet speed etc seems fine
  9. So you're happy to break the rules that have been put in place to save lives?
  10. That's a relief! I'm guessing he just heard there was a case so deep cleaning and put 2 and 2 together
  11. Is McKinnon taking the team today? Awful standard so far!
  12. A like for like aub after 70 minutes ... didnt see that coming!
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