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  1. Has Ewan MacPherson left the club? I’ve not seen him quoted since Gus left.
  2. Wasn’t that the centre/left back with the long hair? His name escapes me.
  3. Thought Summers' performance was decent. Having a left back in the squad is a radical departure.
  4. Has Docherty signed permanently or is it another loan deal?
  5. Squad update on OS. McLeish, Bradley and Watt only out on loan, apparently.
  6. £4 for a pie? That would be extortion! £2.30. Pie & bovril= £4.60.
  7. To go from starting eleven to not even stripped at Stranraer seemed strange. Galt back in squad according to OS though so that's a bonus.
  8. Fernando Santos excelled with Greece and now has excelled with his home nation. Excellent manager.
  9. Sometimes you need to back the cool guys!
  10. Just saw Mesut Özul on the field there. Had no idea he was playing.
  11. Fancy Italy to win 3-1. Paul Breitner to score late consolation.
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