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  1. No half, I'll be able to watch us make an arse of things now, I was taking comfort in the fact I've been too busy to watch most of our collapse this season.
  2. I don't disagree with you about McGlynn, I was always sceptical about a return but utter gibberish like the last couple of hours on here is why you're the first person on any forum, board, page, whatever that I have ever used ignore for.
  3. To be fair upsetting the midfield isn't too much of a problem, they've been mince too. He was part of a solid defence for a fair amount of time last season despite a less than impressive start to the season. Surely counts for something considering the mess the first choices are making.
  4. Good to see he inspires goodwill everywhere he goes, at the time that bit where Nat made him look ridiculous was one of very few reasons I was glad to have turned up.
  5. I love it when stuff this comes back to bite folk. Generally why I'm quiet when we're doing well
  6. I need to start turning up with lower expectations.
  7. It's made a comeback with some of my kids mates To be fair they've got a Tesco and a dual carriageway most of the way from Dundee now
  8. Probably the most enjoyable moment of the whole game although the mess DC got into was a close second
  9. Cuthbert and Lennox twice each too. We're literally a bizarre gardening accident away from being Spinal Tap.
  10. If he keeps up his current form he'll have more goals in a season than Mark Stewart has offside decisions against him in one.
  11. It's been more than long enough for now. The comedown from the McKinnon season was hard enough without this pish following it.
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