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  1. No arguments from me regarding subs. MacDonald wasn’t great in the first and he opted to bring on Wighton who took a while to get going but got better as the half went on. Chalmers was having a decent game but was on a booking so can see why he brought Hamilton on. Let’s be honest, Hamilton should be starting every week. Then he gave Mahon his debut and he showed some nice touches with a great pass for Edwards to assist Todorov and finally at 2 nil he gives Ritchie-Hosler his debut with 3 mins to go, to anyone the game was done. What exactly should we have done differently? Peterhead weren’t exactly threatening, we didn’t need to take off a forward for a centre half. Things were fine, then a random goal followed by a header from a set piece, was never a foul for them in a million years.
  2. I’ve made a Cnut of it. Peterhead offered nothing but we were poor. First half we had a lot of the ball but did nothing with it. Second half much better but a complete lack of concentration at the end. Mochrie was really good again. Ref was shite, so bad. Sad that it ended the way it did as the two new boys came in, looked lively, taking the ball, looking to create yet it’s overshadowed by the poor goals we gave away at the end. Was so silent at the end. No one venting, just everyone shuffling out in disbelief.
  3. The Mahon write up from Motherwell sounds promising, they see him as a future starter. Came from Bohemians in Ireland.
  4. I think we will see the pen gif today, at this stage I'll take a couple of unknowns just to boost the numbers.
  5. Just a laugh and a joke, do think we'll win though. Not at all Robert, face will be an egg free zone.
  6. For the first time this season a home game will be over by HT and we won't have to worry about finding the breakthrough in the second half. Would be nice for a new puss or two in beforehand, not because I think we need them for this game but because we'll need them over the course of the season and time is ticking.
  7. Not had time to watch it back but I suppose these things even themselves up over time, Hippolyte the diving b*****d.
  8. Completely disagree that he has nothing about him other than clearing the ball. He’s been excellent at coming out with the ball this season, great organiser. Guys 30, hardly past played at Championship level.
  9. Have to say I enjoyed the game today, would have liked to have won of course but in terms of the game it had a bit of everything you’d want in a derby. I thought Falkirk were pretty handy in the first half, although that was as bad as I’ve seen us this season. Genuinely said to my mates at half time that we were lucky it was only 0-1. Second half was a different game, I thought for the majority we were good and got stuck right in and had several good chances to score and Falkirk offered little. Then in the last 10 minutes Falkirk had a couple of chances where the balls gone across the face of goal, just needing a tap in. I think overall a draw was a fair result although either side could have nicked it. Good away traveling support, good home crowd and a good advert for the Scottish third tier. Both our clubs don’t belong in this division but we have to take our oil as we both deserve to me here. The last 5 both sets of players looked absolutely burst. Todorov and Donaldson would battle for possession but as soon as the ball went out they were blowing out their arses. Surprised we didn’t bring Chris Hamilton on. Ref was also utter shite for both teams, some bizzare calls. See you cnuts in November for some fireworks.
  10. Clyde game now Tuesday 18 October. Game against Celtic B has been moved to Tuesday 15 November due to International call-ups.
  11. Airdrieonians 2-1 Clyde Alloa Athletic 2-2 Montrose Dunfermline Athletic 2-0 Falkirk Peterhead 1-2 Kelty Hearts Queen of the South 1-1 FC Edinburgh
  12. Quick scan of twitter this eve and already some "Pars FC" page has made a remark about Craig Gowans, which has been swiftly responded to by half a dozen Norrie comments. Embarrassing stuff.
  13. Aye, put it this way if they play GSTK there'll be boo's (IMO) and the club won't want that. I reckon there'll be a minute silence which'll be well observed, black armbands and that'll be that.
  14. I'd be utterly gobsmacked if God Save The King is played before kick off at any Scottish ground apart from Ibrox where Rangers host Dundee Utd.
  15. Surely the Falkirk game will go ahead. Full weekend of sport apart from football, funeral not until a week today so can't see any reason why it will be.
  16. Something from the QoS Vs Pars thread that really pleased me was a Queens fan saying how aggressive we looked. Genuinely can't remember the last time we had a team that I thought had that about them, no pushovers etc.
  17. Wish they'd never bothered with that statement, absolute tinpot.
  18. Aye I knew teams could make more than 4 but not that it had to be done across 3 stoppages in play.
  19. Someone on dotnet saying we’re in for Stephen Kelly on loan from Rangers. I wonder was he the mystery loan player who changed his mind? I’d absolutely take him if true.
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