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  1. Going against what most have said but I’m quite optimistic about Yogi being appointed. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’ll work well, each to their own I suppose. He was who I wanted after Petrie/Dick in the summer and probably was just behind Petrie or Robbo this time. Think he’ll get us out of this mess, I’m sure he’s learned from mistakes and is ready to give this a good go. Has my full backing!
  2. Couldn’t be there today so made do with ParsTV. At least a result like that should make the hiring panel see that an untried manager isn’t what we need. We need someone with Championship experience and good Championship experience, the squad isn’t good enough.
  3. Interview with the Courier this evening. Not ruling us out but says he’s not been asked about the Pars job and states that any approach has to be respectful as he’s an ICT employee.
  4. Not been on here since PG left. Great that it’s done, shite how it turned out but I don’t think any of us seen it going differently. The day he was announced I genuinely started wondering who our next manager would be. Naturally Petrie was the guy I wanted most, but having spoken to someone I work with who knows John Robertson over the the last couple of days I think he’s the man I want. For many a year I’ve seen him as a future manager of Dunfermline one day but couldn’t see him leaving Inverness. Would be nice if this is now more possible that he’s not the manager there. Kenny Miller isn’t the man for this job now, IMO we need championship experience but I’d be lying if I wasn’t pleased with how he spoke about us on Open Goal. It wasn’t just stabbing at random facts, he’d done some homework.
  5. I’m sure that Ross Graham is the older brother of our ex player Finn Graham who went on to play for Brechin, now playing in Australia.
  6. If Arbroath win tomorrow then it'll be down to the football played, not the conditions.
  7. "Dunfermline were not as much beaten by a football side but by the stormy February weather" Honestly who comes up with and who signs off on this absolute sh*te. It's actually infuriating.
  8. Does my pan in that every insult by the young team is about someone being a peado. It's absolutely chronic patter.
  9. To be fair, Mo Hutton looks equally as disappointed. Maybe DT23 had left skids in his slips and Mo wasn't happy. The celebration was a GIFUY to Mo.
  10. So does Jim McIntyre not fall under the ex players and coaches category? Your take on Dick Campbell doing nothing with a full time team was irrelevant, he’s currently having an absolute stormer with a part time team and has been getting a tune out of them for years now, there’s no fluke there. I don’t care if he didn’t do well with Partick Thistle in 2005
  11. Might just be wishful thinking but I’ve woke up with a feeling he’ll get his jotters today. When the statement came out it said results had to improve and fast, they haven’t.
  12. I mean it’s unlikely he’ll want to come but if I’m picking he’s getting the job. No reason why he shouldn’t be considered.
  13. Thought we were very poor tonight apart from a piece of brilliance from Dom Thomas. Raith also not up to much but understandable given their missing players. No doubt about it they’re currently a far better footballing team than us when at full strength. Also absolutely no issue with the celebrations from the Raith fans, quite rightly enjoyed the moment and myself and others around me said we’d probably have reacted the same had we done it, in fact in November 2009 when Craig Wilson scored the OG with the final kick of the game to give us a 1-2 win I’m sure some of us were on the pitch. Grant has to go now. I know the players are shiftless, gutless b*****ds but he “coaches” them. Raith had a freekick tonight on the edge of the box, he was shouting on as the players made their offside line and he was confusing everyone. Dom Thomas was shouting back to him and you’d think they were both speaking different languages. Dick Campbell or Stewart Petrie, or both I don’t care anymore just give them as much money as they want and do it fast.
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