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  1. Saturday was a weird one. I was expecting a comfortable away win but Killie weren't up to much, happy we fought back and there was definitely some more fight and desire than we had in recent games but lets be honest, it still wasn't great. We resorted to pumping long balls and the fans were getting a bit fed up but by luck one paid off, which is rare. A lot of people getting all teary at our "best performance of the season" but with all due respect we're now 9 games in, our best performance of the season being a home draw, 9 games in with no wins is a bloody shambles for most clubs, let alone a team who were supposed to be challenging for the title. As soon as we scored the second I knew that meant PG was getting more time. I stood and clapped them off the park but it's hard to really be fired up because there's little improvement. If that game finished 2-2 but all goals were scored in the first half I don't think it would have got the same reaction, it was purely the drama of the last gasp goal that fired up the fans. The saddest thing for me was how empty the stands were. I was in the North stand and it's sometimes hard to get a feel for how quiet it is if the area around you is busy-ish, but looking at the photo someone took from the main stand shows exactly how empty the Norrie and North stands were.
  2. Aye I have zero ill feeling towards Grant, just the wrong man at the wrong time and unfortunately facing the brunt of fans frustration over the last 3/4 seasons. Yes he talks utter sh*te but I actually quite liked that at the start, was a bit different and if he could have backed it up we'd probably be lapping up his interviews but when you're about to go into the final game of the first quarter, no wins on the board and rock bottom of the table it won't wash. PG made a rod for his own back saying we would be fighting for the title. In all honesty playoffs would have been suffice for me this season, if we were currently sitting mid table I'd be fairly happy as long as we were competitive and showing signs of improvement but I just don't see it. Randomly I see tomorrow as our only chance to get something from the next 4. I think we might raise our game, get a point but it still won't be good enough. Can see us lose away to Thistle and Arbroath. Maybe sneak another point from Raith but that's it. The next game I could realistically see us win is Morton at home.
  3. It could be taken out of context, wouldn't be the first outrageous headline that was but Alan Temple talks of PG being a good guy so can't see him making him chucking him under the bus. Following the statement from the BOD last week things were probably best left alone until the Killie game, no silly interviews and just the basics, however this is just bizarre. Yes mathematically we can still win the league but it would require all 9 other teams to have a really crap period between now and Christmas and us not missing a step, then for us to be consistently bettering their results until the end of the season. I genuinely don't know where our first win is coming from let alone enough to get us back in the mix.
  4. Some talk on the Pars Community page that Ross McCarthur was verbally abused and spat at. Person contributing has said they only heard this and don't know how true it is but it's bloody shameful if so. Aye I don't agree with his decisions on hiring managers amongst some other things but that's the most ridiculous way to act. I hope it turns out to be untrue but unfortunately I fear no smoke without fire, especially with some of the numpties in our support.
  5. Must've been the May one I was at then, feels a lifetime ago. I remember coming away from that excited for the new season and what Stevie and Greig had planned. The latter had videos of our young lads playing out from the back, looked pretty good. Shame that season ended when it did, Nizzy could have bagged another 10. If a PSC meeting was proposed for some time in the next few weeks I dread to think how bad it could get. Some I've been to in the past have involved people losing their s*it over what food they sell at the Stephen's kiosks. There's actual reason to be shouty shouty now.
  6. Any idea when the last PSC was held? IIRC the last one I was at was the summer before Stevie's first full season in charge, him Shields and McCarthur all spoke.
  7. Nice to see Pep Guardiola's name alongside 3 of the best managers to have ever lived.
  8. Could just be me being crabbit but a twitter search with a winners name and DAFC Lifeline will show how many times they've been announced as a winner (if they bothered to announce it on twitter as they don't always). A name that won it on 18 September looked familiar so I checked, they've won it 3 times previously, twice in the space of as many months and would probably be considered a well kent face at East End, at least to some. Not saying they've been cherry picked for one minute, just that I noticed it. I don't really mind, my lifeline sub is to help the Pars not win prizes.
  9. It'll be interesting to see the home numbers at the Killie game as I'd imagine the fall out from yesterday will rumble on to then. There'll always be a core of home fans that wouldn't miss a game but a loss to Killie and Thistle with no action and you might be right. It's an absolute stick on that we'll beat Killie now after all that's happened and that they're favorites to win the league. A win that will undoubtedly buy Grant another 10 games.
  10. The lifeline is a monthly direct debit, similar to FOH at Hearts. Was set up in our admin period and has contributed a lot of money since. I think there was well over 1000 contributing at least £20pm originally but the numbers fell. Usually twice a year you get an article on the official site asking members to rejoin etc. You do get added into a prize draw for every home game where 5 members win £200 and one wins a boardroom/hospitality pass for the next home game but if I'm being honest it's a lot of crap. Same names appear in the winning list every so often.
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