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  1. North Stand for the Falkirk game is sold out going by Scottish Football Away Days on Facebook. Quick glance and there's single figures left, I counted three greens and three pinks, which I think means someone has them in their basket. It's a family birthday that day and we'd already booked to go and do something so would have been struggling anyway, however it's a good job I was was pre-booked or I'd not have been going!
  2. Delighted with our second half last night. First half I thought Falkirk looked neater and tidier for large spells although not quite as in control as the game in September. Falkirk could have been 2 or 3 up at HT in that game. Falkirk's second half last night was worse than their performance in November, they looked rattled as soon as the second half started and I think we sensed that and took control. Our subs were huge. Credit to McPake, when I seen O'Hara was coming on I was genuinely a bit surprised given it was so soon after HT but he ran his socks off and kept the full back occupied meaning he wasn't able to get up and support as much. McCann is a bit nuisance, if he could just get a bit more composed in front of goal he'd be a right handful, he does well in the air but with the ball at his feet I think he panics a little. Also being able to bring someone on like Paul McGowan with 10 to go, so much experience, clever play etc it really is handy. King Richie-Hosler was brilliant, he must be about 5,7, built like the gable end of a fiver but it mattered not a jot, the boy Mackie should be mortified watching that back today. Deniz had nothing to do but still dealt with anything like crosses etc, Bene looking like the player from earlier in the season and big Rhys was solid last night. Edwards definitely not his usual self in terms of getting up and down, think he was still struggling from whatever kept him out on Saturday and McDonald was a bit suspect in the first 45 but just like the team was much better in the second and linking up with KRH. Mochrie was quiet although almost produced that moment of brilliance on HT. Hamilton, a nuisance but a bloody good footballer, thought Chalmers strolled it, one of his best games, Wighton absolutely fine, still think he struggles to play as the lone striker but technically he's one of the best footballers at the club. Special mentions to Matty Todd of-course. Honestly, someone go to the humble pie factory and get me a years supply. I said on the WDTHR thread before the season started that we'd win nothing with a midfield of Chalmers, Todd & Allan. Now I wasn't saying he wasn't a good player, just that I couldn't see him bossing the midfield this season, by Christ was I wrong! He's non-stop, left foot, right foot, head, chest, can score from anywhere, he's went from being a kid who came through the youth academy to being one of the first names on the team sheet. Well done to both sets of fans turning up in their thousands. Obviously some daft things like the throwing of paper on the pitch and pyro, was definitely an object handed to the police from the ref in the second half and I did see a young guy getting huckled from Section NW and taken out past the Norrie. Puts us in a really handy position but not over yet. However, I think we'll take enormous confidence from last night into the rest of the season, we've been professional from the start of the season and just need to do it over the next 9 weeks. Interesting to see how Falkirk bounce back on Monday.
  3. Reminds me of wee Josh Falkingham out jumping Ryan Stevenson down at Ayr just before El Bak scored the bicycle kick.
  4. Did notice that. Looks like it was more hail as it rolled off the shed. Has stopped now thankfully. Can snow all it wants tomorrow, just get the game on! I drove past East End earlier and the big gate between the Norrie and Main Stand was open, pitch was looking great.
  5. Wish I was of the same view, I can't remember how nervous I felt on the day of the Raith game in 2010/11, probably because I was drinking a bottle of skud at 9am before heading along to Tappies for opening time. I think it'll be nervy and tense, unless we end up going ahead by a two goal cushion with a few minutes to play I'll not be enjoying it completely. I think we've plenty pressure on us. I think whoever wins tonight will win the title, just a feeling. We lose and it could be a bit deflating, knowing there's only two points in it still to go there etc.
  6. Aye there’s a few wee Falkirk bams appearing on that page, surprised the admin hasn’t cleared them out. If it was just banter fair play but a mock up of Norrie with a gas mask on, couple of gimps from Sheffield trying to get a bite. Noticed a Pars FC page appeared on twitter with some drivel about Craig Gowan’s, it’s pathetic. I don’t know about the families of both players and if they attend matches still but I bet they absolutely dread this fixture. The wee bams probably weren’t born when either passed away, definitely not Norrie anyway. I was speaking to my wife about it last night and both said it happens in everything now due to social media. If it’s Pars V Falkirk, Catholic V Protestant or Labour Vs Tory it’s just a platform to be a bellend behind a keyboard and get away with it.
  7. I remember being in the North West roughly 2007, think the year we got to the cup final but relegated. Game may well have been the 0-3 humping from Falkirk courtesy of Anothony Stokes. A guy lobbed a scotch pie at the linesman, fresh out the oven. It landed on his shoulder and the pastry bounced off but some of the filling stuck on his shoulder. Even 10 minutes later you could see the little section of mince on his shoulder with steam coming off it. Must’ve been, torture, small burn to the shoulder but not wanting to bring attention to it, whilst also getting a verbal roasting.
  8. Obviously don’t want to jinx anything and you can all call me a Cnut if the game ends up off, but I was just outside there and it it’s fine. Cold air but the ground is still soft, when I was outside on 1st Jan it was a sheet of shiny ice by this time. Forecast to be above freezing by 8am tomorrow and expected to be sunny all day.
  9. Announcement from the club there on socials just warning of heavy police presence at East End and in the city centre. Say South Stand, South Stand West Wing, and North West is sold out. Plus only two seats left in the Norrie. Turnstiles for the NE will be open but only to let people into the NW, so that rules out Falkirk getting the NE if they sell out the East Stand. Doesn't rule out us getting the NE if sales keep going I suppose.
  10. McPake's interview on official site now. Says Edwards, Todorov and Wighton all fit and trained today, but Comrie out, although sounds like not as bad as originally feared.
  11. Just had a browse at the forecast. I think we'll be good to go. We're not meant to get any snow tomorrow despite the yellow warning. It'll be cold overnight I think going below freezing as early as 8pm but with the USH on we should be fine. The Pars social media posted a big article last night about their being 8000 tickets sold, previous record attendances etc if they were in any doubt this would be on I don't think they'd have bothered bigging it up like that. We've all known it's to be really cold for about a week so I suggest they do too. Just hope it's not as cold tonight as they're forecasting. Waking up tomorrow and everything not being white would be reassuring, don't want dejavu from the 2nd of Jan. Just on the USH. From what the club said at the council meeting, it was tested in December, was fine, pump broke hogmany and due to the timing they couldn't get it fixed as part coming from overseas. I trust they've had the part delivered, installed and have tested it.
  12. When I was in the NE for the Raith game we used the NW turnstiles although can see how that sounds like chaos. There's enough struggle at a game with 4000 if more than 100 people turn up at the same time.
  13. It's not bad, not terrible but not the best. Absolutely fine if no other way of watching, just not something I want to do every week as I found during the COVID season.
  14. I sat at section L at the old cage that season. When we arrived for the Raith title decider it was full of people who hadn't been there all season so we all ended up in the North East right down beside the Raith fans, it was carnage. You forget how close the two stands were, things like lighters and coins getting lobbed from the East stand. I'd say it'll only open if a total must and I'd imagine to home fans only. If they've learn anything it'll be the sections nearest the cage first, gradually moving towards the away end.
  15. Glad to see this game is going to be well supported. The game from January was certainly on track for being 7/8 thousand so credit to both sets of fans for doing it on what will be a cold Tuesday night, suppose it’s just testament to how both teams are doing.
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