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  1. He's travelled with the Norn Irish U-19's so I don't think it's too bad.
  2. Kiltie has been decent, he's just surrounded by panicky trash at the moment. You can tell he's got that bit of quality about him but unfortunately he's not good enough on his own to turn our shakey looking team into winners. I actually like the team Crawford's built but they look like they've not played football before. We all know then can, which is fine, but it's been far from good and things need to improve rapidly. Pockets of the support already looking for the chairman to relieve Stevie of his duties but that's one million miles off. A lose tomorrow and those pockets will only increase and we then have a similar situation to last season where we were hopeless and the fans wanted AJ out. Only thing this time is that the fans to love Stevie.
  3. We can't keep clean sheets against Alloa & Arbroath, we're not going to do it against Ayr & Dundee Utd on their current form.
  4. Well that's crap. I think we miss Dow's energy, he really has became a big player for us in such a short period of time.
  5. I'd honestly take us playing 5-4-1 this weekend, just like we did at Celtic Park. Make it difficult for them to score, defend like mad men then catch them on the counter. That sounds like we're giving ICT a lot of respect, and we should be. We've been pathetic in the last two games against two of the teams most pundits would select as 9 & 10 come the end of the season. ICT are no mugs, we need to make it difficult for them. GK) Scully or Gill - Scully is a good shot stopper but a lot of his game is questionable. He looks a completely different person to the guy who picked up back to back POTY awards whilst on loan with us. CD - Christ knows who'll be fit but if I could choose it would be Murray, Martin & Ashcroft. I'd probably play Lang instead of Ashcroft but I don't think he'll be fit. Comrie at right wing back and Edwards at left wing back. Dow/Cochrane/Turner/Kiltie Nesbitt
  6. Last season Devine was as bad as any of our defenders, Durnan, Williamson, Ashcroft etc, the only one getting pass marks was Jackson Longridge. Saturday he looked a whole new level of crap and seemed to be bringing others around him to that level. Hoof after hoof, missed clearances, panicking. The sooner he was away the better.
  7. Tough game to be looking for a win but if we did manage to get one in this game it would be brilliant. The last two weeks have been very poor, mostly last week. I'm unsure who's fit etc but I would be going with Gill - Comrie/Ashcroft/Lang/Martin - Beadling/Cochrane - Dow/Turner/Kiltie - Nesbitt.
  8. Asked a Killie fan on social media last night who was disappointed to see Kiltie go out on loan to say the very least. He said he's an attacking midfielder, creative, can score and is full of running. He also said he's the type of player they need and that he should be an established Perm player by now. The Dom Thomas rumour done the rounds over the summer. I wonder if we tried to get him but Killie wanted to keep him so we went for Kiltie instead. I have to say I'm really happy with this business, probably more so than Thomas.
  9. From watching how we played against Dundee on the opening game I feel we've got good, talented, hungry players. Just my opinion after all. I seen nothing last season to suggest we would. Even after beating Dundee Utd on the opening day last season I still didn't think we'd do well, I just didn't like the squad we'd put together. This season I do.
  10. On Saturday I'd have taken absolutely all of Arbroath players over ours, but only on Saturday. We could play again at East End this weekend and win. Take nothing away from Arbroath, they were better on the day and handled the conditions but in reality I don't look a their team and wish I had there players. I'd rather TOB instead of Devine but I'd also rather Mr Blobby instead of Devine. There was rumour of that move happening when Potter was in charge but his spell ended due to poor performances and AJ didn't fancy him. I also don't get the panic in our support. In the opening of the season we've played the two teams that will battle if out at the top, well beaten by one but really should have picked up all three against Dundee. We played out our skin against the current Champions of every thing in Scotland. Two poor games down at Dumfries and now Arbroath but it'll come good. A young team that still need to gel but we need to stick with it. A few massive games now coming up, all winnable games. Hopefully we've got one more to come in, preferably an older head.
  11. Very good business. Jambos at my work surprised but happy to see them get game time.
  12. I don't think he's had a bad start to this season but he was a passenger against Dundee Utd. I feel he's needed in the middle as on Saturday we were totally dominated there but when Turner came on at HT it definitely helped. I think we need to give Lang a chance at centre half and would like to see him get the nod this weekend.
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