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  1. Surprised Ashcroft features on the shortlist for Dunfermline, he wasn't even the second best centre half at the club this season. Aaron Comrie at right back should have been considered, Mr Consistent and Lewis Martin was good as well with his versatility.
  2. Today’s announcement RE Lang is very confusing. I’m sick of this pish, Stevie is out his depth. Even if we go on to sign someone tomorrow I still don’t understand why Devine and Ashcroft remain but Lang moves on.
  3. Aye you’re right, we did. Wasn’t on the telly but it happened. Worst game of football in a while if I recall correctly. Connolly scored but really a 0-0 should’ve been the result.
  4. We're 5th if you look at the table. But we're also on the same points as 8th place, at rock bottom of the form table.
  5. There definitely was a Friday game in Ayr where we won 0-1 through Faiss, this was the season we finished 7th in SFL1. Wasn't on the box though. I've been thinking about this a lot since last night. Against part time teams AJ was great, we beat most and quite convincingly as well. The season we won the promotion was so much fun from a fans point of view but when it came to his departure just over a year ago it was absolutely the right time. It's similar to the situation we're in now than how it was last season. AJ had more managerial experience than SC when he joined, and we absolutely played some great football under him, but that was dependent on the opposition. If we look at AJ's last 6 months in charge of us and SC's 12 months so far it's been all very similar. Easy to beat (especially at home), very little fight and no plan B. I know Stevie had those 5 wins on the bounce after taking over but it's all felt very similar going to EEP in the last 18 months, no real identity to the team. Not enough fight on the pitch and nothing in the dugout to change it up when the going gets tough or we concede.
  6. I really hope you're not regurgitating info started by the absolute roasters on .net I read on dotnet that there was to be one today but I've seen several mentions elsewhere of one happening tomorrow.
  7. Saturday 24th September 2016, Adam. We did lose to St.Mirren 0-3 on a Friday night last season, or maybe the season before that?
  8. Rumors of a board meeting at East End tomorrow...
  9. If my memory serves me right, we've never won a Friday night televised game since they were introduced within the last decade. I can recall the pilot Friday night game against Aberdeen at Pittodrie, think we were 4-0 down early on, maybe even HT. We got beat by Airdrie in the season we won the league, coldest night of football I can recall. Humped at home to St.Mirren last season at home on a Friday and then the 2-2 with Dundee on the opening weekend this season. I'm sure there are others. Anyway, point I was trying to make was that it does't bode well.
  10. Aye I'd absolutely keep Shields involved when it comes to the youngsters, but the other pair are done as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Yogi managed to win the Scottish Cup with ICT, I know that would’ve been better budgets but its still ICT. I’m not saying that makes him a good man to take over a struggling championship team but if anyone thinks Yogi would do worse than Crawford then their bonkers. I thought AJ’s tactics were bad when plan A didn’t work, but this is unbelievable, we don’t even have a plan A just now, because if we score we then shit the bed, and if we concede we shit the bed and the other team breaks us down and wins. Sorry for all the Yogi chat, maybe I’m just fed up and looking at all routes. If the announcement is made in the next 36 hours then it’ll be guys like him on the list.
  12. Wouldn't be doing any worse than the current management and that's an absolute fact.
  13. I'd actually take Yogi, been saying it for months. Couldn't care less about his daft wee stint with Raith, they were already destined for the drop.
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