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  1. Hoh Hoh Hoh Merry Christmas! Signed Bantaclaus
  2. How would I know somebody who was here and gone before me? Or better yet, how would you know them?
  3. This Elixir fellow is some lad eh. Must study astrophysics or something.
  4. Ok, Higgins is a loser. I now hate him and view him as a Brit.
  5. Higgins is some boy. A few English muppets in the crowd cheering on Fu. How very British of them.
  6. Selling 200 hours of muscle training in one easy shot?
  7. Must have been a hair comment. Nothing else could piss a ginger off that much.
  8. I'm not talking about the atmosphere though. I'm talking about the physical layout of the stadium. If you're unfortunate enough to get a ticket at a seat behind one of the pillars, you can't see a damn thing. Those seats (by law) are supposed to be sold as restricted view seats, but for some reason, Dundee Utd get away with selling them as unrestricted view seats.
  9. I assume you've never sat in the away end? Couldn't see bugger all last time I was there.
  10. Tannadice is such a wonderful stadium right enough....
  11. Thought it was pretty poor tbh. There wasn't even a pitch invasion ffs.
  12. The "Your seethe is greater than our seethe" is top banter chaps. I'm glad we have this sort of thing each and every week.
  13. Watching Hibs is these days. I'm still waiting on Hanlons hoof falling back to earth so the game can finally end.
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