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  1. All set up for a fairly tight finish in the first semi.
  2. Got an email at work a few months ago from out Indian IT helpdesk from a 'Das, Swastika', surely that's a case for a made up work name if ever there was.
  3. Christ! what a mongfest, now I remember why I stopped reading here very often.
  4. Having supported Godset for the last 4 years since moving to Oslo, I'm pretty confident he'd be a revelation, however I'd be delighted if he stayed for another season or two. He's one of the best man managers I've seen in a long long time, is also keen on playing very attractive football and have done an excellent job at bringingg through players from the youth system.
  5. He'll be back in now, it's just a matter of who for.
  6. Hughes scored a barrell load for both Middlesex and Worcs, it means nothing. It'll probbly spin, I think unless KP is unfit england will be unchanged. If not Taylor will come in. No real need for a second spinner as Root is handy enough.
  7. Filling the hole TFI at Strathy Union left then?
  8. Lets see what their middle order is really made of now, don't rate JPD or JR at all, and far harder for the tail to score runs when the top order has failed.
  9. One good showing against the Kiwi's, one ok against Pakistan and one disappointing against the Afghans. A few of that side have the potential to be very good player.
  10. Another ball dominated game for England.
  11. Nobody else watched the SA Aus test match then, yesterday was amazing viewing.
  12. Still want Dhoni over Prior?
  13. Say Hi to Adnan from me, I skippered him last season before he moved jobs and I moved countries.
  14. Neither Prior or Dhoni are particularly great keepers, both steady but little more. Priors batting aveerage is considerably higher than Dhoni's, which is made more impressive given that Dhoni plays half his tests on lifeless Indian wickets. Bell, KP, Morgan and Trott are more than a match for the current Indian middle order, Tendulkar is still a top player but Dravid is well past his prime, VVS has always been caaptable of greatness but produces it all too infrequently, and Reina still has major problems again the short baall on quicker pitches.
  15. I used to play for Stirling County before leaving the country this winter. Incidently a great knock from Kyle Coetzer today to give the Saltires a chance of their first win of the season.
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