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  1. Signed for 3k and on a very high weekly wage. Came from a committee member. Sadly always been a mercenary. Surprised If Gibson doesn’t follow suit. Greedy men.
  2. Threave are miles ahead of any other team I have witnessed this season. But spending over 20k on players that is only natural. Some top players in there squad.
  3. Saints? I have watched two games this season and I have to say that is the worst Saint Cuthberts team I have seen in 10 year. Abysmal.
  4. Difficult times at Dalbeattie. Manager completely out of his depth? Players not up to standard? Daz Kerr wasn’t the best manager for Star but the Maxwell guy would be better taking a step back. Laughable. Some of players are simply not good enough or past their best. Didn’t spend money on keeping some of last year’s good players instead going with some unproven lads who would struggle to play with Threave, Abbey Vale and other top teams in Southern Counties League. Thomson, Kerr, Tremble all young but not good enough. Should play in Southern Counties to find there level first of all.
  5. Poor game today but a draw probably fair result. AJ tinkering with team looks as though he doesn’t know who to play where. Credit to him for changing in second half. Hope the lads injury isn’t bad.
  6. Think it’s clear to see Dalbeattie are shocking. Seems they have went from one dummy manager to another. Although Kerr pulled a couple of good results out of nowhere last year. Too many players who are not good enough nowadays ie Parker, Wells, Sloan, Fergusson, Wilson. Looks like Gretna and Dalbeattie to fight the drop.
  7. This can’t be true?? What are Newton Stewart thinking about? Guy is trouble with a capital T. Every team he has been at it all ends in drama. Back stabs people everywhere.
  8. Got to go where the big money is for the Threave new boys.
  9. Tommy Goss to Annan for Pre season. Good amateur player but not for that level
  10. A cup final at the second worst pitch in the league ,Creetown the worse, who makes these decisions?
  11. New faces at Dalbeattie Stephen Degnan Euan Gourlay Jack McMurdo Lewis Dunn
  12. It should’ve been done long ago. Not the correct appointment at the time. Look at the state of Saints now. Took 10 steps backwards since the good days 5 year ago.
  13. Seemingly a number of clubs looking for new manager’s?? Heston Lochar Mids Saints Threave Lochmaben Creetown
  14. Raymond doing a good job. Should’ve been the sole manager in first place but Mr Frazer tried to call all the shots.
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