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  1. Raymond doing a good job. Should’ve been the sole manager in first place but Mr Frazer tried to call all the shots.
  2. Top 6 predictions

    Why was everyone tipping Mids to be around the top of the league. Pish. Team is a shadow of what the last manager had.
  3. Give Mr Frazer a break. That is a joke yeah? I just read in the Galloway News the other day that he wanted to build a St Cuthbert team to challenge for honours and he has done that so leaves them in a good place. They haven’t challenged for any trophies since he arrived. Out all cups and miles away in the League. Team is brutal.
  4. Heston rovers

    Heston a very poor team in all honesty
  5. Promotion/Relegation

    Retardic statement
  6. Best striker

    Kieran McKie at Heston Rovers really good striker, has he scored many this season?
  7. Fixtures?

    Was just on my way back from Southerness this morning so called in at New Abbey as noticed there game off today due to waterlogged pitch but I’ve not been aware of any rain lately. Pitch is in perfect condition? Had a walk all over it. Have both clubs agreed for the day off maybe? This is becoming a regular occurrence with games off when should be on. Lochar v Mids was called off due to wind only a few weeks back. Amateur League at its best.

    You boys got your wish. Mids splashing the money on Roman Soltys

    Resigned due to club not willing to pay Roman Soltys seemingly.
  10. Scottish Cup 2018/2019

    When was the last time Dalbeattie Star won a Scots Cup game?

    What a ridiculous post
  12. Poaching players.

    Oh the cheek of the man! The current Dalbeattie Stash manager has been trying to poach players from Southern Counties teams for past 3/4 years with his cheque book. If you give it out you also need to take it when it comes around.

    Strange appointment. Be a few more experienced candidates wanting that job?
  14. Saints

    Was a poor game. Stranraer deserved the win from a neutral point of view
  15. Selkirk FC thread

    That will be Dalbeattie Star doomed now I would say.