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  1. As a Killie fan, I have to say I have enjoyed playing Hibs the most over the last couple of years. Ok, they weren’t up to much yesterday but understandable as they had nothing to play for. Last season there were some great games between us and the 3-2 at Easter Road at the start of the season was another cracker. They always try to get the ball down and play and make the game worth watching. Give me Hibs over hammer throwers like Motherwell, Hamilton, Hearts etc any day of the week.
  2. First half better forgotten about, but we were much better second half. Surely not even the most ardent St Mirren fan would argue that the best team won?
  3. I’m assuming there are no turnstile operators and you just scan your ticket? Maybe why there’s no PATG?
  4. I’m not sure pal, never had many chances with us. This could be his big opportunity. Would certainly give him a run out against Forfar.
  5. Got a feeling that Thomas may get a chance to prove himself now. I wouldn’t let Jones kick another ball for us. He can train with the youths as far as I’m concerned.
  6. Where’s the best place to park? Someone said there is a Tesco close by?
  7. Wouldn’t say decades. It was the Wee Thack for years before the B & G.
  8. That’s what me and just about everyone else in Scotland thought after the the Hearts game. Have you saw the incident at Firhill yesterday? The standard of refereeing in this country is laughable
  9. Dear Bob Mahelp Don’t bother. Cheers Gary Dicker
  10. Good prices and a great gesture to let U-12s in free. Take it that it would have been too big a loss of revenue to let them in free against us too? Not having a dig, genuine question.
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