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  1. Fur sure it is the laddie that put us into the shite we are in
  2. Only me alood to speak to folks like that sonny
  3. Shite managers only reason gee me and Tommy the job wid do better than this lot
  4. It's aw that fecker smallys fecking fault i telt they young feckers to get him tae feck worst fecking manager My club ever had feck feck feck feck
  5. Yer goat shite in yaks smallsy widny ken a player if he kicked him in the baws he never had a feckin clue edinfeckinburger
  6. Feckin hell fur feck sake feck me where is tommy fur feck sake feck me
  7. Smelling a bit jealousy in fact it reeks of the stuff you no get an interview or what
  8. Don't disagree with what you said about each of the players tbf i was simply making the point that allot had left
  9. Yeah he did and if you read my comment im prity sure it says i agreed with him regards expectation All i did was point out allot of players had left the club recently which is prity clear to see John hall no other evidence than what I've seen but the eyes don't lie unless he is on holiday he would be at games especially the recent fixtures Regardless of what you think im enthusiastic about the way the new manager looks to be trying to do squad wise So wind your neck in[emoji27] [emoji27] [emoji27] [emoji12] [emoji12]
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