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  1. I wonder whether we will now find out whether the Rawlins are part of the answer and are prepared to shake the club up from top to bottom - or part of the problem and happy to continue to go along with SA/MR. GD statement Sept 2020 "Phil and Carrie have been working for several months on a potential investment in a football club in Europe and particularly Scotland. As a Board, we have spent significant time getting to know them and ensuring that our respective ambitions for the club are completely aligned." That statement worried me at the time given how much of a shambles we were/are. Presumably they also signed off on the appointment of Holt - managing to make us worse on the park is really quite astonishing.
  2. Typical of the incompetents at the SFA. If a club has called "publicly" for suspension why would there be confusion over who they are. Bizarre. Obviously nothing at all to do with their call to allow the championship to continue whilst suspending L1 & 2 and then having clubs unable to complete fixtures within less than a week.
  3. Saw this on the Falkirk Herald (yes I know its the FH) website earlier "Talks are ongoing with Charlie Telfer, Paul Dixon, Ben Hall, Mark Durnan and Aidan Connolly over reneweing their deals, with at least a couple at an advanced stage to remain in the navy blue for next season."
  4. Unless your club had permission to share the information I'm not sure the Information Commissioners Office will agree. What they shared is likely to be considered sensitive personal data as defined in section 2(e) of the Data Protection Act 1998. "2. Sensitive personal data. In this Act “sensitive personal data” means personal data consisting of information as to— (e) his physical or mental health or condition," And trust me the ICO really don't like organisations mishandling sensitive personal data. Of course if our club have shared it with your club inappropriately we could both be in trouble. Oh and just to be clear the GDPR referred to earlier doesnt come into force until May this year.
  5. The question tho is would anybody take them (McKee.and Harris) on the same wages we are paying. I have no idea what we are paying them but I can't see them suddenly getting huge increases or possibly even matching current pay elsewhere so they might just see their contracts out. Harris in particular must be seen as on the slide to the lower divisions. Loy might be slightly different if someone thinks they can sort whatever is currently causing issues.
  6. Many thanks for confirmation. It's one that might be best for both parties. He has been disappointing everytime I've seen him this year. Although that could pretty much be said about every player.
  7. It would have to be an emergency loan wouldn't it ? Transfer window isn't open yet.
  8. First time we will have had a "cutting edge" in the box all season.....................
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