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  1. Play nice ladies. martin bc is a bit touchy cos his team bottled it 2 year on the bounce to go up.
  2. Great signing all not well at carluke then?
  3. Big wages saved and big shorts aswell how's things Ralphy my old friend
  4. The commitee must have a look at themselves aswell to be truthful the team have blown promotion 2 years on the spin me yet they Don't sack the manager Lanark will be in the bottom league for a long time if they don't have a shake up unfortunately. Bc ur right recruitment is key but I would be willing to bet Lanark have as big a budget as other teams in the league.
  5. Sounds nasty if it's a double break.
  6. How's the goalie after the other night?
  7. Decent game at Robertson park the night liked the look of the lad boal no sure where he came from roll on the start of the season
  8. Bc on the defensive! U guys fancy urselfs for promotion this season? 3rd time lucky after blowing it the last 2 seasons.
  9. Thanks miller69 hows life at MTC treating u
  10. Rtg the comedian doesn't know who's playing up front for his team but cains me for no displaying my full name!
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