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  1. The champions league. The same one they have been in the last 4 years without getting to the group stage. Flora, Zalgiris, Mura, Nefci Baku are also playing this week in the CL. Would you say playing in the CL qualifiers is a bigger stage than Watford in the EPL? Would you say playing in the CL groups is a bigger stage than Watford in the EPL?
  2. Is the £41K a week real? The MLS has wage structures in place so would Vancouver be signing him as one of their designated players? Does any player at the OF earn £41k a week?
  3. Would they have though? Was one of them already dominant? If one had got promoted but were getting crowds less than 1k they may have turned out to be like Elgin and floated around the 3rd division, that wouldn't have been enough to have pulled in all the crowds and become the dominant side. Why watch a team float around the 3rd division when you could watch a team compete for the Highland league? I don't know the size of what these clubs were so I am guessing but unless 1 really pulled away and done what ICT have done then I think the pyramid would have stifled that progress rather than accelerated it. I am not against the pyramid by the way I'm only wondering in this case would it have been a good or bad thing and even that depends on what you want from your club to say if it was a success or not.
  4. Were there no Rangers fans in Inverness before the merger? I meet football fans from Dunfermline, Kilmarnock, Motherwell etc. who support the OF so I would guess they were always there. What was the average attendance of Caledonian and Thistle? It's sad for those fans who feel they have lost their club. Is Inverness big enough for 3 clubs though? It is a bigger city/town than Kilmarnock, Falkirk and Motherwell. Should it have the same amount of teams as Edinburgh and more than Aberdeen and Dundee? This is a good point and I don't disagree with you here but should we ask if history and tradition are stopping us from progression?
  5. It would be interesting to see what the fans of Midtjylland think? The 2 teams that merged had 3 Danish cup final appearances between them but neither had ever been in the Danish top league. Now they are winning league titles and playing champions league football. Has the Inverness merger not been a success???? Two teams who played highland league football or 1 who is now a semi regular top flight team with a Scottish cup win in their short history. What is the consensus amongst their fans? I know it is not a popular opinion but I am not appalled at the idea of clubs merging, Aberdeen and Motherwell were both formed that way, they are the only ones I know of but I'm sure there will have been a few more.
  6. Possibly but then if that is where you are looking for comparison is that not a sign of how poor the discussion is? I can imagine telling an OF fan that the Scottish league is so weighted in their favour that the league is basically non competitive and they reply with, 'aye but what about that Azerbaijan league'. The OF think that '55' or '10 in a row' is a sign of their entitled dominance. To me they are a sign of how incredibly weak the competitiveness of the league is.
  7. I think every single league is. There is not another league in Europe that has had the same 2 winners for the last 36yrs. Scotland also has the most financial disadvantaged league in Europe, only Portugal comes close to the gulf in finances between the top 2 or 3 teams and the rest. Genuine competition is where the winner is not known and is up for debate. I can guarantee in 10yrs time the winner of the SPFL will be Celtic or Rangers. Money is the biggest factor in football these days, the only discussion that should come to the table in league reconstruction is something that has a fairer distribution of money.
  8. The biggest reason for all the restrictions was to 'protect the NHS' we must be close to the point where the backlog of operations is now more of a threat to the NHS than the virus itself?
  9. I think the idea of the spread out event had a lot of potential but the way they done it was poor. I didn't think the big nations should have held any games as they have the potential to host a full tournament, ie Munich, the next tournament is in Germany so is it fair they got to host some games in this tournament? On the logistics of it, could they have done a North Europe one (Glasgow, Dublin, Copenhagen etc.) and in a couple of tournaments time or so done a South Europe one for the smaller nations who will never host a full tournament (Sofia, Bucharest, Zagreb etc.)?
  10. That is true but you qualify for Europe the following season. Years ago it was probably more difficult to retain the league title, especially in some leagues so therefore the season the previous league winners were competing in the European cup they were not the best team from that country in the same season. Look at Aston Villa, the year they won the European cup they finished 11th in their league so you could argue they weren't even in the top 10 English sides that season but they still won the European cup. The UEFA cup usually made up of the teams in 2nd -5th (roughly) there is a good chance that the following season the league winners will have came from this bunch of teams so therefore in a particular season the best team in the country would have been competing in the UEFA cup and not the European cup. I would guess that this was the case for most leagues but now with the CL format it would be rare for a league winner not to have also been in the CL in the same season.
  11. It is exactly the same market Stevie G shops in......look up Nnamdi Ofoborh
  12. The areas in level 1 and 2 have made no sense for weeks now. It is basically a lottery as to where you were 4-5 weeks ago when they decided on those. It is pretty unfair on businesses that this isn't being looked at. I only say businesses because the general public are pretty much back to normal but businesses still have to comply to contradicting rules which is unfair.
  13. Must be great, beating teams to a league title with in some cases 22 times their financial power. The SPFL is the least competitive league in Europe yet you think winning it is an achievement. It would be like all the other premier league diddie teams winning the lowland league then boasting about it.
  14. I remember in his last Celtic season when he needed a hernia operation from around March, you were well clear in the league and still didn't get the operation and delayed it until the summer. I was amazed at Celtic doing this. I saw 3 major issues with this: 1. He needed an operation, surely it's always better to do these things as early as possible? 2. You were risking making the injury worse therefore gambling on your saleable asset, you could have reduced his value. 3. If he stayed at Celtic he would have been unavailable for your champions league qualifying games by carrying out the operation in the summer and not in the March time. How did you and the general Celtic fans view this at the time?
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