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  1. Ireland just pumped Scotland Wales are in this years world cup A Romanian team has won a European trophy (European cup) more recently than a Scottish side We may think we are better than these nations but they wont and most neutrals wouldn't either. Look at Qarabag's European record over the last 15yrs, they would absolutely expect to beat Aberdeen and it would be seen as a surprise if they didn't. Football levels today are about finances and specifically wages. I am not going to spend the time doing it but the gap in wages between the 'jobber' teams we have lost to will not be that big and close enough to make it competitive in a 2 leg tie.
  2. When signing midfielders this summer Celtic brought one for 6m from Benfica, St Mirren brought in a free transfer from Western Sydney Wanderers. The gulf is enormous. Wage bills 2021 (roughly): PSG - 500m Celtic - 56m St Mirren - 1.3m PSG pay 10x Celtic who pay 40x St Mirren Just an opinion but mine would be that the gulf is bigger between Celtic and St Mirren than Celtic - PSG.
  3. It is amazing that they fully understand all of these concerns after a good thrashing in Europe.
  4. Teams outwith the old firm are competing with league1/2 and sometimes even National league teams for players. Motherwell get players deemed not good enough for Salford. Occasionally you can pick up a Louis Moult from Wrexham who turns out to be a bit of a gem but these finds are extremely rare and you have to sieve through a lot of dross to get lucky sometimes. But if a club like Motherwell were finding these guys on a regular basis then that would indicate they have a fantastic scout spotting these guys. This scout would be poached by the OF or a bigger club down south and they'd have to start again. The OF are buying players from Spurs, Benfica and Bayern Munich for millions of pounds, even if these guys don't turn out to be a huge success they are a much higher standard than a guy released from Northampton that Ross County have picked up to compete against them. Equally if Hearts were producing a stream of top youth players, making them stronger on the park and making them a pretty penny at the same time. The OF would be asking questions about the Hearts youth coaches and youth scouts, again these people would be poached. The so called lesser clubs have to be doing things to a much higher standard than the OF to bridge the gap and have to do that on a fraction of their budget. It is impossible to sustain because the people doing these roles would leave as they would want their market value.
  5. Lower leagues tend to be a lot more competitive anyway so are not in need of much change (obviously promotion plays a huge factor in that by removing 'the bigger sides') If you look at the championship in both Scotland and England the favourites don't always win the league and the gaps at the top are not comparable to the premier divisions.
  6. Do you mean are wage caps/structures legal? Sorry if you don't but if you do then this comes up a lot. There are wage caps in UK sport right now in rugby league and union, they surely work under the same worker rights as footballers? La Liga has introduced it's own wage structure that will not allow clubs to spend more than a certain limit (I know that Barca are taking the piss with it). Football is not immune to bringing in a wage structure it just chooses not too and usually always only for the benefit of a very few select clubs in each league or country. Wages are what distorts the game more than anything else. And for the purpose of this thread are we paying good serious money for entry fees to watch players who in other countries would be glorified amateurs? Anyone know the prices for a semi pro game in other countries around Europe for comparison?
  7. This is true. I know it is a small sample size but Sligo had 10 Irish players staring compared to Motherwell 6 Scottish. Why don't Scottish clubs persist with playing more youth, they can't be any worse than the likes of Mugabi? On average we have more money than the average Irish side and hopefully a better youth setup so we could have 8-9 Scots that a large portion come through the youth sides then top them up with 1-2 actual quality from elsewhere and not 4-5 jobbers?
  8. We keep getting told that if it wasn't for the OF and all the money they bring Scottish league football would be as bad the League of Ireland.........lucky we have them I suppose.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61969416 BBC agreeing that the SPFL is pass the title between the OF. And a Leicester equivalent scenario is complete fantasy.
  10. I thought that is what you were referring to but yes I have heard this numerous times. They also claim the covid title was tainted but don't see that it probably saved Gerrards job because if Celtic had won another treble under his watch (which they eventually did) in front of full stadia I don't think he'd have survived......but he did and it turned out well for him and Rangers.
  11. This tickles me that Rangers fans see it this way because they weren't there to challenge Celtic but fail to see the titles they won by making illegal payments to players is a much bigger claim to be 'tainted'
  12. To be fair I saw a few OF fans questioning why their games were picked as there is more exciting ties. Premier are a business and need to get as many viewers as possible but why is there not a balance being struck with TV companies by the governing bodies that demand that more coverage is being given to other clubs? Even if it takes a slight hit on the value of the deal (which is not that great anyway) they should be pushing to show 1 OF game and 1 other tie in this round.
  13. Before they decided to stop the league cup in France I believe the seeded teams used to always be away from home up to a certain point and it made for more upsets than the Coupe de France. An interesting idea.
  14. That is definitely true. My point being though that Bayern at least are open minded to a change like that. The OF are built on being the ultimate superiority that they couldn't contemplate such a move.
  15. Bayern Munich are apparently open to this for the Bundesliga. 10iar is probably a bit embarrassing for them in reality. The OF would probably still win 19/20 leagues in a playoff as they would almost always be 1st and 2nd meaning the 3rd or 4th team has to beat them both to win it but still that 1 season out of 20 would be the most memorable.
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