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  1. Do you think Cinch are happy every time Gerrard is interviewed after a game and it appears on Sky Sports News and their logo isn't on the background? How many people read the Scottish Daily Record to how many people watch Sky Sports News in the UK? I think the longer this goes on the wee bit extra publicity they got at the start is not worth the lack of advertising that they have paid for that isn't happening will start to p!ss them off.
  2. I am not sure they will be overly delighted with the publicity, it may be funny to football fans for this sort of drama to play out but Cinch believed they were entering into a sponsorship deal and they are not getting what they paid for. I can't imagine they will be queuing up to sponsor the SPFL after this.
  3. Being in the CL is probably not a good thing for coefficient points for the nations ranked above 8th. I would imagine Zenit, Dynamo and Shaktar would all be collecting more points in the Europa and only Zenit are likely to get 3rd and stay in Europe after the group stages. Would Celtic and Rangers finishing 3rd and getting into the conference gain them more points than finishing 2nd and playing a 3rd place team from the CL groups?
  4. If Rangers win their case then surely Cinch will have a case to just walk away from the contract?
  5. How can we not create a Haaland? Norway have produced a Haaland, Bosnia have a Dzeko, Wales produced Bale, Ireland produced a Robbie Keane, even Serbia have produced Mitrovic and one of the top prospects in Europe in Vlahovic recently. Would you say these countries have superior youth setups and facilities than Scotland? We have been very unfortunate not to have produced a top striker for such a long time.
  6. I think Clarke is trying to manage him and the squad. He is only 19 and doesn't play a lot of football so to play 2 games in a week might be tough on him. Bringing him on fresh he was able to attack and he put in the cross to win the game. The Faroes were very well organised and we were struggling to break them down in the 1st half, Robertson and Tierney weren't getting much joy, would Patterson have been whipping in goal scoring chances all game if he started? He showed he can come on late in a game and have a go, another good thing as it is quite difficult to be effective as a sub sometimes. He is our no.1 right back now but will still need to be managed. Would be good to see him against Denmark as they will really test him defensively.
  7. I don't believe this will be an issue. Newcastle were able to attract Asprilla from Parma when Parma were competing for European trophies. So a guy from South America living in a warm European country was still convinced to go to Newcastle as they were a CL team at the time. Now give Newcastle the biggest budget in world football and they won't be able to sign these guys???? If the environment is right ie a good manager, stadium improvements, other good players...........and a bucket load of cash then I doubt they will have trouble signing the players they want. Sure you will always find some players who want the lifestyle of Spain or Italy but there are plenty who will come to the north of the UK. Even the OF have been able to attract good foreign players at times with less money and a poor league.
  8. I think Steve Gibson has said he had to pay more money to players to come to the North East if he was competing with London clubs as they would have preferred to move there than Middlesboro.
  9. Do you find OF fans that don't support their local team actually have a total disdain for them? I have noticed quite a few times where I know an OF fan from a town, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Dundee, Motherwell and Greenock being ones I can recall where after the other OF side the next team they despise the most is their local team. I kind of get that the fans of these local teams probably give them a hard time for being glory hunters so naturally they would want to wind these people back up. Is this a true judgement or are these OF fans I have met in the minority?
  10. I agree, I would be wary of Wales as well but how are they so good? Their team last night apart from James and Ramsay was full of Championship players, 2 squad members of EPL teams and 1 guy from Venezia. They just drew away to the Czechs which did not surprise me 1 bit but if we got a draw away to a full strength Czech team we would be delighted where as it feels that is the kind of result to expect from them now. On paper we are surely stronger than them????
  11. They still count in terms of actually finishing 2nd in the group. I think the points against the bottom seed don't count for the seeding for the playoffs.
  12. We took 40 minutes to get through the gates, arrived at 4.30 so we missed the first 10 minutes. There were no covid checks though at that time. No idea if the stewards were checking them before we arrived but the queue was getting frustrated so if they were checking for covid certificates when the game had started the fans would have got even more irate.
  13. I doubt he is going to choose Scotland anytime soon but he's not England's next big thing. He is a winger and is not getting picked because Foden, Saka, Grealish, Sancho, Sterling, Greenwood and Rashford all play in similar positions and are in front of him, only Sterling and Grealish are older then him out of these players as well. I think he's good enough to get a cap for England but due to the competition for places I doubt he will get that many but 5-10 England caps may mean the world to him so the chance to be Scotland's best player may not be in his mind and that is fair enough.
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