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  1. This is a great idea to attempt to make their leagues more competitive and interesting. It is refreshing to see 2 FA's looking into new ideas and not just settling for the status quo. Currently both these leagues are behind Portugal and Russia in the UEFA coefficients. Portugal currently the last team getting 3 CL places however between Belgium and Netherlands they get 4. What would happen with the European competition allocation?
  2. This structure looks great and really simple, it's amazing that the SFA/SPFL can't come up with it themselves. As a slightly off-topic idea, why don't the Juniors keep their Scottish cup and make it a competition from all T4 teams down to enter? I grew up in town with a successful Junior side and the Scottish cup days were a massive deal drawing four-figure crowds on lots of occasions. I always questioned why some teams would want to swap that type of success to be an irrelevant League 2 club??? I also feel if the opt-in/out option was there it would allow clubs to remain in the T4 level and stay hugely relevant as a semi-pro/junior side. Some clubs like Auchinleck, for example, are hugely relevant in the junior game but Auchinleck is a village of under 5k population and may not want to get to T3, it is totally understandable that some clubs from a small village would not want the responsibility of going to T3 but may still want the chance of being a successful side and being the top T4 team with a Scottish cup allows that. This solution might appease the Juniors and Lowland/Highland league teams and get them to buy into the structure.
  3. I agree that if UEFA continue to pander to the big leagues then other leagues should look to combine. I think Belgium and Netherlands could combine just on their own and create a fairly strong league. I think more thought and imagination needs to go into the rest. Could Portugal try and join La Liga? Benfica are a huge worldwide club and could possibly challenge Barca and Real consistantly. Porto, Sporting, Braga and Boavista instead of the likes Huesco, Girona, Leganes and Eibar could make that league bigger then the EPL. A Scandinavian league might work for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. I don't know what Scotland could do though, Old Firm fans don't want change and as they are the biggest customer to the SPL why change???? I think a Celtic (not sellic) league like what happened in Rugby would be good but Cardiff and Swansea would be unlikely to want that with the money they get being yo-yo EPL sides but if you got them and a North Wales side plus 4 Ireland teams from the Provinces like the rugby has they would have big potential along with say the top 5 in the SPL could create an even 12 team league.
  4. Summer football Less teams - around 12 top clubs divided evenly into populated areas, ie 1 from Fife, 1 Ayrshire , 2 Lanarkshire, 2 from Edinburgh, 3/4 from Greater Glasgow etc..... Try and distribute it that each team can reasonably expect around 20k at a game. Imagine every stadium in Scotland to be like Easter Road and Tynecastle every week instead of 60K at Celtic park and 2k at Livingston. Safe standing No prize money and all TV money distributed evenly. Giving the most successful teams more money is totally counter productive to competition. Improve matchday experience, better food, stadiums, facilities 1 transfer window to be complete before the season starts Loan system scrapped or at least limiting it (3 under 21's and 1 over 21yrs old) SFA/SPL to be made up of independent personnel who's sole goal is to grow the game/league. If they are not doing this they should be moved on. I'd love a draft system but I think it would be too difficult to apply in football.
  5. Have you seen the UEFA league coefficients? Scotland is sandwiched between these two nations.
  6. Ha ha thanks for the correction. I knew some of my statements weren't 100% correct was just putting out a general statement about lack of competition at various league levels.
  7. Is football ever going to be genuinely competitive at league level again? Is there any point in playing out the Serie A, Bundesliga or Ligue 1, Juventus, Bayern, PSG are all champions in waiting if Monaco didn't win the league 2 years ago these teams would all be going for 8 in a row like Celtic. Even when Monaco did win the league and got to the semi finals of the champions league where they had a great side instead of going again the following year they had a firesale for the big clubs with their players and PSG come in and LOAN Mbappe (with a clause to buy him to get round the fair play rules) Celtic fans are wanting 10 in a row as winning 1 league title is not really that much of an achievement to them and even when someone breaks their dominance it will and only can be Rangers. They have won the last 35 league titles between them. The Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch leagues are only really a 2 horse race every season (Atletico, Feyenoord and Sporting can't really genuinely compete regularly). Even in the Azerbaijan league BATE Borisov are going for 13 in a row as they occasionally get Champions league money and therefore can totally outspend everyone else which keeps them winning their domestic league and having a chance at qualifying again for the group stage which continues the cycle. In almost every other sport things are in place to create competition. F1 change the engine, tyre, pit stop rules to try and stop dominance. The American leagues all have some type of wage structure. Horse racing make the horses carry weighted saddles to make them all the same. Boxing has weight categories etc etc. I know there are exceptions, the EPL is fairly competitive even though it has a 'top 6' but even then Leicester have won the league more recently than Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd . Can anything be done to create a level playing field or should we just accept that most domestic football leagues are not going to be competitive?
  8. Not Angela Eagle, I still would like to see a strong Labour push the Tories. Bring back Blair.
  9. I'd have liked to see Borris in for the comedy factor but he ruined his chances by actually winning the EU debate which I doubt he meant too. He was going for the gallant loser role.
  10. 2 weeks ago I discussed remain or leave with friends, workmates, family etc, out of 50+ people of all ages, races, professions, life situations everyone was pretty much maybes aye, maybes naw. Nobody really seemed that fussed. Its hilarious on here that it seems now like a matter of life and death and folk going crazy as it seems it has to lead to indy 2. I could vote either way in an indy 2, whoever convinces me most and what seems the best option but being in or out the EU will be a minimal factor in my decision. Why are some so desperate to be in the EU? I voted remain but can see positives in leave so why not see how it goes? Equally yes or no I'd take the decision and see what we can get from it.
  11. ahemps

    What if?

    2 big players in the EU, UK and Germany............ One has left.
  12. ahemps

    What if?

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    Dictating.........is that not why England voted to leave???? Unelected / unknown politicians saying what we do. I hadn't heard of the guy until yesterday and he's now telling the UK to hurry up and leave.
  14. This guy is an arsehole.
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