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  1. I also think this idea then makes you lose casual fans. There are people out there that but Sky Sports for the whole package but there main sport may be golf or F1 but they also enjoy football, these people may watch games as they have already paid for it but they won't subscribe to a PPV channel. Casual fans still count towards viewing figures which drives market value.
  2. Link to the source http://globalsportssalaries.com/GSSS 2019.pdf This doesn't compare to all of Europe but shows that Celtic outpay Livingston by 21:1 and even Aberdeen by 6:1.
  3. You want to stay in Scotland where you have a monumental advantage over every other club except 1. The financial gap between the big 2 in Scotland and the rest is the biggest in Europe making it the most imbalanced league in Europe. I don't know how any fan can find the Scottish Premiership interesting knowing that. The only time I have an interest in Celtic and Rangers is when they play in Europe as they take on sides their own size or bigger. And ask yourself this, is the atmosphere on a European night bigger and better than a home league game to St Mirren???? You're very unlikely to know any Braga fans but you probably know ST Mirren fans but what game gets your fans more excited???? I appreciate your honestly here. I think if this European superleague ever looked to expand markets like Turkey and Russia with their huge populations would be next in line. Scotland is such a small market that you would be quite a bit down the priority list. I would like to see all the elite clubs brought down a peg or two (you and Celtic included) but sadly I think this league would be a massive success due to the money it would make from global audiences. The money the players make would go through the roof and all players outside this league would be desperate to move to it.
  4. I think we are living with a poor version of a superleague now anyway. The CL is dominated by the same elite teams who in turn absolutely dominate their domestic leagues. If all these clubs move to their own competition and domestic leagues become competitive and unpredictable then I would be all for it. Unfortunately in Scotland our elite clubs aren't as big as they think they are so won't be invited meaning we'll be stuck with the same 2 teams winning the league for evermore.
  5. This has been coming for a long time. The bigger clubs are now more powerful than UEFA. UEFA have allowed this to happen by bowing to their demands, more allocated CL places and more money going to a smaller amount of clubs. I also believe the game will demand it, how long can German, French and Italian fans watch a 1 horse race. Even the Spanish 2 horse race eventually becomes boring especially to the global audience who are now collectively more powerful than the matchday supporter. The league with less need for it is the EPL as they have a fairly competitive and financially lucrative product but it seems Man Utd and Liverpool are at the forefront, maybe they see the future in a European superleague and want to be there at the start. In some ways I would like it, we have superclubs dominating domestic leagues to the point that I now find most leagues pointless. Teams like Bayern, Barca, Real, Juve and PSG judge there season on their CL performances rather than domestic success anyway. The CL is already pretty close to a superleague, it's the teams from the top leagues that ultimately dominate the latter stages. From a Scottish point of view I am in the camp that would welcome the old firm leaving. I would accept we'd have a slightly less marketable league so would have less money but that is fine with me because the trade off would be more fun not knowing who is winning the league for the next 50years.
  6. He made them a competitive team even though at times in his Liverpool career they were very average. He played 114 international games, he played 129 European games scoring 41 goals for a midfielder. He was in the FIFA world team of the year 3 times, UEFA team 3 times, he also won UEFA player of the year along with several domestic awards. He played at the highest level consistently and was highly thought of but you are saying that if he had moved to the likes of Chelsea (playing in the same league) he would have been found out as a poor player? So he looks good for a mediocre team but would look poor in a better side? You could say that about a Scott Brown or someone who never made a move to a higher level but Gerrard played his whole career at the highest level and was proven so how could he have been found out? He regularly scored big goals in important games, world cup, FA cup final, Champions league last minute winners, CL final, winning goals at Old Trafford etc. Big players show it on the biggest stages and he consistently did that. Zinedine Zidane and Pele both said he was the best player in the world in 2009....above Messi and Ronaldo (I don't agree with that but it is high praise). I don't think he was the greatest ever but he is in the debate for the best midfielder of his generation, to say he would have been found out at another club is a very strange comment to make and there is no indication that would have been the case.
  7. I agree you've picked out two flaws in his game. His diving was very bad and was never picked up by the media but Gerrard carried a very average Liverpool team for years. Do you think if you put Scholes or Lampard in that Liverpool team they would have won the Champions League??? Put Gerrard in they Man Utd or Chelsea teams and they would still have been successful. For the record I would say Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard but I think it's close with Scholes and Gerrard, Lampard is comfortably 3rd for me.
  8. A police chief from Cumbria was on the 6 o clock news last night saying that pub landlords had been asked if they would accept buses of supporters to watch the game. This isn't a made up thing, fans are actively seeking out places to watch the game. I agree that other fans are looking for every opportunity to condemn old firm fans (as all fans of all clubs in Scotland do) and given an inch they will take a mile but there is substance behind this.
  9. I think UEFA have said for Champions and Europa league where an individual country allows it then there may be home fans but no away fans at all at this time. I would imagine the same would apply for UEFA international games as there were some fans at some games this week.
  10. I don't think this is a priority. Ryan Jack, Scott McTominay and Kenny McLean can play there, and in a few years Gilmour is likely to be in that kind of role for Chelsea so if we are converting Tierney then right back or centre half is more urgent than a defensive midfielder for me.
  11. Southampton, West Ham and Everton have been in the EPL the longest after the big 6. Should 1 of them be relegated another club would take there place. Basically they want the 9 longest serving EPL clubs to call the shots with a 2/3 majority which ultimately means as long as the big 6 want it then it will happen.
  12. I totally agree with this, there should be a standard contract that gives you a bigger wage if you play in the premier league. If your team are relegated then you are clearly not good enough so shouldn't get paid the same. The players who are good enough will get a transfer to stay in the league. Another good point, there leagues are too big, however if 2 are dropping down from the EPL to get 3 x 20 team leagues then 14 teams need to drop down to the national league, hard to see that happening.
  13. Scotland already has a more concentrated scenario like this. We have an 11-1 voting system that favors 2 clubs, the same 2 clubs that strangle the game and hoover up all the money and support. Does anyone really think that Scotland is a purer form of football when it comes to power and money?????
  14. I heard Jason Leitch on a podcast saying it's likely next summer will be when we see the return of fans to stadiums. He spoke of having a list of restrictions, schools/universities, care home/hospital visits, bars, restaurants, cinemas/theaters, tourism, non professional sports, youth activities, work restrictions, soft plays...... a huge list and a vast array of things to consider. He mentioned that if you open up one thing you may have to consider shutting something else, that was some of the reasoning behind the closing of the bars and restaurants we are seeing just now. Basically letting fans in stadiums was not near the top of the pecking order.
  15. You make a fair point. A playoff place is different to a nations league game and I would hope the players see that as well.
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