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  1. Be interesting to see whats actually left in ammie football after all the players capable of playing at a higher level realise going junior might guarantee a game a footie every week. Big decisions for good ammie players. Clubs could be down to the bare bones. I fear the worst. I for one know what i’d rather be doing on a saturday afternoon. Playin fitba
  2. You want a straw way that ya grovelling hoose wife
  3. There talking about scrappin the premier league nevermind the ammy game.
  4. Nup no last year as you stated but years previous I don’t believe they’ve been up there
  5. I was meaning the majors not league games. How have HT faired in the majors other than last year?
  6. I disagree mate. They’ve choked a good few since shortlees hammered them at burnpark a few year ago with that result being one of them. I agree though good result for them yesterday but I don’t recall them being in the latter stages of the majors for 2/3 year now
  7. How do you get all this info btw? A see you posting live scores on junior and amateur forum how do you manage it? It baffles me tbh lol
  8. Bit a hype around eastfield this year. Very surprised at this result
  9. Don’t take my word for it though. I’m only reading this in the news. Don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t believe a word the bbc or similar news outlets report these days.
  10. Its no been confirmed mate. The person from hanover elderly housing shelter In onthank is still awaiting there test results. It has been confirmed that a person from ayrshire has contracted the virus but its not linked to the onthank incident according to the news ( fishy I think ). The shelter was placed on lockdown as a precaution on monday morning with everything being back to normal now I believe.
  11. Is the semis still at hamilton? Should just keep the final there aswell if thats the case
  12. Great to see both shortlees and New Farm winning after the pitch swap carry on Aye certainly does. No harm done
  13. Big win for them certainly proving me wrong I thought they wouldn’t be near the top this year. Best a luck to them
  14. How did tarbolton get on? Through hopefully
  15. Well played the lees just doing enough to get through. Hard lines sandys on another day it could have went there way
  16. Think thats a bit harsh mate. The guys only asked someone for a favour really and like I said before new farm seem to have no problem with it. Just doesn’t sit well with others which is understandable I guess. Everyone entitled to an opinion as they say
  17. Being really honest if it was me being the manager of another team I would be willing to do shortlees a favour in these circumstances and give them there best shot at bringing the scottish back to ayrshire 100%. Can’t credit new farm enough for it I’m sure it will be most appreciated and one shortlees will now owe new farm going forward. I dont think cunny is out of order here no. Hes asked a favour and yes hes stated he thinks the games more important than new farms and hes entitled to his opinion. It is just an opinion of his doesn’t mean it is. Doesn’t mean it isn’t for me
  18. I’m not sure there has been a bigger game than this game for new farm this season against dailly. 2nd vs 4th I think? Could be wrong but nonetheless a massive game for new farm. For them to have done this for shortlees knowing the grange is shortlees first choice other than the burnpark is magnificent from them esp switching to greenwood where they possibly haven’t played all season. Plaudits to them. I’m not so sure your opinion about not many would have done the same is entirely accurate. In my opinion I would argue the majority would.
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